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Hi I boutght the theme and it is great. However I will apprciate if you release a iPad or tablet version then the responsiveness will be fullfilled. As now in iPad it shows mobile version which is disappointing I think. Hope to see the update soon.

Thanks Sohag

Hi, Could you mind to fix small issue. Opencart version When pup up product picture there is no next, previous buttons and product name (at the buttom of the popup picture)

That’s up to you to customize anyway you please.

Could you tell me how it could be done, please?

Hey, sure! You need to edit your currency.tpl and language.tpl files that are in the theme folder. You could see what the logic is in the default theme if you would like to borrow some of it (maybe the flags etc)..

Hi there. I just purchased this theme and upon several attempts at downloading I am not seeing the ElegantCart.zip file to upload to Wordpress. The file that shows up on my desktop is labeled “themeforest-2574191-elegantcart-a-premium-responsive-opencart-theme” and I’m not seeing another .zip file within to upload to Wordpress. Is my file corrupt?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there!

Thanks for your purchase. ElegantCart is an OpenCart template as clearly stated in the description and the section it is in. You should give OpenCart a try it’s one of the best shopping carts out there! :)

we want to buy this theme. Just one query that is there any way we can add “Select Color” and “Select Size” Options in the Clothing section?

quick reply will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

Sure you can, those are default functionalities of OpenCart. :-)

Super. Thank you

Live Preview isnt working, where can I see it ?

hi there can you please tell me why the value of my options are added to the shoping cart when selected even though I have zero value on it what ever the price of the products it that is added (or minus) depending on what I have turned on but I cant understand why this is happening if I have added O to the value

oh hec..not wrong with that break time…so sorry

before I go..I changed the colours are you can see and when i changed the sale promo.png I saved it as the same size but when I added my special products it seemed to overlap with my products I tried to make it smaller to not overlap and then it got too small so I took it off..how do I apply it without the over lap?

Hi blue,

Is there a way to show the review stars on a Category page?

For instance on your demo Shoes page each product that has had a review would show the stars?

Sure, look closely with firebug in the list mode they are simply hidden with CSS, you can unhide them in your stylesheet.css file. ;)


I have found .rating in the CSS but do I need to change this line in category.tpl to enable the stars?

.product-grid .rating{display:none;}

Sorry not too good at CSS ;)

Ya, just remove the “display:none;” :)

Hi Blue,

Have done that but it’s messing up the rest of the text – Add to Wishlist.

Shall I send you an email with an image of the problem?

Sure, and please keep commenting in the same thread here, that’s how I know what it’s about! Cheers! :)

Ok email sent to you with image.

I’m thinking about buying this template and need to check I change a few things:

Can I change all of the white main body box to a different colour.
Can I get rid of the pink line under the nav bar
Can I get rid of the currency chooser (I just want it to show in GB£)
Can I get rid of the ‘welcome’ paragraph of text on the homepage so it will just be the row of ‘featured’ images, then the row of ‘latest’ images

Hi there,

Sure, you can do all those some from the admin (like setting up an extra currency), the rest with some CSS styling. :)

thank you, I will buy this soon and if I get stuck I’ll be back on here :)

I just Purchased the them and it is amazingly nice. My question is that is there any way to remove the box in which the picture is placed while zooming.(not the pop up box)

Thanks for your immediate response, the product i purchased is elegant cart theme for opencart. my account is etarahshope. i just created this account because i lost the first accounts password. regards

this is the item, themeforest-2574191-elegantcart-a-premium-responsive-opencart-theme

So you want to completely remove the box that shows when you hover your product? Sure, drop me a line via my profile page and I will send you the code to update. :)


I bought Elegant OpenCart theme, but have hugh problems uploading it. When I go to settings and choose Themeforest theme instead of OpenCart default, its not showing. Instead I still see the OpenCart default theme. I wonder if anyone has experienced the same problem who can help me solve this?

For your inform I have followed all steps properly on OpenCart Youtube Channel, showing how to upload a new purchased OpenCart theme. I therefore wonder if it could be problems caused by latest OpenCart version. I use OpenCart

OK, thank you very much! This will help me solve everything. For your information I just deleted everything to reinstall OpenCart and the Elegance Cart 1.41. Maybe I wait to install 1.41, to let you do it instead so I avoid creating the same problem? :-)

Ok, that’s fine.

A BIG THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME WITH THIS! Now it works and I highly appreciated your support on this!

Elegant OpenCart theme Is there any way to make this theme work in Arabic language format ? I mean it was supposed to change the position of the page from left to right, for example the logo should be on the right corner and the home button too. I appreciate your help regards,


This theme is not RTL ready, you can take a look at AquaCart though – it is RTL supported! :)

Hi, I want to buy this template, but I found one issue… I cant add any product to shopping cart in IE 8 ( 8.0.7060), IE 9 and 10 looks good, but about 40% of customers has IE 8 (found it in my google analytics report). For example it doesnt work here: http://blueowlcreative.com/elegantcart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=43

Is any chance to fix it? Thanks for answer. have a nice day bb.

Ok, I will try to get my hands on one of these trashbags and test :)

thank you, give me some info about it ASAP :)

Strange, have you installed your IE8 updates and fixes?

Hi I purchases this theme quite a while ago and i am quite happy with it. My question is can you give me an idea why i cant get vqmod to work with it. vqmod is installed and works on the default theme but not on this.

It does work, it depends what it is doing though. If it is rewriting something in the default theme maybe it isn’t rewriting it in this theme as whatever it is searching to replace is not there or is not there in the same fashion (the html is different). You could edit your vqmod plugin and see what it is searching to replace, then change it with the custom theme’s generated piece of code.

Hi, I want to buy this theme which is very very elegant!! :) but i need to know if i can change the size of the header banner and add one more next to it.

thank you!! nice work!

Hi there, which header banner do you mean? You can pretty much set the size of the header with simple CSS, yes. :)

Hello, Does your template support quick checkout module? If it does can you point me to one that works with, without errors or modifications.


Hi, Same as the other answer – The theme uses the default templates for the checkout process so it should be totally compatible.

And guest checkout ?! ( sorry I forgot to mention )


The theme uses the default templates for the checkout process so it should be totally compatible. :)

What about with a one page checkout module?! Does it work or does it need modifications? Thanks

One page checkout module needs a bit of small things to integrate with any custom theme, mainly if you want to have it responsive but again, the theme is as flexible as it could be as all the payment/checkout modules are Core! :)

Hi there,

When Clothing Page is resized in the browser window, the content on the left side (filters) is hidden . Style: #column-left, #column-right { display: none; }

How to display(visible – not hidden) left side content. Which script and css to be changed? Please guide me.

Thank you.

Hi, didn’t you just say it yourself? #column-left, #column-right { display: none; }

Please use Firebug to see the exact line in the CSS file that hides the columns, you won’t regret learning to use it (Firebug)! :)