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Can you please solve problem with font?

I asked question 22 days ago…

Hi again, you may just need to add the UTF characters of Open sans… Check here: http://www.google.com/fonts#UsePlace:use/Collection:Open+Sans

Make sure you select all the character sets you need, then replace the way Open Sans gets included in the header.tpl with the additional params for the extended UTF character set!

Thanks for reply, can you explain where i need copy all those .ttf files? Cause im noob into this :)

Your header.tpl. You are not to copy any files, just change the way Open Sans gets included!


Is there any way to turn off the cloud zoom and just have the modal zoom for images?

Many thanks

Hi, sure you can copy over the bit of code from the default template that is responsible for the image (product.tpl). Contact me via my profile page if you need help doing it. :)


Is there any way to turn off the responsive design completely. I have deleted all the code below /* Mobile Themes :: Start */ in stylesheet. It is now showing the desktop version, but the web site opens up, zoomed into the logo in the top left corner, when using a mobil device. I then have to double tab on the screen to zoom out every time i load a new site in the web shop.

Do you have any suggestions how to fix that?



Also remove this from your header.tpl:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">

Thank you for the quick answer. Works great now :-)

I am in the search to buy a e-commerce open cart theme for a jewellery store with the requirement there should be the Price Slider available right from the Home Page itself, it should then bring out result on price range across all categories. the purpose being the buyer should be able to choose any article based on budget and not have to go into each category to look for the same. this will reduce buyers time for purchase as well give choice across categories within the budget in one view. can you provide that solution in any of your themes?


You need to implement an additional module for this feature, please check the OC marketplace for one.

hi the main product image on the product page seems to have a grey tint over it my images have a white background, which you can see okay in the thumbnails but not in the larger image. How can I change this?

sorry, its ok, it is white. I think its just me!

how do you cahange the slider size, my sliders are only 360px and changing the dimenesin in the slider admin panel doesn’t change the height in the front end so it stretches. I have looked thru the css but can’t find any style to updated

Hi, you mean the height? Edit your custom_slider.tpl and set the percentage for height to your new one. It’s in percents as this is a requirement for the responsive version to work ok! :)

hi I would like to change the hover colour in the mobile menu in the drop down section. I can’t find this in the CSS and can’t over-ride it. Can you please tell me how to change this


This is set by the custom module that sets your highlight color. Check in your footer this:

#menu > ul > li:hover > a { background:'+ hex +';}

You can remove it if you want to set your own color in the CSS file. :)

can someone help me with the correct dimentions for the top banner size? I want the banner to fit in the elegantcart slide. here is a link to my homepage http://situnique.com/index.php?route=common/home Do i need to rezize my images ? Thanks


It’s 960×394. :)

hello friend, loved the theme so much that I bought, how do I tidy my menu? because my banner is a little big, I would be putting it down … thank you http://www.cvacessorios.com.br

Hi there,

You mean your logo? You can reduce that before upload or style it with CSS to make it smaller. To fit all your menu items in one line (first level of categories you may want to either reduce the font-size or reduce the padding of the items! :)

I would like to make the logo the same size as is but would like to down the menu, you can tell me where in the CSS edit? sorry for bad english

found it /* header */ #header { height: 120px; margin-bottom: 60px; <- position: relative;

hello friend, I would put a color in the back of my product to stand out more on my website, you know what line I need to change the CSS? I would put this same site, but put another color in the background of my image of the square http://www.drabiju.com.br/ and this is my site http://www.cvacessorios.com.br the bottom of the mine is white thank you


This is the Rule you need to edit in your stylesheet.css file:



Hi Blue, 1)How do i change the cloud zoom size? i want to zoom in more, so it can see more details. 2) i also want to change the background color of the front page only? from white background to black? how can i do that? 3) where can i find the shopping cart icon which located on the right top corner of the website ? because i want to change to black color background of that icon as well. 4)finally, also changing the “welcome” title to white color. Thank you so much!!

Hi there,

1. It’s in your product.tpl 2. You can use the module for backgrounds or manually overwrite the BGR into your CSS file with an !important clause. 3. It’s in the images folder of the theme. 4. Search for ”.welcome {” in your css file! ;)

Thanks, Blue. 1 more question. how do i move the authorize.net seal to the right side of the discover credit card icon ? www.nancy-boutique.com Thank you so much

Hey, you could float right your “div.AuthorizeNetSeal” you may need some further tweaking though. :) Good luck

Hello, we have OpenCart 1.5.4 and the search doesn’t seem to work. URL: http://www.enamel.gr/

Could you please send us how to solve this problem? We think that the problem is on search.tpl or something.


