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Hey Love the theme, but can’t find out why it wont display custom fields on the product page?


I have this installed and it won’t even display the ISBN field, but when i switch to the default theme it does?

Any help would be awesome!!!

Hi there, I cannot access the link you attached. This plugin is probably rewriting some of the code in the product.tpl template file, you simply need to see what it does, or kindly ask the author of the code to help you out and change whatever is needed so that it appropriately overwrites the same thing in my theme, it is probably something really small and since they know what their code does I am sure it will take them a minute to figure out, hope that helps some, friend! Good luck! :)

why sub catugory are not open in the main menu bar ? for example test>>subtest>>subsubtest i will see the subtest but not the subsub test, why ??

OpenCart by default shows only 2 levels of navigation, that’s why, you can get it on with a bit of additional code. Check out these: http://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=34603&start=0 – Fifth Post! And maybe this: http://www.shahz.net/web-development/open-cart-header-navigation-three-level-list.html?atom_print=1

Hi there….we still could not find the problem why there is no adthis like in the product page. Maybe you remeber our comunication bay the mail….i finaly managed to get beck to TF account.(Some mac book problem with network). So back to the problem. I Compared product.tpl files from your theme and original one from OC an everithing sims OK. I dont have any idea what to do next to solve this problem. Can you help please…...www.optimist.si …is the link to page if you need something else please let me know!

Hi, didn’t you have a developer that was customizing the page for you? Please ask them to find their error, it’s really not my job nor do I have the time to fix other people’s code, hope you understand, friend! :)

You misunderstood me last time. I am the developer of the site somebody was just fixing his module related to image option. And this promblem is here from the first minute after applaying your theme to upgraded opencart install. So please take your time….we payed you for the template wich is great by the way…..but we need this function for marketing. I checked product tpl it seams ok….maybe something else you have in your mind to do.

My template works just fine, I will be happy to take a look if you don’t see this section with my initial product.tpl. Replace your product.tpl with mine and see if it is there, if not let me know I am here to help.

Hello, I am checking to see if my website complies with EU Cookie Policy. When I run a check, 13 3rd Party cookies are found mostly relating to licences and the Carousel within the template. Are these cookies necessary and what are they doing ?

Cliff: www.RaunchyKnickers.com

Are you positive JCarousel is setting cookies, cause I couldn’t find any in its code… OC core functionality sets some for displaying categories (grid/list). That’s all I can think of. :)

Can you send me the category.tpl file that has been edited so that the refine category section box is removed on the category page, i think it would look better if it was removed. I can do as much as replace the file, but I’ve tried editing it to no avail.

If you will, email me this file to: jamesrobertmiller21@gmail.com

Hi James,

You want to get rid of the “Refine” section, along with the listing of any subcategories? Note that this is not a good idea if you have more than 2 levels of categories… But I can help you with that, please write to me via my profile page with your request and I will write back! :)

Hi Blue,

I have a small problem on a tablet (Samsung note 10.1) and maybe other tablets and mobiles are similar.

When a user taps a category on the top menu (for example Shoes in your demo) the sub menu only displays for about half a second and then goes to the category “Shoes”, so user has not enough time to select a Sub Category. Is there a possibility to add a little more delay to the menu on mobile and tablet displays?


It is actual a link you are clicking obviously there, so instead on a tablet you have to press and hold until the submenu appears, then possibly click on a submenu item. You can if you want replace with the mobile menu if you want… by changing the Media queries in the css file.

I understand about holding down but unfortunately FF, Chrome, and the Default Samsung browser all pop up a dialogue box now…

Copy URL Save URL etc.

If that’s an issue for you you could enable in that Responsive Section the dropdown that shows for phones and disable the other one.

Hello Again, I am very pleased with the template and it performance. One thing is driving me mad though. I have added a category to the top menu bar: “Cookies” When I view the page using Firefox, the category is there When I view the page using Google Chrome or Safari, the category is missing

Any suggestions?


