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My next purchase :)

Thanks in Advance!

Great style! Congrats. Wish you the very best with sales.

Thanks a lot…

There is no Layered slider plugin or any other plugin in the folder. You state that its part of this package. Not happy! Spent $55 and didn’t get the layered slider. When I installed theme I got a message: Please activate Layered Slider.

Where can I find these plugins!! Need ASAP please

What is the category id? I have the slug and name of the cat item. Lets take for example: If I list a category: Design, the slug would be design. What is the ID? I used the words Design and design in the short-code but that doesn’t work at all!

Find the screenshot attachment from the below link for the better understanding on category id of portfolio items,

For the “Not found” issue with the portfolios created, we will need to work on your side. So please give us your website URL with Wordpress & FTP login credentials if possible.

Kindly use the “Email DesignThemes” form located in the right bottom of this page to send your details..

I love this theme, however I am a little perplexed as to the shortcodes for featured_services columns? Then the icons? I am not seeing this anywhere and was wondering if you could please explain where these shortcodes settings are in the edit page panel or of you have a listing for reference? Thanks

We have used font awesome icons in this theme.

In the [feature_services] shortcode,

The parameter icon = “name of the icon”


 [feature_service icon="desktop" /]

       [feature_service icon="upload-alt" /]        

Kindly use this following url for font awesome icons and to find the name of those icons:

So we have used n-number of icons available in this set.

Could this theme be compatible with Buddypress?


We have to check for it. So please wait while we are checking our theme’s compatibility with BuddyPress.

We will get back to you soon and let you know the possibilities then.


Thanks for your patience. We haven’t integrated BuddyPress with this theme, and so it will not be compatible to work with that.

Wow this is so complicated! There is no visual editors, all is coded. I am lost. Not even some ready to use templates. Maybe suitable for pros, not for individuals. I loved the theme, I am really disappointed. cheers

Is there any way you can help me? Thanks so much

Please check and make sure that your internet connection is speed enough to work, whereas the slow speed internet access may cause this dummy data downloading issue.

Still if you have any issues in downloading our dummy data, and cannot recreate or setup the layouts as shown in the example pages,

Kindly use the right bottom form on our user page above, and share your website URL with login credentials. We will need to work on your side and help you get this work ASAP.

Kindly give us your wp-admin username (you’ve provided the password only), along with your FTP login credentials.

Because, we must need them to make changes with. For instance, we first have to make your logo to be a smaller one to fit container size, and need to replace your existing logo (which is too big in height).

Also, let us know whether we can proceed importing the dummy data itself, or what to do with?

If we can go for importing means, kindly have a backup your current website data (if any content were been important), whereas you will lost them once we imported the dummy data.

Love the theme so far. I just today started having an issue with the touch slider not switching from the final slide back to the 1st one. It goes through 1-6 (out of 6 slides total) fine, then gets stuck and shows the little spinning circle in the middle of the slide. Won’t move past the last slide using the arrows either. Same problem both in explorer and firefox, and after a reboot as well. Only change was I changed the pic in a slide I was already using…it was fine before that.

-> Go to edit touch slider page, you configured in wp-admin back-end.
-> Before going to assign touch slider for a page. We need some basic information.
a. Touch slider can be driven from wordpress, “Sliders” custom post type.
b. In this theme, the touch slider image must have to update inside the post content area, not a feature image. The feature image is just for reference to set in slider options panel.
c. A touch slider post contains BG Image, and content inside the post content section.

-> When editing a page, check Slider Options panel,
a. How many sliders are picked for slideshow?
b. Here you must select the touch slider post only. Not an image.
c. Check whether it’s containing the empty image ID. May be previous deleted image Id having an empty image id. It cause some problem.

Kindly check and update all above things. Hope the following attachment will help you have a better understanding on it.

Still if you have any issues means, please send us your Website URL and login credentials using the right bottom form located at, ..

Thanks for the reply…I wound up just reinstalling everything before I saw that…but I hadn’t modified much at that stage so no big deal. All is working well now.

Sorry but your french’s translation really needs to be improved !!!

