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Is there a COMPLETE LIST of shortcodes somewhere? I find piecemeal shortcodes here and there, but nothing exhaustive. Can’t find the “animated progress bar” anywhere. And the docs don’t have the progress bar shortcode eother. Please advise. Thx.

Guys Come On! Please respond to my question 2 days ago about the shortcodes.

We have seen your website and also checked out the responsiveness in tablet view as well,

To avoid the menu issue in tablet view, you just have to adjust the font-size and the right padding of your menu as follows,

-> Please go to “css\responsive.css” and open it.

-> Find line no: 63, and change the right padding as below,
#main-menu li a {
padding:34px 10px 34px;
-> And then add the new css style given below for changing the menu font-size,
#smoothmenu a {
font-size: 14px;

Here, we attached a screenshot on how it would look like after these changes were made. So please check once with the updates mentioned above.

Still if you have troubles with this means, kindly get us back immediately with your credentials via the right bottom form located at,

Much appreciated! I had to change the right padding a little more (down to 5px from 10px), but other than that, things are looking fine.

Thanks for your customer service. I appreciate it tremendously!

If you are happy with this theme and our support, please feel free to provide Item/Author rating which will really help us to stand out and proceed with.

It will be great and we feel very happy if your rating is 5 out of 5 (5/5) . . !


I see that somebody said he found the skin files and changed the color code. Is it the css file that he is referring to? Because I changed the color code into the skin css file of the color I wanted to amend, but am not sure if there were a easier way?

I also still have an issue with the space to put my logo. The logo container is too small for me to put my logo and if I reduce my logo it will not be correctly readable (my logo is a circle so it takes a bit of space in height) – any solution to increase the logo container size?

As for the coding of the content of the pages, I still do not use how to create my layout using the short codes so I would like to use your page layouts included in your dummy data to use it as a base – unfortunately I still cannot load your dummy data.

I sent you an email with all my site credentials but I am wondering whether you received it or not as it has been 3 days already.

Let me know, Thanks for your help Asiamotions

Hi, can you let me know for teh otehr two questiosn regarding logo container size and modification of color code? Thanks

Hope you’ve got the mail we sent to you yesterday..

Sorry I got your email regarding impossibility to import dummy data but not regarding color code and logo container size. Can you please resend me your email regarding these 2 points? I thanks so much.

Regarding the dummy data I checked with my we hosting and they say they stop for security any script that last more than 120 seconds – so this may explain why it times out. Any other option to import the dummy data?

Thanks so much for your support this is very professional and nice


Is there a way of adding new fonts to the buddha panel dropdown menu?

To add new fonts to the buddha panel dropdown menu,

1) Please find and open “ElegantBusiness\framework\include.php”

2) There you can add any google font inside the array with “Google Font name”

Save or update your changes finally once if you have added the new fonts

Thanks, Ram

Perfect, thanks. The one I’m hoping to add is not a google font, but I found some info on altering the CSS to make it work. Or is it possible to add a non google font to the buddha dropdown?

Nevermind…after looking through more google fonts I was able to find one that will work. Thanks again.

I saw that font-awesome added an instagram icon…how would I go about adding this and others to the theme?

Currently, we have used Font Awesome Icons (Version 3.0.2) in our Elegant Business Theme. So you couldn’t find or use Instagram and other new icons with that.

However you can find, use and add Instagram like other new icons simply by switching to the latest version of Font Awesome Icons (Version 3.2.1).

1) Please download the updated version of “Font Awesome” icons from,

2) Extract the .zip file downloaded, and copy the “css”, “font” folders from it.

3) Get into your folder then ”\ElegantBusiness\assets\”

4) Paste the files copied there to replace your existing ones.

Note: Find the screenshots attached here for your reference,

5) So your theme will be ready to use with the updated “Font Awesome Icons” now.

If you feel any troubles with these steps, kinly use our theme’s updated (with new Font Awesome Icons) version as we attached here.

