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How can I add a location to the right sidebar?


MIsheel Purchased

Thanks for the theme, it works. I want to change the display of Bedrooms and Bathrooms. I’ve already written but you have not responded. By default, the theme is set as: 2 Bedrooms. But I want Bedrooms: 2 I looked through all the code can not do anything. Please help. Site http://z139632.infobox.ru/ a test site (before the full installation for work)

In admin under “Twitter Widget” I’m able to enter my username but there’s no option to submit password. So my tweets aren’t appearing in footer, yours are.


The “widget” uses the Twitter Search API , that why it doesn’t require your password. If no tweets are showing up on the homepage, make sure you show up in the Twitter search by doing a search for your username.

The Twitter footer is still displaying your Tweets and not the username I enter in.

Could this be embedded somewhere else? (designspike)

Figured out why DesignSpikes Twitter Account is linked to the footer.

His twitter account is embedded into the “jquery.scripts.js” file in theme-assets directory.

Go to line 145

“ds_twitter(‘designspike’, 10, ’#widget_twitter_wrapper’);”

Change “designspike” to your own Twitter handle and re-upload the file in the correct directory.

Everything should work then.


Thanks for reporting that. We’ll look into it immediately.


I can’t find this in the current version of the theme. When did you buy the theme?

Important Announcement

Effective immediately, support for all our themes will be handled through the forum on our website:


Please post your support queries there.

Excellent theme design! I have a question designspike. Is it possible to integrate Booking Calendar plugin into your theme? http://onlinebookingcalendar.net/ Thank you!

i bought this, but for some reason, i can’t get contact form working.

i made a page, and make the contact point to it in the admin, and add [contact-form mailto=”senditto@differentemail.com”] to the page content,

but i only got on the front-end view.

[contact-form mailto=”senditto@differentemail.com”]

please help.

Hi, your live preview does not appear to be online.

Not bothered I take it!

rlrm Purchased

Seems the featured image is not working on wordpress 3.2

rlrm Purchased

Featured slider on mane page not showing any images in wordpress 3.2

rlrm Purchased

The featured slider using “Excerpt Image” does not work in wp 3.2 ….. when I restore old posts that I did before the wordpress upgrade it works but not for new posts. Is there a fix for this?

rlrm Purchased

I have firbug and tried adjusting

.basic_style_1 p { color: #000000; font: 0.75em/1.5em Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; margin-bottom: 15px;

Obviously I have changed it black but yet you go to my site www.havasurealty.com and the text color is still the same old color.

Can you help with this?

i’ve used these for a couple of sites, and honestly they are amazing templates. the only thing i don’t like is due to wordpress being unable to handle larger websites with lots of pages. had a great custom site built for my 1000+ websites : http://www.smartsandiegohomefinder.com/

I’ve been working on www.SellersGoal.com using this template and possibly another website to come in 2012.

Why does it not work with Wordpress 3.3.1? I just bought it and now i can´t use it. How can i fix it?

I cant get [contact-form] to work. Should that just be dropped into a page?

pirehome Purchased

Hi! I can’t see the “page 1 of x” and the number of pages of my listing in home page.. so I cant see all of my article… :(

does anyone know haw to fix this? paola

I was about to buy this theme, but based on the comments above am concerned it’s not compatible with the latest WordPress. Can anyone enlighten me on this?

Hello there! AMAZING THEME !

Only question is, is there a way to put a “banner ad” in the header next to the logo? I used a table tag in the header.php, and that worked, only it wouldn’t link, and it pushed the highlight of the nav bar down by like 200 pixels. Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to using more of your themes in the future!