Sorry for the inconvenience anyway, and we will consider improving this French Translation from next time. Thanks for informing us.

Slider Not working… Is there documentation that I can use that shows step by step intructions… or video instructions thanks…

Hope this video manual will help you find the step by step instructions for setting up the sliders to our theme,

And here is a playlist with complete set of video tutorials that will make you more comfortable on using this Elegant Business theme,

Could you please help me (in simple bullets or links) how to start add and filling the template? I paid for this template, but can’t nothing in my account or didn’t receive any mail with download…

I paid for this template:

Hope you got our theme files on the purchase ! If you just want to know the way of setting up our theme means, please find the video manual given below for complete installation settings. So you will know the step by step instructions on how to start adding and filling the template then.

And here is a complete set of video tutorials that will make you easier on using this theme,

Or if you haven’t received any of our theme files on downloading means, please get us back soon with more specific details.

Thinking about buying the template, but it looks like the only payment gateways that are supported, are bank wire, check, or PayPal. Am I correct, or is there built-in support for other gateways? Thanks.

Our theme will be ready to use with all WooCommerce supported payment gateways. And you can find them all from,

Okay, just purchased your theme, and trying to figure why the navigation is so jacked up. I am set to use the Home Business information, and now the nav is under the slider? Why is this happening? Here is a screenshot..

Could you please check out the screenshot that you’ve sent to us, again? Because, we can’t see anything with that, whereas it shows an “Internal Server Error” notification only.

Yeah…sorry for that, I had to uninstall the template, and the hosted image went with it. Basically, I installed your template, uploaded the dummy data, chose the “Home Business” version, and the Main Nav is not located at the top of the page, but below the slider. It’s overlaying other text, and just looks completely jacked up. Could you please check your template files, and see what fix needs to be made? I don’t want buyers remorse on this….and would like to use this design. Thanks.

Hope you watched the below one for proper installation. If not, please check it now and make sure that you have used the appropriate ways on installing our theme.
After the successful importing of dummy data, you may need to setup your menu navigation at first. For that, please do the following simply,

1. Go to wp-admin -> Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menu
2. And choose the Primary Nav Menus here
3. Then save all your Primary Nav Menu items finally.
Now you will have your menus setup in properly, and got a fix for the jacked up issue.

Is there a way of customizing the skin color via a color code? I couldn’t find anything in the style.css…

Disregard last question about customizing skin color…I found the skins files and changed the color code.

Glad about you have find that from your own itself, finally. Thanks for updating anyway !

Where do I find a COMPLETE list of the shortcodes used in this theme? I’ve seen a few in the docs, a few on the site, but I need the complete list. Having a spacing issue the [hr-invisible] team page. It’s not splitting the entries into the 48.5% sections, but rather “butting” them up against each other. I’ve tried a break and span tags, etc…and nothing breaks the sections up.

For the complete list of shortcodes, we will prepare and let you know as soon as possible.

Disregard my last post, I figured out the problem. It was my error, not yours. Theme is working great so far!


I’d like to know if this theme allows to set individual backgrounds for pages or posts in the content section.

Also I’d like to know if it could be possible to set the content background color to transparent in order to see the web image background as the content background.


-> We haven’t included any option to use content background individually, and so our theme will not allow you to set individual background for pages and posts as required.

-> Please go to wp-admin\Dashboard\Elegant Business\Appearance, and check “Body”, “Layout & BG” tabs from the top. So thereby using the given options, you can possibly set the transparent background color for your whole website as easier.

The typography section of H1 > H6 doesn’t work. What is the issue here? and yes I tried both disabled and enabled and still doesn’t work.

-> Go to wp-admin\Dashboard\Elegant Business\Appearance\Typography. Please try once again by checking “No” for “Disable Typography Settings”. And save all finally, after making some necessary changes.

-> Still if it doesn’t working at all means, kindly download and use the attached file “register_public.php” by replacing your existing one from “Elegant Business\framework\register_public.php”

Hope you will be able to fix the issue in this manner, or if you have any trouble fixing this yet, please get us back with your site credentials by using the right bottom form @