Perfect, this seems very straightforward. Thanks!

Thanks and Welcome mate, We really happy to help you anyway !

In your demo, what are (a) the heading font (b) body fontĀ© body font size?

Thanks for the convenient button to add “Add dummy content”. It makes reverse engineering so much easier.

After adding the demo content, all of the page titles display in the bottom right of the footer….how/where do I remove that?

Thank you

In our demo theme, you can see that we’ve used,

Heading font:

Body font:
For page title display issue:

Please be more specific with any screenshot like reference first.

Or just come back with the URL of your website and its login details.

Is there any way of adjusting things like font color/size, centering/alignment, etc via the wordpress editor rather than in the Buddha Panel? I would like to be able to easily style certain parts of the body of my posts/pages easily. I tried installing the tinyMCE plugin but it doesn’t show up in the wp editor.

I have it on my local server still (or actually) so no way of sharing it. But I just discovered the problem is on my end…its doing the same thing when I switch to the twenty eleven theme. Thanks for the help!

Its working now. TinyMCE advanced plugin was conflicting.

If you are happy with this theme and our support, please feel free to provide Item/Author rating which will really help us to stand out and proceed with.

It will be great and we feel very happy if your rating is 5 out of 5 (5/5) . . !

My manager purchased your theme for our department and I love it. The only problem is that in IE, the dropdown menus display “behind” the gray border so they cannot be seen. In Firefox, it works perfectly. Is there anything I can do about this.

We have checked our theme again with IE, and it works well in our side.

So please try to be more specific on your issues, by sending any screenshot like references.

Or just share us your website link (URL) immediately. So that, we can check and proceed then.

Hi, I bought this template for Czech language and does not give me any of Google fonts (bad accents, the letters are not same high). What to do? How and where do I enter different fonts for headings and body? Maybe Arial or Verdana?

To get rid of those font-setting up issues, kindly do the following things,

1) Please get your “style.css”

2) And then find “Font-family” from Line.No:336, 340, 344, 352

3) Replace your font-family thereby,

font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

4) And then Go to Wp-admin (Dashboard) -> Elegant Business -> Appearance tab

5) Disable all section’s font settings from each tab and update finally to save changes.

Thanks :-)

Hi milankamir,

Kindly open, ElegantBusiness\inc\post-layout-one.php, post-layout-two.php Find line no: 53 in both files, and change into following line.

<span><?php echo get_the_date('d.m.Y');?></span>

Also remove line no: 54th code. Check this screenshot,

Do necessary changes in corresponding skin css & style.css file. Check this screenshot,

Kindly update all files, finally preview in-font.

If you find any difficulties, kindly inform me with credentials(FTP & WP-ADMIN) we need to work on this.

Please, can you tell me, where you set different date format on the Blog??? Thanks, Regards. MiK

Hi milankamir,

There is no back-end option to change blog date format in this Theme. Using the theme php file you can change date format easily. For Blog Date Format,

Go to open, ElegantBusiness\inc\post-layout-one.php, Find line no: 53 & 54

change date format in <?php get_the_date(d); ?>

Also for the two column layout, Go to open, ElegantBusiness\inc\post-layout-two.php, Find line no: 53 & 54 change date format in same function.

Kindly let us know, if you are find any difficulties.

Hello, thank you very much for your answer. I do not know what I’m doing wrong, but I was unable to change the format. I want this format: 13.08.2013 but fails.

Is it working for WP 3.6?

I cannot see a SEO tab option like in the videos… I need to turn off the SEO, how do I do that?

It is the 3rd time that I am reactivating the background image. Please advise on how to fix this.

well I am not really sure what to check out exactly. I uploaded the theme and as far as I know this is all I have to do. How do I know if the stylesheet was loaded properly? Why wouldn’t it load properly? But will organize some login details.

We have updated that page, kindly check url,

Thank you, what did I do wrong?

