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Hi, I would like to know if the Elegantcart template is compatible with VQmod ? I am using Opencart and have been advised to install this for uploading a xml sitmap generator.

Cliff: http://www.raunchyknickers.com


You can edit the PSD that comes in your package, update the colors and save over the images that are used for the icons!

The only psd files that come in the package appear to be images of the banners, front page ,free shipping banner etc. I would like to have a blue Skype Button, Red Pinterest Button etc rather than the grayed out icons that are there in the footer at the moment. Can you tell me how and where to do this ?

Right, and in the front page, in the Footer you have your icons. Open the images you have now and change with your newly created ones.

Hello blueowlcreative, I understand that you’re only going to make adjustments for the 1.5.5.x version of open cart in a couple of weeks, but I would like to know if it is possible for you to tell me what to do to solve this one problem:

Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in /home/content/01/10453501/html/catalog/view/theme/elegantcart/template/common/header.tpl on line 79

I was not the person who bought the theme and I am working on CSS changes and some minimal adjustments for extensions and modules and I only have the next week to “finish” the job. This is the only error I could not fix.

Thank you

UPDATE: It looks like that if I change the variable from “filter_name” to “search” the problem goes away… is that the solution?

Well edit the header.tpl and substitute the corresponding variables from the controller that are passed to that view. There’s more on the Search page.

Thanks for the prompt answer. Do you know where I could find a list of variables that have changed?

Tough one! Let me know if you find one too! :)

Hello great theme, could you tell me how to display products sizes ie small, medium, large.

This can be done within products section under catalogue. I have done this, however i cannot select a size.

Did you enter the product options in the Admin? :)

Hello, have now sorted this. Thanks for the rapid response…

Hello, How can i see in categories on left side more subcategories (now i can see only two) but i would like to 4 subcategories. Example Cosmetics – Make Up – Skin Care – Body losion Thanks

Hi, by default OC shows only 2 levels, you may need to get a plugin that shows more or modify your model/controller/view files in order to extract all levels from the DB and display them.

Any news on the port for the version of opencart? I am just waiting on that (which will probably solve some problems) for me to open my store!

Thats nice! thank you so much! will be updating the website every minute lol!

The description says it has been updated to version 1.4, but when I redownload it the documents say it is still the previous version… what do I need to do to get the new one?

When did you download, it just got updated an hour ago.

I need an update for version of opencart too?

Can yoy advise.

I have loaded EC into but get this error Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in C:\testserver\websiteDevelopment\furniturerunway\httpdocs\catalog\view\theme\elegantcart\template\common\header.tpl on line 79


I already ported the AquaCart, now it’s ElegantCart’s turn, should be a day or two! :)

Nice Theme. I have 2 questions: 1] what files has been changed in last version? I would like to update the theme without updating each file, as I made some custom changes.

2] How can I set-up grid to be displayed as a default.

Hey there, here’s the list:

\catalog\view\theme\elegantcart\template\common\header.tpl \catalog\view\theme\elegantcart\template\product\search.tpl \catalog\view\theme\elegantcart\template\product\category.tpl \catalog\view\theme\elegantcart\template\product\manufacturer_info.tpl \catalog\view\theme\elegantcart\stylesheet\stylesheet.css

You can use “Winmerge” to see the changes! :)

2) Replace in the category.tpl, search.tpl, manufacturer_info.tpl:

if (view) {
} else {


if (view) {
} else {

Hi, does this theme work properly with OnePage-Checkout?

Best regards, Bashar

It should work with it just fine as it doesn’t overwrite any files for the checkout section! :)

Hello can you tell me how to change footer details and how to add social network links



Sure, just edit your footer.tpl file you will see everything there! :)

Hi again, How can I change the slide effect? that I found it on somewhere but now I don’t find it, Please provide


It’s in your catalog\view\theme\elegantcart\template\module\custom_slideshow.tpl file, the options you can see here:


Good luck! :)

Hello Blue.
I’m continuing the work of other developer on my client’s web. It’s still offline, and after checking the installed (awesome!) template, I get to this page :)

There is a problem on the Product image.
From the Admin panel, I’ve checked the
and set the appropriate sizes as your documentation (eg. Product Image Thumb Size = 314px x 314 px).
Now the problem is, my client store is about clothing products with full body photographs. The picture ratio is on width:height = 2:3 (not square!). So, if it is implemented directly on your template, there will be a pair of white sidebar in both Product image and the Thumbnail below.

From Admin panel, I’ve tried to change the Product Image Thumb Size to 2:3 ratio (eg. 314px x 474px). As a result, the Product image now looks appropriate (no white sidebar, and looks bigger as it fulfills the frame width). But the Thumbnail looks as it is being stretched from 2:3 ratio to fill its square frame.

Questions are:
1. What is the proper way to make the Product image in 2:3 ratio?
2. For Thumbnail, how to solve the issue? I’ll be happy if it still looks like before, or will be better if its frame is also converted to 2:3 ratio.

