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Hi I need some help with your theme Elegant cart. How do I get some support. I would like clients to login and register before they see prices of products. Is there a plugin for this or will the Css have to be changed?


There are different approaches to this. You can either hide the prices with CSS, then have a check for example in the header for logged in user and add CSS that shows them. You could also check out some plugins that do that for you, it’s up to you.

Hi Blue, I have a small problem I really need to fix. There is a thing going online that it is best to use only one H1 tag on a page and right know there are more than one on my page. I use Featured module and Latest module on the page, and the title of them both is used with H1 tag. Could you direct me to the file where I can change from H1 to H2 ? I’ve tried to find it for the last 4 hours but nothing yet. I’m not an open cart specialist but I did everything on my own until now. Thanks

Hi there,

Sure, they are right here: \catalog\view\theme\elegantcart\template\module\

Good luck, let me need if you need any other help, mate! And don’t forget to rate my theme if you like it! :)

Hi Blue, Thanks a lot for that, honestly I’ve been in that folder but for some reason I didn’t see the H1 tags at the top of the pages :))). Thanks a lot man.

Hi, how to redirect to checkout after click on BUY of product in home page?


Hi there,

There’s quite a few approaches to this, you could either use a module, or edit your own template files… Check some of these out:



Hi. I was wondering if current elegantcart theme version will work with latest opencart



Sure, it works. :)

Hi, i purchased your theme today. In your documentation Category Module has Product Count option but i don’t have that option in my opencart. Why ? How can I remove counting number from menu and category. Thanks.

Hi there,

This is simply a store setting, under Options -> Category Product Count. :)

Hi Blue, I have a small problem. I’ve added another subcategory to one of my main categories and I have 6 in total now. And in my main category page ( see here: http://www.cheribijou.ro/bijuterii-cu-swarovski ) the subcategories are not one under another but two by two floated right. If I disable the last subcategory they get back to a straight list again, one under another. Do you have any idea why it does that? I’ve looked in CSS to see if there is a fixed height but could not find anything unusual.

What have I noticed is that when I enable the last subcategory, from one UL with 5 LI it makes 3 UL each with 2 LI’s, but I don’t know why.



Look into your stylesheet.css, I am simply hiding it cuz it gets a bit too crowded there in mobile. :)

.product-filter .limit {
display: none;

Glad I can help, man, you want to share the love? Rate my theme! ;)

Again thank you! I already rate it 5 stars man. I hided the compare thing and floated the filter to left and now it looks good on mobile. Thanks again, 5 stars all the way!

How to enable counting only “Refine Search”?

When I disable counting in navigation it disables counting in refine search part.


Hi again, interesting, I assume because I am using an older OC version in my Demo, this might just have been fixed in the latest OC version, as it makes sense for the product count to be uniform – either On or Off… Honestly I don’t know how to turn it on only for the refined search, you may look for a plugin that does it, another way would be to edit your category model, and edit the query results it passes down to the category.tpl template to display. Good luck! :)

It is important issue for me. In my opinion both places should have separate counting switch.

Hello! something wrong is happened in social share option in the product details, it doesn’t work anymore, i checked it also on your demo and it seems that it doesn’t work there too.

please see it! thank you sam

Hi there Sam, Which option exactly? Just checked, both Facebook and Twitter work ok… :)

Hi, i have a css problem in the page numbers. Can you check to me?


Hi there,

how come you have a UL -> LI for pagination, are you using the default pagination? Which version of OC are you using? Anyways… Add this to your stylesheet.css file:

ul.links {
padding-left: 0;
.pagination > ul > li {
float: left;
list-style: none;
margin-right: 3px;
.pagination > ul > li.active > span {
display: block;
padding: 4px 10px;


Many thx !!! All good now!

hi i just purchase this theme and having a problem editing the size of my header logo? can you help direct to what file exactly i need to edit im currently editing Stylesheet.css but see no changes can you let me know what line to edit

tks in advance


Sure, what’s your URL so I can take a look?

