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I am trying to install ElegantCart on opencart Version but its not working. Does the theme support this opencart version?

Regards, John

Strange, I replied to to your email, address starts with jrklokgieter… Anyways, yes the theme is compatible with 1.5.6+, what errors do you get and where? You have a URL I could take a look at as well?

Sure is strange.. it ends with .nl and not .com. The url is www.giftshop.nl

Ok, this is the default theme, can you enable the Elegantcart now.

I just purchased Elegant Cart this evening a tried to install the downloaded .zip file and the theme does not show up. Then I unzipped the file and did a manual upload and still the theme does not show! Any solution to this problem>

Hi, did you open the package and go with the documentation within? :)

I need your help for a friend: The theme I bought from you are not showing the stars of the comments. I watched the url he pulls a folder from another topic that I did not buy and I have not installed in the store see the stars that do not appear, and notice the way the url:

the stars do not appear:


URL: http://www.territoriodosbiscoitos.com.br/catalog/view/theme/aquacart/image/stars-5.png

I await your contact thanks


Seems like you are missing the stars images, check your theme images folder again! They should be there by default, for example /aquacart/image/stars-5.png

In the case which is the file I have to change? search.tpl?

What is this about? Please continue your last thread…. :)

What is the file I have to modify?

To achieve what??? Please reply back here, do not ask a new question.

I do not know how to modify to show the stars

Hi again,

Edit your search.tpl, for some reason you have a reference to aquacart there instaed of elegantcart, make sure you replace the URL and you will be fine! :)

Friend the error happens is as you typed in some search-related product, the stars do not appear …

IN case typed the search word and the kit did not show the stars:


But the category page appear the stars:


How can I make the stars to appear on the search page?

Hi again,

Edit your search.tpl, for some reason you have a reference to aquacart there instaed of elegantcart, make sure you replace the URL and you will be fine! :)

Hello, nice theme!!

One quick question…Is it possible to dispaly three levels of categories?


Not by default you need to change the core a bit in order to achieve this as OC doesn’t support it by default.

I have another problem! When I add a product to cart and go to checkout, the page is blank? Can you help me?

Hi, what is your URL. Are you using any plugin or qMod rewrites? As the theme doesn’t overwrite the core at the checkout page. Please to see what happens when you use the default theme!

Hi guys. I recently updated opencart, your theme and vqmode to their latest versions. Today I noticed that all of the ‘product pages” are missing the “Meta Description” in the source code. Any ideas why? Thanks for your time. Website SimplyBrasil.com

Hi again, upon further investigation I believe this issue may be caused by a third party extension. I have contacted the extension developer. Thanks guys!

Cool, sounds like that is the case! :)

is there any way i can sort products by date?

Thank you

Hi there… Have you googled for it? You mean in a front end module or backend?


in front end?

Not sure… You may want to search for a plugin that does that. Good luck! :)

Good evening, I bought your theme ElegantCart Themesforest the site, however I am having problems because of the lack of language folders inside the catalog folder, and I’m not able to apply the translation on my website pro cause of this error, could you help me solve this problem?

Hi there,

Here’s how you add your language to your OC installation: http://www.tmdhosting.com/tutorials/opencart/opencart-add-language.html

Let me know if you need further help! :)

The link you gave me does not open. I’ve followed a tuturial to add my language , but always gives error , and have to redo , I can not translate after installing the theme … I do not know what to do

It’s pretty straightforward and installing a language is not really a theme related question… but here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0qoAROEqag

What error do you get, maybe smth wrong with your language pack, did you try another one?

Is there coming new version for 2.0?

Hi there!

It sure is coming, no idea when it will be here though… :)


This is such a nice & clean theme, thanks for that! However when i slide my mouse over the footer, the footer shrinks? Could you please help me with this matter. I can’t solve it and dont know what the problem is.

??? :(

Hi there mate, sure, change the percentage of the height in your custom_slideshow.tpl. It’s in percentages relative to the width, that way it’s responsive! :)

Thank you very much, it worked!

I would really like for this to be upgraded for OpenCart 2.0…


The update is on the future development list, the things is I really don’t know when it will happen in time. Thanks for your input!


I am now running on Opencart

Any news regarding the update for Opencart ?

Should be coming up very soon.

Top menu is very slow. Why? http://i.imgur.com/xeceb5w.png Thanks.

Hi, It is slow where? On the Demo? :)

I’m sorry. I have a problem from my pc.:) It’s work.

Great, glad you figured it out!


usoa77 Purchased

Hi there I want to edit the sizing of the logo. How do I go about doing that in your theme, and how large can it get without breaking the page?

Ok, so depends on how you want to approach this, obviously you can resize the logo to be small, or resize the header to accommodate at least smth in the middle, if not the full sized one you have shown above. :)


usoa77 Purchased

so wha should the CSS look like if I want the logo to be 275px x 199px?

Obviously quite a tall one, but here:

#header #logo {
top: 0;
#header {
height: 200px;

Either add those at the bottom of your CSS file, or find their corresponding rules (in the same) and change those 2. :)


usoa77 Purchased

Can I add other things besides products and product categories to the menu? Example I want to add FAQ, and contact us to the menu. Please advise….I love the theme by the way

Hey, OC is not that flexible when it comes to editing the Menu items… You will need to edit your header.tpl template file within the theme and add it there. Look for the Menu UL, you can add new items by adding LI items to it, let me know if you need further help structuring the HTML. :)


jerdna Purchased

We have this template now for a while and would like to update to OC 2.xx soon. When will this soon, of yours be? ;)

Another question… what are the major differences between elegantcart and aquacart. Is it possible to migrate from one to another with custom modules still working?

Thank you… we are very satisfied with the template by the way…nice elegant and simple to modify.


The update for OC 2.0+ is coming anytime now, most likely next week. Aquacart has a few extra modules for theme modifications, nothing major though, theme migration shouldn’t be a problem. Glad to hear you are happy with the theme, make sure you rate it if you want to share the love! :)

Hi, I recently upgraded to OC1.5.6.4 and also upgraded to latest version of this theme. Since the upgrades the choice of available backgrounds has decreased and the one I was using (no.41 – bg_dark_wood) is no longer available. I have tried using a 3rd party extension to add the background but it stretches and distorts the image and it doesnt look so good. Is there any way I can add or replace my chosen background back into the theme template? Kind Regards.

Hi there mate! Please use my profile page contact form to send me your URL and credentials so I can take a look at what’s going on. :)