Hopefully a simple CSS tweak can solve them :)

Thank You!

Hi again,

Thumbnail generation is default OC functionality, as far as the product page, you are looking at product.tpl. CSS is obviously stylesheet.css and JS you can see in the included JS in the header + firebug. :)

Hi Blue, Finally I found the solution! This may be helpful for those who want non square Product Image (eg. ratio width:height = 2:3 as in full body photograph). But keep your width 314px as this will keep the layout intact.

1. Go to Admin Panel, System->Settings->Edit(store)->Image, set “Product Image Thumb Size” to 314×474.

2. Set also “Additional Product Image Size” to 314×474.

3. Up here, if you check your product page, you will get a suitable 2:3 Product Images with working zoom, but with stretched thumbnails below them.

4. To fix the thumbnails, open this theme’s Stylesheet,css. Find:

.product-info .image-additional img {
border: 1px solid #eee;
width: 94px;
height: 94px;
padding: 3px;

and replace with:

.product-info .image-additional img {
border: 1px solid #eee;
width: 62px;
height: 94px;
padding-left: 19px;
padding-right: 19px;
padding-top: 3px;
padding-bottom: 3px;

5. No you will get the 2:3 thumbnails enclosed in square frame (with white sidebar) that fit perfectly in this theme.

Another way is to edit product.tpl and tweak the img tag with class=”zoom-tiny-image” (add exact width, padding, etc.)

Hopefully this help.
Thanks Blue for your wonderful theme :)

Anytime, mate! Thanks for the feedback! :)

Hi, I bought your template and my site is almost ready but i would like to delete some of the options of “reason for return” on the return page. Could you please tell me which file to edit and where to edit. Thanks. Kerrion.

Hi Kerrion,

Did you try this: System – Localisation – Returns – Return Reasons


Thanks, it worked.

Hello Blue, it’s me again.

I just want to reconfirm the mobile view issues mentioned by some guys in the preceding pages. It’s true that the “Menu” text is unclickable in mobile view using android browser. Here is the details:

1. I use Samsung Galaxy S, and tried both android’s default browser and Dolphin browser.

2. I point to your sample pages:

3. In mobile view, the menus are simplified in a single black bar with the text “Menu” in the left part.

4. If we click that “Menu” text, that “Menu” text will be highlighted, but nothing happens! No sub menus are displayed!

5. But if we click the black bar area outside the “Menu” text, the black bar become highlighted and then the browser will show the sub menus!

Is is so strange and of course is unexpected since our customers will intuitively click on the “Menu” text. Not on the black bar.
The “Menu” text should have the same effect as the black bar, right?

Which part we need to fix?

Thanks a lot:)

Hi there, thanks for the feedback, are you a client of mine? :)

Hi Blue, I’m not your direct client. It’s my client who bought your theme. As I said before, I’m continuing the work of his former developer.

Hi again,

I see, thanks. This issue has been reported before, and strangest thing is I cannot reproduce on my Galaxy S3, what device are you using? Would love to fix this… :)

Hello I’m experiencing some trouble. The slideshow does not fit the template width (http://beguay.com) and the items display (list option) out the template (http://beguay.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=25_28). Thank you for helping

Would love to but your URLs don’t seem to work for me :(

Hi Sorry, I had problems with vqmod and re-installed OC. Please check again: http://www.beguay.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=25_28

Delete the ‘MP3 players’ category as stated in the documentation ;)

Hey I was wondering how to make a dropdown menu for a particular product. For example, if one product can come in different sizes, how would I create the dropdown menu for the various sizes for the customer to select and for the selected size to be incorporated properly in the order?

Thanks a lot!

How would I create my own options? For example an option for “hair color”?

Also, how can I change the front page banners? I have successfully changed the slideshow banners by changing the psd file and saving it as a png file and uploading to the proper directory but the front page banners are on a psd file with the entire front page…how do I isolate just a single banner?

Well simply cut out just the banners to be the same size as the images you currently have there! ;)

Thank you! This worked perfectly

hi when I downloaded your theme I couldnt find lastest file for open cart what should I do


What do you mean by “latest file for open cart”? You need an opencart installation, then just copy over some files and enable the theme. The procedure is well described in the documentation that is in your package! :)

Dear Blueowlcreative

Is there anyway that i can make my related product list inside the product to become “Carousel” ?

Thanks Tom

Ya but that would take some programming, if you have a developer at hand you could… :)

For a beginner… is there installation instructions? I installed through filezilla according to a generic online tutorial and it is not working correctly. According to the tutorial it told me to upload everything into the theme file, which I did, but in the drop down list in opencart it gives me all the following options: documentation, elegantcart 1.35 and 1.41, psd and resources. So I am still stuck with the default template.


I followed the instructions and everything appears that I installed it correctly, it’s on my drops own list in my admin, I save it as the template, but when I go to my storefront it is still displaying the default template. Here is my temporary web address:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey there, please drop me a line via my profile page with a temp FTP access + your admin access, I will install it for you tomorrow :)