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Hi, over the weekend I updated OpenCart from v1.5.4 to the latest v1.5.5.1. I also updated vQmod and uploaded the latest version of your theme. For some reason, the descriptions are not longer showing on the product pages. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Here’s the website www.simplybrasil.com. Thank you!

Please disregard my previous message. I figured out the problem was caused by an older extension. Everything is back to normal.

please can you help me? gor a slideshow on home page and attached links to them via the banners section but some reason none of the links are working. please can uyou help me. website is http://freegoelectricbikes.com/

Surely strange, that happened after you reverted the camera.css?? That doesn’t make much sense… :)

doesnt make sense to mje either but literally straight away it happened! If you have any ideas or can help in anyway?

Nope, check your encoding … have you changed anything else in the files?

Hi where can i change the product image size on the product page? Thanks

Hi there, it’s under your admin panel – System->Settings->Image


1- How can i change “Sale” text (at corner product image) to my language? 2- I want to add sold out image when stock is “0” is that possible? 3- Can i add discount amount (like -70% off) corner product image? 4- I want to add icons under the price at product page. like free shipping etc. which line i have to change?

Thanks. :)

Hi there,

You can edit the PSD files that come with the package to change the SALE image, overwrite it with your own once you are done. To get the other effects you described you can check out some of the plugins that allow you to do that, check the OC plugin market. :)

Hi, how can I change the height of slide show images on the front page. I’d like them to be 560px instead of 400px.


Simply edit your custom_slider.tpl file and change the height to 58% as that’s approximately what 560 is out of 960. The relative height is needed for the responsive mode to work ok. :)


I really love this theme but have a small question.

Is it possible to make the product image list like:


In the default version you have placed 4 product images on a line. I want it to be 3 so the images look bigger.


Sure you can, you can edit your product boxes’ widths in order to fit 3 in a row instead of 4, do you get along with CSS?

Hello blueowl, Will you be providing an updated version of your theme to support OpenCart 1.5.6 ?

Sure, I will! :)

In iphone, ipad, mac..when links are clicked (product links, add to cart, etc), the page jumps…please help

My page is still jumping on the iphone…by page jumping, it’s specifically some of the elements like the breadcrumbs text size goes from big to small…several other text/links do this too causing the site to be unusable

Let me clarify the iphone issue. I am not using responsive mode. I am viewing the full website from the iphone. Full website means, desktop version. The breadcrumbs and other text on the page is going from big font to small font. Other detail is I’m not using any wifi, using the 3G mobile connection. This is a huge issue, please help to fix it.


Footer is in your footer.tpl file. Updating website’s desktop/responsive versions is achieved by writing different CSS for the different resolutions… check some Responsive CSS tutorials online. Is the elegantcart currently on klosetenvy.com?

Hey blueowlcreative, when do you plan to update the theme to the latest version of opencart?

Pretty soon! :)

Should be up by the end of the week!

Amazing! thanks :)

I am getting the filter_name error on search results pages. I used a fix from the comments here to remove the error from the actual search box in header.tpl, so just the text ‘Search’ now appears, but the search functionality doesn’t seem to be working.

On the search results page I get the following errors in relation to search.tpl: Undefined variable: filter_name Undefined variable: filter_sub_category Undefined variable: filter_description

Can you let me know when new version for 1.5.6 will be available and/or if there is another fix I can apply in the meantime for the search to work? Many thanks.


What version of the Theme/Opencart are you using?

It will be up by the end of the week! :)

Will you be updating for & 1.5.6?

Sure, you can download now, the 1.41 is compatible with 1.56.

Hi blueowlcreative,

I have this fantastic theme and works perfect in english

In my mother language, Portuguese PT-PT, doesn’t work well in IE9

But only in IE9

For example: works fine here http://www.chipink.pt/

but not here http://www.chipink.pt/index.php?route=checkout/cart

Can you please help me?

the rest is fantastic

Ya, I can see it… it breaks… I can see an extra character on top of your page with Chrome too… Whatever it is it has to do with that as well… Check it out with Firebug.

how can i see that?

In Firebug in Chrome. As you can probably notice the whole layout is shifted to the bottom a bit compared to other pages. I think you have some crazy character appearing from somewhere, not sure where it comes from though…

Hi blueowlcreative, is it not possible to use my own background images, or am I restricted to use the built-in patterns ?

Sure you can, simply add the images to this folder:


You will then have them as an option in your dropdown! :)

...Works :), super, thz.

Hi , can anyone help me? i have problem with my left menu: http://mii.sk/index.php?route=product/category&path=61 What should i do?

Nevermind, solved :)

I have 1 more problem, where i can change font? Becouse some letters in some words are just fatter then others. For example in word Šaty http://mii.sk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=51

Will be back from vacation on Tue. Please drop me a reminder then! 

Hi, what font is used in banners and the 30% discount add ?


It’s Open Sans. :)

...ok, one more question. Is there a gallery page module for opencart that works with this great looking theme ?...


You would need to check the plugins marketplace for one, I have come across several good ones awhile back, that become very useful with a bit of CSS face lifting. :)

...cannot find any gallery plugins for opencart in the plugin section. Can you recommend one ? In short, I would like to use timthumb together with this theme. Is that possible, and if not, do you any othe alternative script that will ?...

What do you mean you can’t find any, there are tons out there:


Here’s the one I have applied for a client of mine, I am pretty sure it was one of the free ones, I simply modded a bit to make it look nicer:



I’m having trouble adding images in the Departments, add the image in each category that I created but not visualize the store. Could you help me please?

What you want is an image that appears as an example in this link:


Also found a ‘problem’. The tags that we added in the products are not working, is it true?

I hope hear from you very soon. Best regards, AP

ps.: love your job!!!

Hi there, AP.

Let me take a look at your URL, you must be speaking of the category page like here (the link you pasted is with the TF frame so it shows the home page)....


Did you add an image to your category? What OC version are you using? :)

Hi there!

I’m using the OC version.

That right, I would like to use like this link.

Right now my website it’s in manutance so because this it’s restrict. Please, send me your email that I’ll do user for you see it.

I hope hear from you soon.

Best regards Adriana

Hi Adriana, simply use the contact form on my profile page.