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I’m sure its been mentioned to you before, but you should really think about learning WordPress. You’ve got some really great themes that would probably sell great as WordPress themes. Good job on this one though, very neat and clean.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Clarklab :)

I have considered designing themes for Wordpress (it could certainly help me earn a little more on ThemeForest!), and am certainly able to as I’ve used Wordpress extensively in the past. The thing holding me back is my established reputation as an expert with Blogger (through my blog, guest postings, etc). I’m not sure if this would be affected if I began designing for Wordpress ;)

For the time being, I’ll stick to designing for Blogger, and hope that as Theme Forest grows so does the demand for premium Blogger templates. Because as far as I’m aware, this is the only theme site offering premium Blogger themes at the moment!

I think it’s extremely rude to not allow customers to purchase $10 dollar themes and FORCE them to deposit $20 dollars.

You won’t get my business by doing shady business practices.

Hi Amanda! There are some awesome details on this template – great structure, cool tabbed menu on sidebar, and I love the page navigator at the bottom. Really love your work and I’m definitely going to get this. Just wondering, I just think you’re missing a more magazine-style (white background, minimalistic) template on your collection.

Nice Any chance of you making a nice Samurai or ninja Blogger plate? Nothing kiddie, something with a bit of respect instead of the usual anime stuff.

Love the blog template. I purchased it and am currently having trouble with the upload … simplemomentsofgrace.blogspot.com


No support, why buy it?

bpedigo Purchased

The best Blogger template I’ve ever seen. Great work – please make more! My site: http://www.independentprofessionaladvice.com

Perfect amanda, good luck guy..

do u know if there is the tag ?

cause without that, I cant install Js-Kit comment

Great Work! Great Theme!