You are most probably using the wrong theme version for your OC version. Use 1.35 for OC v.1.5.4 and 1.41 for OC v.1.5.5+

Hi, i have a problem with unknown code in search area, how can i delete it? http://queencatering.kz/store


You are most probably using the wrong theme version for your OC version. Use 1.35 for OC v.1.5.4 and 1.41 for OC v.1.5.5+

OC 1.5.6, theme 1.41 :C

Within the Theme folder you have 2 versions of the theme, can you please doublecheck which version you uploaded. :)

Hi, I would like to know if there is a option to make the product box outline invisible? So only the product is visible. THANK YOU

well actually I was thinking, remove the outline from around all products. A css extension ?

Hi, You don’t really need an extension for it, you just need to remove the borders from your CSS file! :)

Hi, I am helping my friend working on his store, the “hover to enlarge image” function has disabled accidentally, I need your kind attention to tell us how to enable it.

Best Regards

Hey, may I see your URL? You probably got some JS error at some point editing the code and maybe the lightbox broke… :)

Hi, thanks for the reply! now my friend said he has another module installed, and maybe is causing by that… I will get back if I need your help. Anyway thanks so much for the reply :)

Anytime, buddy! :)


The home banners are not showing up on the mobile version. How can I fix that?



They are simply hidden by default, search for this in your stylesheet.css file:

.custom_banner {
display: none;

Remove the display: none clause and further style them there. :)

Thanks for helping! I decided to hide them anyhow, but I have another problem now. If you check http://arveinternational.ch/dwatch/ on a mobile device you notice there is a big gap between the slider and the footer. How can I fix that?


That’s the content’s min-height kicking in. You can remove it if you want, or set to none for responsive only ;)

#content {
min-height: 400px;
margin-bottom: 30px;

hi wonder if you can help me for some reason my site wont display the mobile responsive version of the site when viewed on my mobile? site is http://directhairbeauty.co.uk/

many thanks chris

Hey, looks like you have removed the responsive bit in your stylesheet/stylesheet.css file (at the bottom of it) compare with mine on the Demo. :)

hi please can you help i am still having issues with the theme and it being responsive! none of the banners are showing on my mobile and tyhe slider is staying at full width and not shrinking down to mobile. Urgent help would be much appreciated! i did get the rest to work just not banners or slider chris


you need to add the Custom Slideshow to use my slider that is responsive, instead of the default one. As for the banners this is still there:

.banner {
display: none;

Hi, Is there a way to randomly rotate all products, without having to go in and change the sort order for each individual item? Thanks

All products. If you visit my website http://situnique.com/index.php?route=common/home I have different catogories ex earrings, necklace, rings ext…. and as i continue to add new items id like them to all rotate. So when customers come back they see new items, and not the older ones. I tried to use the “latest” module and have it link on the home page but it will list 3 rows? of the same items ?

The latest module simply lists the latest ones, you can use the Featured Module to show preselected products.

Hi! Happy with this template! One question, how can I change the effect of the Homepage slider from random to Slide in right?

Hi, Simply edit your custom_slideshow.tpl and add the effect you want. Here you can find a list of them. http://www.pixedelic.com/plugins/camera/

Hi Blue, I have a little problem. I want to change the background image of the store and I don’t find in what file the styler.tpl makes the changes. I’ve uploaded a picture on my server, but if I change the body background in stylesheet.css in elegantcart folder it doesn’t work. In what file are the design changes set by the themes module? Or tell me how to change the background with a custom picture. I want to do it asap for Christmas. www.cheribijou.ro -> this is my website


Hey, you need to simply add your image in this folder and it will become part of the list: \admin\view\image\bgrs

I did that, and added a 1280×1024 picture and it didn’t showed it normaly, it was only a small part of it zoomed and duplicated on the entire background. Basically i want to put a full wallpaper on the background and set it fixed or auto for diferent resolutions. Thanks


Now you can go in your CSS file and set the background-position property then, as well as the background-repeat one. :)

looking to buy this thing, couple questions 1. do I need opencart to use this theme 2. is this theme retina ready

amazing design by the way ! -Chris

Hi Chris,

Yes, it’s an OpenCart theme and no it’s not retina ready. :) Thanks for the compliments, glad to hear you like it, hope it works out for you too!