You could also modify it via CSS like so:

#header #logo img {
width: 200px;
height: auto;

for example… :)

url http://elayapparel.com

tks for the prompt reply

Website is looking swell, my friend, congrats! So what are you trying to do with your logo? :)


hgan Purchased

I am confused with the psd files. I edit them so it has my own logo, but… how to use them?

In the downloaded zip file, it has the following folders:

—elegantcart —psd —resources —documentation

The upload instruction only say upload the “elegantcart” folder to the root folder where the opencart was installed. But it say nothing about where to upload the “psd” folders.


hgan Purchased

I see, thanks!


hgan Purchased

Another question, on the product page. How do I made the items in the “refine search” section horizontal so less space is wasted? Thanks in advance.


hgan Purchased

sorry, the (8) screw up the display.

Refine Search:

* Women Clothing (14) * Men Clothing (9) * Infant Clothing (4)

Ah, I see now… You can edit your category.tpl template and edit the default logic there after line

<?php if ($categories) { ?>

That’s where subcategories get printed and basically it calculates how many you have and optimally displays them accordingly, you can remove all that logic and simply print them one after another, removing the lists (UL>LI) that are currently there… Good luck!


hgan Purchased

ok, thanks. I will try


hgan Purchased

hi, I query the mysql db and see that the default character set is latin1.

| default_character_set_name |
| latin1 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

I know this is not related to the elegant cart theme, but do you know whether it is safe to change to unicode, will it break some functionalities? I plan to support multiple languages, including non-latin.

I think it will be OK, you can make a bakup just in case! ;)

Hi! Two years ago I bought the elegant cart template (www.prind-co.com) I would like to know if there are updates for it and, if yes, how simple they are to install on already running website and if they include some search engine improvements (like searching for words in any of the text fields and not just for the tags) and newsletter integration with Mailchimp.



there has been been update for the latest OC 1.561, but you only need it if you are updating your OC version. No major new features, just the same clean n slick deisgn over the default OC. BTW you have some bug in the Zoom feature on your product page, have you changed anything there….

Hello I have a question, I installed the theme as per the guidelines I was in the theme folder. But on my site SPECIAL module appears with an invisible product ZEROED value and try to click and buy button does not work. This product does not exist within the admin. How do I fix?

Follows the print Store:


View live the error:


thank you

Hi there, your website looks great! It’s the first time I see this happening… do you have any other modules/plugins installed? Can you switch to default theme to see if it shows there as well? How did that product come about? :)

Hello, the error in the default theme also remains.


So obviously you got something else going on there… it’s not a theme issue. Inspect your products again and check ur modules


hgan Purchased

Hi, I installed blog manager and want to put a link on the top menu. How should I do that? Any sample code? Thanks.

Hi there,

You need to edit your header.tpl and find where the categories are listed to create the top navigation. After the loop for the categories add this:

<li><a href="LINK TO BLOG">Blog</a></li>

hello, i want to ask about the bottom part’s design color. In the demo its all black and dark, can i change it to the bright and colorfull one? thanks :)

sorry for my childish english xD


You speaking of the footer? Yes, you can easily customize it with some simple CSS, let me know if you need instructions once you purchase the theme. :)


I couldn’t see tax options in checkout and cart. Showing taxes is important. has it any option to fix this?


I tried all options. but tax doesn’t seem in cart and checkout page.I defined all tax ratio informations. Also enabled order totals-taxes option. But nothing chanced :(

Hi again,

The theme doesn’t even overwrite the cart and checkout pages, only styles them with CSS, that said – do you get the taxes in the default OC template?

Himmm. I will try to install OC again. Thanks for your help :)

I just installed your template, but see something wrong with that – margin on the left, and main menu “Desktops” appears incorrectly. Another thing I wanted to ask – the pictures you have on template don’t upload automatically? As I see on my version it uses pictures from default template OpenCart.


Thank you in advance!


Please follow the documentation in your package, it will give you some hints on managing your website, you can delete the MP3 players from the categories and this will be fixed, you also need to setup your slider correctly, your product image sizes etc. :)

Its great, is there any WordPress version available for this? Thanks.


Not at the moment, friend, OC version only for this one. Thanks for your interest. :)