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Nice theme need some of edit in the nav bar to be more beauty :)

nice one :), clean and chic.

Nice theme mate!

Have you asked for a change of category? As you are really losing out, to be fair the reviewer should have noticed it was an OpenCart theme when he/she approved it.

Yes, I have opened a ticket for it, hope they address it soon! Thanks for checking in! :)

Gourges i bought! you are designing as my custom old eshops templates love it. I hope that you add to disable add wischlis and compare in whole shop. Thanks

P.S. Can you implement also AD backgrounds as on www.progamingshop.sk

Thanks mate! :)

Disabling wishlist and compare are explained in documentation – very easy! Drop me an email if you need help! Good luck!

hey I wanted to buy but the price when up from $16 to 35$! how come?

It was set wrong at first cuz the theme was placed in the wrong category. Promo price was just for a day! :)

Hi , I already own this theme , now I have problem on my category Menu location , it can’t align to perfect left , please goto my site take a look and comment how to fix http://davesun.blogdns.com:10080/opencart1531/index.php?route=product/category&path=20

Please folllow the documentation carefully, remove the mp3 players category. Email me if you have more problems. :)

that sucks as I was trying to order but themeforest took for whatever reason for ever to get my deposit on the account… alright then too bad I will pass for now then

Thanks for your interest anyway! Still when you realize that the value of the theme with all the additional goodies is even more than what you are paying you may still decide to get it! :) Good luck!

Hello Before I purchase this theme one question. Can I manage to activate the option “Login Display Prices” (Only show prices when a customer is logged in) using your theme? I’m using a vqmod extension on my OC installation. Thank you ;-) WM


Yes, Login Display Prices works just fine as it is innate to OC. As far as your vqmod, you have to check with it, since the mod is the one that needs to support custom themes, not the other way aroung! :) Good luck!

Hi, thanks for creating such an awesome theme! Just one request, would love to see a Pinterest icon with link that can be added to the footer area. :-) Maybe can be added to a future version of the theme if you have time? Many thanks!

Thanks for your kind words! :) Will put it on the list!

Pinterest Icon is now added to the footer, you can redownload the package! :)

Hello, Thanks for the amazing design, I’ve purchased this theme because I thought the HTML files are included but I couldn’t find it.. Could you please provide me with it ASAP .

Hi Justvas,

Unfortunately only tpls are available for the theme, no separate HTML coding was done for the theme, as it was not needed. You can strip the HTML from the generated pages though – shouldn’t take you long at all. Good luck! :)

Very amazing work! Good luck with sales 8)

Thanks, mate!

That’s nice of you! :)

Thanks, mate! :)

Does the affilate link really work, will track customers that visit affiliates site and report back to me. If so awesome i will purchase now.

The theme supports all the OpenCart innate functionality, including Affiliates: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=documentation/documentation&path=78_38_74

Not quite sure which “link” you are talking about… :) Please write me an email for further details.

Is there any possibility to use it with OC 1 .5.2.1?

Sure will! E-mail me for more details.

Thanks for your interest! :)

FashionCart – Front Page Banners

Not showing in Chrome, but ok in Firefox ? Can you fix chrome ?

Hi there!

Please send me a link in my mail and i will take a look! :)

Where do you put the fonts in the resources folder ?

Hi I want to buy your theme but need to know the answers to the following questions before I do so,

1.)can I use one of the sliding gallery for other pages besides the home page?? I want to use the one provided for home page, but I need another one on my catalog page (lookbook) to display different photos than the home page one. This other page will just be for them to view not shop for the product just like a catalog, they can shop for the bikinis on the shop page. Is this possible?

2.)is there a blog theme included? if not how difficult (a lot of code) to do this?

3.)Is there a testimonial widget ? if not how difficult (a lot of code) to do this?

4.)Is there a live twitter feed? if not how difficult (a lot of code) to do this?

please answer as soon as possible as I have to decide on a theme for my developer tdy, and I want to keep the coding to a minimun for budget reasons, thank u!!!

Hi there!

Thanks for your interest, please drop me an email and I will be happy to answer your questions with more details there! :)


Nice theme, I am wondering, in addition to your cloud zoom for product images, can you make it so that if the image is clicked (or just put a zoom link below the image), you get a regular image pop up display?

That would be a very nice combination.


Appreciate your nice words! :) I was actually thinking of implementing this. Will surely add it to the list of future features! Thanks!

any possibilities to add more languages and list to change between them?

Sure, it’s simply hidde in the DEMO . Language dropdown looks just like currency drop-down. :)

1) how many rows in upper category names line allowed. I have long cat names (more than 2 words) 2) is it possible to include in category line page layout (for ex. CLOTHING – SHOES – ABOUT US – Delivery Info) 3) is it possible to use not single colour but pattern or image as main top background (where logo is) 4) and last one, in checkout process i need to remove all steps instead of Delivery Details and Delivery Method, is it easy to do or not.

sorry but im not familiar with standard OC possibilities yet.

Hi there!

Thanks for your interest, please email me and I will be happy to answer your questions in detail! :)