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This is really nice.

nice job on the bg texturing ..

i also dig the logo, even though its probably a font or something!

Now, thats what I call quality ! Well done !

Im glad :)
Soon upload other Unique Templates.

Nice theme dude…

Man, I believe if you code it, your sales will be really great.

Absolutely, if you turn this into Wordpress your sales will skyrocket!


c00ki3 Purchased

I’m going to use this design at my webshop, going to look so cool.

Great! Im glad :)
please send me the URL via email!

c00ki3 Purchased

I will when i’m done:)

Ohh do let me know if this ends up getting coded :)

Hello Perry, Cool layout! Are you going to code this design?

Hello. If i have time i want to code this layout. Im glad you like this design.

kezzlock Purchased

Wonderful! ;-)

regards, kezz

is tis for blogger.com?? can i up load to my blogspot??