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xaxen Purchased

Hi, just working with the theme for a land developer here. He’s got a few changes to the design which you may want to consider.

1) No land for sale option. 2) The price box doesn’t allow for “SOLD” which is a helpful option if the property gets purchased. 3) No option for size. I know a lot of people who purchase houses (or land in my case) want to know a size. For example 1200sq/ft or 5 acres.

If you have a minute I’d love some help with modifying the theme to remove the $ so I can get the SOLD in there instead of the price.



Great suggestions. We’ll look at adding them with our next release.


We pushed out an update that works in many of these features. You can download the latest version by going to the ‘Downloads’ section of your ThemeForest account.

onekea Purchased

Trying to get some help with the menu system. I’m hoping maybe someone else that purchased this theme isn’t having as rough a time as I am.

I’m trying to get the main navigation to exclude certain pages so the top isn’t so crowded. But I want the links on the side to continue to display the way it is so all pages are there.

There is some functionality that I cannot understand where to put the exclude in.

Also, having issues with the widget. As soon as I place any type of widget in the sidebar, it breaks it and I no longer see the search and other widgets. I think they need to be broken apart into actual widgets but not sure how to set that up.

Last thing, how would I create a page that will only display certain categories? I seached wp.org but there is nothing clear on how to do that. I simply want to create a “foreclosures” page that I can input a post with “foreclosure” and it only displays there. Not on the front page.



Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. To exclude certain pages from the main nav, you need to get the page id, then add it to line 160 in header.php after exclude=

wp_list_pages('title_li=&exclude=' . ds_admin_option('contact_us_id') . ',' . ds_admin_option('home_page_id'));

Make sure you add a comma after each page id.


I think you’re right, it’d be a great idea to “widgetize” the filter tool.

Hey hey i bought this theme and i love it. had a few questions:

1. can i add an additional page that has blog posts of a different category. in other words. i have category 1 (news and articles), that i have as the blog in the setup, and i would like to have category 2 (listings ) but i want the listings posts to be on its own page? i have both categories setup. i just dont know how to get those posts to show up on the seperate page.

2. how do i setup the contact forms? in the theme setup i have it pointing to a page i made. but it doesnt show any text fields. and how do i set up the email it sends to?

3. i see in the example there is photo gallery for the post. how do i add that to a post as well?

4. and last, the carousel i have working good, but the description is showing ”...” under the title. is there a custom field for that description?

Respectfully, Iron


Hi Iron,

Thanks for purchasing our theme.

1. The template only supports one “blog” in the nav. What you could do is set up a page that redirects to the second blog category using the Redirection plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/redirection/

2. The contact form uses a “shortcode”. Insert either [contact-form] or [contact-form mailto=”senditto@differentemail.com”] into the page

3. The example uses the NextGEN photo gallery plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery/ We’d prestyled it to match the theme.

4. This is a bug that will be fixed in the next release. Send us an email and I can forward the fixed file.

ghalt Purchased

First, what a beautiful theme!! Thank you for your hard work!

I have been customizing it pretty heavily, and have a quick question.

I notice that the carousel automatically links to the featured post. Brilliant!

But for some reason the image excerpt from the posts listed on the home page is not linking to the posts. I know they can click on the “read more’ or the post title, but the images are so big…they are begging to be clicked! :)

What do you think? Any tips on how to make it automatically jump to the post?


Update: Never mind. I fixed it. I edited the index.php and added permalink code around the timthumb image call. Might be something to consider in a future release, though. :)

I wanted to implement an image gallery using the Lightbox plug-in on the listing detail page, but it doesn’t work. I’m assuming that the timthumb plug-in is creating a conflict. Do you have any recommendations for anyone who wants to implement an image gallery (for interior shots of listings and whatnot) on the listing detail page (single.php)? PS I purchased this under a different username :)

Please disregard my previous question (I read the first page of comments here, and used the nextgen gallery- no problems)!

Now I have a new question: I want to be able to add “custom fields” while on the Edit Post page. Right now, if I enter a custom field, when I preview it, custom fields do not show up at all, but if I log back into my Edit Post page, WP saves my custom field data.

I’d like to be able to add other data, like if the home is furnished or if they allow pets.


