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I am having trouble add the 3 small banners on my front page. I dont seem to see the module ElegantCart – Front Page Banners > Install, then Edit. I only see the sildershow module. Can you please assist me on adding those 3 horizontal banners on the home page. Here is the home page banner http://www.ashleynelltipton.com/index.php?route=common/home

Thank you


First off you need to create a banner of the 3 images… (System->Design->Banners). Then simply add that banner to the “ElegantCart – Front Page Banners” module with the sizes shown in the documentation. :)

I have the old FashionCart version of this template on http://www.loulias.com for a client.

I am getting the search error as well but the newer versions of the template have very different styling than the older theme and the client wants no changes to the site.

Notice: undefined variable: filter_name in (omitting some of the location for security) loulias.com/public_html/catalog/view/theme/fashioncart/template/common/header.tpl on line 79

Please advise on quickest/best fix for this with no alteration to the theme.

First… can you PLEASE make the design of 1.41 MATCH the design in the preview and demo of the template? The cart we provided on http://www.loulias.com/ no longer matches the template we originally bought.


How about you switch to my theme first, you currently have the default OC theme enabled! :)

was having someone fix it. ;-) Seems to be working now.

Hi, I bought your beautiful theme and I have a little problem. I want to make some modifications in css and it would not take the changes. Currently I’m working on localhost to get used to it. I want to change the background color of main menu from black to light grey and the drop down background sub categories also. Where do I have to make the change? In stylesheet.css under #menu didn’t work. Thanks

You can see the website here maybe you find something out. cheribijou.inom.ro

Got you! Edit this file: \catalog\view\theme\default\template\module\styler.tpl

Find this:

#menu-holder { border-bottom: 2px solid 
and change to 1px! :)

Thanks man, awesome job. I got it, the styler.tpl contains the changes that module settings does. Thanks

Good day! The archive contains two folders: elegantcart_1.35 & elegantcart_1.41 Which of these folders to upload to the server? My OpenCart ver. And the second question is: on your demo when you hover over the item neighboring photographs become less vivid. In my store does not.

Hi, you need 1.35 then! :) Did you activate the “Fading Effects” in the “Theme Settings” module?

Hello, Is ElegantCart a wordpress theme or has a wordpress version? I’ve purchased it, but have trouble with the installation. I was pretty sure when purchasing that it is a wordpress theme, but might have been mistaken.

thank you

Hi there, as clearly stated in the item description and the category it is in it is an OpenCart version. You should give OC a try though, it’s one of the best shopping carts out there! :)

Hi.. Team!!

it is great theme! but i have question. I’m using now opencart version It is possible on my open cart versions? :) if it possible, i want to get it. ..

Thank you. Hans.

Sure it’s possible and fully compatible, just use the 1.35 version of the theme once you open the package after you purchase! :)


I would like to know if this theme will work on opencart version

Pls. let me know.



Sure it does! Once you purchase make sure you install theme version 1.35, that’s the one for OC 1.53-1.54, 1.4+ is for OC version 1.5.5+. :)

Hi, is it possible to change custom banner images according to language selected? Thanks

You can Google that, I don’t think you can by default, but with some modifications or with a plugin you should be able to accomplish that! :)

Browser issue – After making few changes to home page, for some reason IE8 does not display content and rotating banners. What scripts needs to be included in order to display content and banners ??

How about reverting “the few changes you made”? :)

Hello, I like this theme but I want to use it with my Arabic/English site, but I have few questions: 1. Does it support Arabic characters? 2. Will it become from right to left if I select Arabic, and left to right if I select English? 3. Is it a multilingual theme? Is it easy to translate it to Arabic? 4. Does it support multistore? 5. Can I make home page 2 or three columns style? Thanks

Hey, it is multilanguage, but not RTL ready. My other theme – AquaCart is, check it out. You don’t have to translate it, there are translations that you simply download and install.


I am using PayPoint.net as my payment gateway. Within the settings, I am only given three options under Test Mode:

Production Always Successful Always Fail

My client tried to checkout and it said card payment cancelled.

Not sure if the above is something you can help me with or not.

Should their not be an option to make payments live?


Hi there,

As much as I am willing to help this is not a theme issue, you should contact your plugin vendor/payment provider with any questions… Good luck. :)

Sure I understand, I will see if they can help

Hi great theme, one question it’s possible to change the color of the header only ? i try but it change all white background, i want only change the header color from white to something else… it’s possible?

Thank you a lot, Sebastian

Hey, try editing this element’s rules:

#header {
height: 120px;
margin-bottom: 10px;
position: relative;

You would need to add some negative margins in order to negate the padding of the wrapper though… :)


I am running OC and your theme but cannot get search box to work.

1 – I enter a search for a product and get no results, also if I type in a search and hit the enter key on the keyboard it does not search at all.

2 – If I use default theme the search works both with click of the mouse and enter key and returns results .

Can you please help?



Hi there,

What OC version and theme version are you using? :)

OC and not sure about your theme version as the download section on here does not show the version in my downloads.

How can I find the version for you?

There are 2 versions of the theme. For version 1.5.41 you need to use v 1.35. I think this isn’t a version issue though, what is your URL?

Hi there .. is the theme supports multilanguage ? i want it to be arabic .. if so,can you show demo admin panel for that

Hi, this theme doesn’t support RTL … My other theme does though – AquaCart, check it out. :)

Thanks for the prompt reply.. aquacart also seems pretty decent :) .. does it have theme admin panel?

You get the options you get in the side Theme Options popup + several more to control your product animations, header navigations etc.

Hello there

This theme is absolutely beautiful . I’m very interested in purchasing but have two questions.

Can the products be displayed in grid view by default without the option for list view. Can the border around the products be removed in grid view for a cleaner look.

Yes they can, let me know once you purchase I will tell you how to achieve those. :)

Hi, i’m just about to purchase your theme and butcher it to make it work with my header and footer ;p

my question is, how easy is it to stop the theme resizing for smaller screens? at the moment with the header and footer i’ll be using them it will look awful when it’s resized so i’d like to disable it if possible.

King Regards, Scott

Hi Scott, that would be easy to achieve, just remove the @media queries that are in the bottom of your stylesheet.css file. Let me know if you need anything more! ;)

Cheers blue, worked a treat. Not used @media before so i’ll have to check it out, thanks for the theme! :)

Hey Love the theme. Quick question. The prev and next button have the fuchsia background on the slider when hover, could you tell me where I can change this color? Thank you!

Hi. Great theme I love it. But I can’t seem to find how to include related products in the product’s page. I don’t know how it works or where I can activate it.

found it. nevermind :)

Hi there. Could you tell me how to put a specific banner below the welcome message?

I’m trying to edit welcome.php and welcome.tpl looking at custom_banner.php and costum_banner.tpl but without sucess…

Thanks in advance.

You simply need to add a new banner from the modules page. Check the documentation on how to create those… :)

Yep that’s it, thanks :)