Hi i am having problems deleting and adding products from the feature modules, i am doing something wrong.

What exactly is going wrong?

We are having a problem with this template.  On the home page add to cart button does not respond.What are we doing wrong?

URL : http://bigshopin.com/store/

Check your Console, you are getting:
XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://www.bigshopin.com/store/index.php?route=checkout/cart/add. Origin http://bigshopin.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

Check your config file make sure you don’t have incosistencies like using http://bigshopin.com and http://www.bigshopin.com. You have to always use just one! That will fix it! Ask your administrators on how to enforce one of the 2 if you need to! ;)

Hi, I upgraded to v1.5.5.1 of Opencart, now i’m getting this error message by the “Search” field on all pages:

Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in /homepages/39/d446010910/htdocs/catalog/view/theme/elegantcart/template/common/header.tpl on line 80

Thank you for your help.

No, still using OpenCart v1.5.4 and v1.35 of EleganCart. The URL: www.simplybrasil.com

Well, get and install the 1.4 version on it, it should be good to go! Your tabs seems to work just fine, mate?! :)

Sorry, after I sent the last message I found what was causing the problem. Thanks!

Hi again, I’m getting on really well with your theme, it’s great. I have a small issue over the layout on mobile devices though – they just don;t look right. If I was to remove ALL code from the stylesheet relating to mobiles (starts at line 2696 I think) would this remove the responsiveness and force the site to display in a default ‘desktop’ way? Are there any pitfalls if I do this?


You got it, removing all Media Queries would disable all mobile styling! :)

Done and looks better :) Many thanks, will keep you posted in case I run across any issues over removing the styling

Hello! Great theme! :) Am really interested to purchase this. I’ve also checked out a few examples of others who are using your theme, great work!

But I have a few questions before I purchase, can you help me with it? :) 1) As my store will be selling apparels, their titles are really long! Can you show me how it will look like if I have long titles? Can you do it in your demo so others who are like me can see it too? For example: “Mock long title to show for demo how a long sentence would appear as a product name”. All my products have really long titles! I hope it doesn’t damage the theme appearance! So I really need to see if before I can buy.

2) Will I be able to change the cloudzoom on your product to be zooming in the product image section instead of a pop-out beside to zoom?

Thank you very very much! Really looking forward to your reply as I can’t wait to kick-start my new theme purchase! (_)

Hi there!

1. Theme looks Ok with long titles, you can easily see that using a tool like Firebug – you can change the HTML in real time and see for yourself. 2. Yes, you can change the position of the cloud zoom easily in the product.tpl file. :)

Thanks for your interest!

1) How do I use Firebug to change the item title to a long long title? That could only be done on the backend admin right? If really I could, could you teach me? :)

2) After I purchase the theme, will you help me with the coding to show the zooming in of the product on the product itself instead of a popup by the side? Like this: http://miyuki.pt/clothing/byron-dress

Thank you for your reply! (_)


1. Just right click on the title and select Inspect Element, then put in a longer name and voila! 2. Yes I will! Let me know once you purchase!


Hello, I have been using your theme for several months and have just started getting my first reviews. In the code it appears that the category template page calls for the review “stars” when one exists, but the stars are only appearing on the actual product listings.

I am not a coder, so please let me know if I am wrong about this. Or what can be done to make the stars appear on the on Search or Category pages. It would be nice for people to see that things are getting favorable reviews before clicking in for more detail. :)

Here are some links for viewing…

Category page showing no review stars: http://seaponystudio.com/opencart/design-gallery Products with reviews that are on the above category page: http://seaponystudio.com/opencart/design-gallery/blue-amazonite-drop-earrings http://seaponystudio.com/opencart/design-gallery/oxidized-brass-copper-dangle-earrings http://seaponystudio.com/opencart/design-gallery/shades-of-blue-czech-glass-triple-wrap-memory-wire-bracelet

Thanks for any help you can provide, and yes I purchased this theme here at themeforest. :)


Hello again! I have one more quick question… Would it be possible to have the 3 small front page banners stack up on the mobile size? That would make the responsiveness of theme awesome. Right now all there is is the main banner and the menu. If the small cross-sells also showed up, it would be a better experience for the viewer and make it truly responsive. :)

Not sure if that’s a quick fix or something that is possible if I teak the code enough? Thanks!