I would like to be able to replicate your home business page that you have set up for the preview. Tried for an hour… Can you please add a demo data?

Great theme, however the Touch Slider in IE 10 (document mode IE 10 standard) does not display the images, this is also the case in your online demo here in themeforest. Just wondering if you have any fixes for this?

Thanks for purchasing our Elegant Business WordPress Theme !

Kindly download and use the updated touch slider ” fmslideshow.min.js ” from the below attachment by replacing your existing one from “ElegantBusiness/framework/js/public/fmslideshow”

The issue has been fixed by the Jquery Plugin Developer, and we have updated it in our side now.

Kindly check it out and now it works perfectly with IE10 as well.

Can the search in the top bar be disabled and replaced by some text with icons such as an email address and phone number?

Hi there,

I am encountering two issues with the Elegant Multipurpose Wordpress Theme.

1. The h1,h2,h3 tags are cutting off in the body and the menu paths at the top of the page. Example:

2. The Buddah Admin Panel isn’t displaying correctly. It loads and then the right hand pane to edit the settings jumps to the bottom of the screen. Example:

Your Assistance/Advice with these matters are appreciated. :)


...Still no answer?

Please mail us your site credentials (URL, WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located at our user page below,

So that we can check in your end, to make sure that you’ve used the Proper way with Wordpress installation and Theme configuration.

And then, we will help you get rid of those issues with some quick solutions ASAP !

Please try checking once again by clearing your browser cache data, cookies and all.

We have no issues here, and let us know if you still find any issues then.

I recently purchased your theme, installed it, and it cannot figure out how to get the category header menu to display properly. Also, the Social icons do not appear at the top of the header. Hel please. My site is

Hope you’ve checked in the right place at “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / Elegant Business / Appearance / Menu” tab as shown below,

If you’re still getting any difficulties with it then, please get us back with a screenshot like references. So that, we can have a clear look and help you get the better solutions ASAP !

Kindly download and make use of the files attached here simply by replacing the existing ones at your theme directory, as below.

style.css, archive.php, index.php, search.php, single.php

And then get into your “theme_directory -> inc” folder, whereas you should also have to find and replace “post-layout-one.php”, “post-layout-two.php” files with the attached ones thereby.

Also, I recently changed the body font and it seems that all the posts on my front page have changed, but all the other pages have not. How do I fix this?

HI there I have bought this theme for very long this year I have been asking solution for the front page sorted gallery.

no one reply me

the gallery have 5 categories, each category have more then 6 photos.

when i press on each category

only 1st latest 6 photos will appear

can i have each categories have 6 photos appear?

instead of 5 categories only can have allowing 6 photos appearing.

Im sure you guys can solve this right?

if you can’t , can advise any other sorted gallery that can replace by your sorted gallery?

now the code is

[portfolio_list column=’3’ cats=’56, 57, 58, 59, 60’ limit=’6’ excerpt_length=’20’]

5 cats should individual cat have 6 photos appear and not 5 cats only allowing 6 appearing

Here we can give you the temporary solution for sorted gallery.

Currently it is impossible and there is no option as default to have only 6 items filtered by categories.

As this request goes beyond the scope of customization, we would charge our minimum cost ( $ 20 – 25 / hour) for it.

Please let us know your interest soon. So that, we can proceed further things !

Hi, we just bought this Theme, and i just cant get the frontpage to look somewhat like the one in the example.

Heres my issue:

I am using the LayerSlider plugin and the everything is installed and i can see the slider, but it does not fillout the entire “box”. It is like there is an area next to that says

“Nothing Found.

Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive.”

Cant seem to figure out how to emulate the whole slider from the preview and through the settings in the backend, can you please help me?

We are not developers so i would rather not work in the HTML.

Otherwise really good job.

Kindly send us any screenshot like references on the issue you’re facing with.

Or please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located at,

So that, can have a clear look from our end, then we’ll help you get the better solution ASAP !