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Hey Web_Vision. I just bought this Theme yesterday as HTML because I could not find the Wordpress version.

But I just looked today and now there is one right here:


Can I swap this template for the Wordpress Version?

That is the template I really wanted the whole time.



xpy86 Purchased

i can’t get the jQuery Tabs work

Hey, I am using your ElephantWeb theme. In slightly modifying your gallery in portfolio_c4 for my needs, I copied the same structure as you had, but somehow ended up with this: http://i.imgur.com/TmPC9.png The problem is that the description text (that says “work title goes here”) does not show up unless a photo is hovered over. I’d like to change this to have the overlay show up automatically. Where would such a thing be configured?

Thanks, Lev

tanwir2 Purchased

Hi, I purchased the HTML version, question on the contact page i can not send a message from the iPhone what should i do?

layzell Purchased

Nice PSD , horrible compressed code. By the way XHTML isn’t HTML 5 ..? but nice PSD

Hey :) Great theme :)

I have two questions: - Change Background of main box – For example: The background right and left is changed. Background color is for hole site also changed but there must be on top a grey color as main color or jpg. How can I change this? - Change font in columns for center font. I have add a new font declaration on style.css (p { font: normal 12px/17px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color:#8e8e8e; text-align:center;}) and i changed columns declaration to center but there will be no changes.

Many thanks and regards, Phil

Hello, I really like this site, well done.

I am only having one problem with the filterable portfolio. Some of my portfolio categories overlap. For instance, I have a portfolio piece that qualifies as both “webdesign” and “branding”. How do I make the portfolio able to put this one piece into both categories?

I would really appreciate any help on this as I have already done an exhaustive web search for an answer.

i like this this theme…but not responsive…do you have responsive for this theme?

i personally like Elephant Web – Premium HTML/CSS Website Template. This template loading speed is better and help in gaining rank fast.