Sure, I am currently hiding the banners, you could simply unhide them (remove the display: none; in the responsive section of the CSS file), then add them a max-width: 100%; that should do it. :)

Perfect! Thank you so much. :)

Hi I found that my search function is not working at all now. What I did: I upgraded my opencart from 1.54 to the current – After installed the elegantcart (then installed cQmod before upgrading the Opencart).

No matter what I input to the search field, nothing turn up – regardless using the tag words, or the product title/description words – it seems the search function is totally lost.

Is this happended because the upgrading or, the vQmod?

Would you think I need to re-install my online shop (awardleather.com) from fresh, then install elegantcart, then install vQmod (or don’t bother with vQmod)?

I am awaiting for your opinion as I don’t know how to solve this problem.

Thanks for your time.


Ya, mate! Upgrading did it, we have not yet released the version as it’s not fully stable, will do so in the next week or 2 though…

thanks for your respond. Much appreciate it. looks like i have to go back to and redo everything from the beginning again

I have the next error with the last version of Opencart when I install the spanish language and want to edit the Slideshow Module of ElegantCart

Thanks for your excelent work

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Loader::language() in C:\Users\perla\Documents\www\deco\web\admin\controller\module\custom_slideshow.php on line 6

Hi, strange, did you change the admin language? Have you changed anything in your controller files, as the Loader should definitely have the “language” method! It is used throughout the whole system! Did you add a corresponding file for “elegantcart\admin\language\english\module\custom_slideshow.php” in your spanish language folder?

I have solved the error. Change: $this->load->language with: $this->language->load in line 6 from custom_slideshow.php

Seems that the OpenCart class that load the languages has been updated.

Ok, thanks

Excuse sir, another question about theme. I need that front banners and home slideshow be multi language. I have banners for spanish and banner for english. Any easy solution? Thanks for your time

On upgrading to opencart Version the search function is now not working. From an earlier post blueowlcreative said ‘Ya, mate! Upgrading did it, we have not yet released the version as it’s not fully stable, will do so in the next week or 2 though…’ Just want to check that the error is the same – I get this when I search – see below – will this issue be solved in the next week or so?

Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in /home2/towerhig/public_html/catalog/view/theme/elegantcart/template/product/search.tpl on line 15 Notice: Undefined variable: filter_sub_category in /home2/towerhig/public_html/catalog/view/theme/elegantcart/template/product/search.tpl on line 47 Search in subcategories Notice: Undefined variable: filter_description in /home2/towerhig/public_html/catalog/view/theme/elegantcart/template/product/search.tpl on line 54 Search in product descriptions

The error is the Same, yes. An update to the theme is planned for next week, hopefully will be out by the beginning of the week after next. Cheers! :)


Im using OpenCart on my shop, i have been trying to upgrade to newer version but everything does not work in my way,

However, im very intrested in this theme, is there any possibility to make it work for

Best regards Bashar. M


Thanks for your interest, mate, but that is a rather old version and it’s not worthwhile for us to invest time in creating a theme for an old version. Hope you understand! Get your upgrade and come back! :)

Hello, i was just thinking if its a minimalistic change then i would hope that you help me hehe

I have just installed the theme and I get the following error: Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in /home/content/01/10453501/html/catalog/view/theme/elegantcart/template/common/header.tpl on line 79

any ideas?


You are using 1.5.5+. As clearly stated in the theme description this version is not yet supported as there are bugs in it and is not fully stable. A release for it is planned 2 weeks from now, so you may want to get and then upgrade later :)