That’s correct, NextGen Gallery is the gallery we support and recommend.

As for custom fields, there probably are themes that do this, but I don’t think it’s very common. For this theme, they need to be coded into the front end to show up.

What’s the best way to add my own widgets to the footer?

It looks like the current widgets (twitter, recent comments, recent posts, links) are hard coded into the footer. Is that correct? Can I add my own widgets to the footer in the widget area? Or do I need to hand edit the HTML of footer.php?


Unfortunately, you’ll need to get in there and edit the file directly. This is something we’re definitely looking at changing though.


That would be great. I had an issue yesterday where Twitter’s API went down- which made the site not render at all.

Have an issue with the NExtGen gallery plugin. It shows the gallery fine but when you click on a thumbnail you are taken to that image full size instead of launching a slideshow. Any ideas? This is working fine on 6+ other themes I’m using. Thanks!


Probably a JavaScript error. Feel free to forward the web address of your site to themes@designspike.ca and we’ll check it out.

Very good theme.

I am considering purchasing this theme. However, I would like to know more about the “search listings” area whether it requires any other plugin to work.


Doesn’t require any plugins. It actually uses custom fields (don’t worry, we’ve built an easy to use interface on top of the custom fields).

Hope that helps! :)

d4dudeja Purchased

Hello to the great designer :)

I am currently using this template and its working very fine but one think that i dont wanna use is the bottom section that includes twitter widget and external links…so i want to remove it.

Waiting for the assistance in how to do the same…thanks in advance


We recently released a version of the template that will allow you to use text widgets instead of Twitter or Flickr. Just log into ThemeForest to download the latest version.

If you still want to remove the block, delete lines 314-360 of index.php


Sorry, I was referring to the wrong template. Oops!

You’ll want to look at lines 5-16 of footer.php. You can update the text to whatever you like there.

d4dudeja Purchased

thanks designspike but i am unable to locate the exact lines of code numbered 314-360 under index.php. I opened it under eclipse studio and wordpress default editor but there its showing a maximum of 271 lines in eclipse.

Waiting for the assistance…

Hi. i like this theme. can i to see other color preview? for example white and blue. thanks.


please clarify on comments to d4dudeja, will this theme allow you to use other widgets in the footer and replace twitter, etc.?, or is that what you were referring to as a release on another template?


Sorry, that was for a different template. I corrected this on his earlier comment.

You’ll want to look at lines 5-16 of footer.php. You can update the text to whatever you like there.

If you want to use other widgets, you’ll have to dig a bunch deeper into the template code. A good place to start is here: http://automattic.com/code/widgets/themes/ and the WordPress Codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page

FabioK Purchased

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CLASS in /home/content/33/4858433/html/wp-content/themes/elegant-real-estate/theme-assets/php/twitter.php on line 39 I got this error and cant set up or do anything with the theme


You’re either running an old version of WordPress or PHP4 . Most likely it’s PHP4 . Contact your hosting company about switching to PHP5 .

FabioK Purchased


FabioK Purchased

Thank you, works fine. but I have question, in order to display different posts you need to create categories etc right? I am sure this is mentioned in help files, but I am gooing to ask one more time. Thank you


Sorry I missed your question. Do you still need help with this? I’m not completely sure what you’re asking.

regarding your comment to xaxen, you mentioned you released an update 2 months ago that allows you to show sq.ft. and other property features. i’ve been looking through the theme settings and post options and can’t seem to find this. can you explain where this is or how to integrate it.

by the way, thanks for the clarification to my question earlier.


Sorry for the delay in answering this. Missed it in my RSS feed. You can enter sq. ft. in the “Additional Information” custom field. It will show up before the status field on the front end.


Can this template support special characters like “ñáóúéíÑÁÓÚÉÍ”?

Does this works on WordPress version 2.9.2?

thanks in advance,



The demo is running WordPress 2.9.2.

I’ve added your extended characters to a sample post and they seem to come out fine in IE8 , Firefox and Safari. Here’s the sample post:


Thank you so much for your time,


Hello—awesome theme, exactly what I was looking for!

My client has asked that the jQuery “lava lamp” effect on the main nav be either slowed down or removed altogether. Can you tell me where, in the code, I can make adjustments to it?

Many thanks.