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does this theme have a place to add a link to my instagram account? i see the other social icons but not instagram

Live Demo Not Working

Your live demo is down and I’d like to see the theme before I purchase. When will it be back on-line?
nik_bond Purchased

Thanks for a great theme and slowly getting to grips with it but I do have a couple of queries as follows -

1. Background slider images seem to scale beautifully but the fixed background images not so much. I notice that you mentioned 2 months ago that you would be issuing a fix for this but as I only purchased the theme a week ago, I am assuming this hasn’t happened yet.

Can you possibly advise when such a fix will be available?

2. Mobile menu – if there is a sub-menu, there appears to be no option to click on the top level menu item as it defaults straight through to the sub-menu eg.

  • Tea
    • Black tea
    • Green tea

Clicking on “Tea” takes the user to the options of “Black tea” or “Green tea” and there seems to be no way to select the more general “Tea” page. Am I missing something or is there a way to work around this?

With many thanks in advance.

I have just purchased this theme and I can’t activate it? Every time I try it just crashes my site and I get a blank screen.

Could you shed some light on this issue please, its urgent.

Many thanks

Is there anybody out there…?? Need help!! :(

Is there a way to reduce the “Content Transparency” overlay setting to 0% instead of a minimum 10% transparency? Thanks,

Finally got this theme installed by moving it to an Apache server, only to find out that you can’t use the controls on any of the sliders!

Should have realised before I bought it because they don’t work on your demo either.

Please can you fix it or give me a refund.

jayaddison, add this to your css:

.content_background {background-color: transparent;}

Worked for me.

andrewwright27, if you find a solution to this, please let me know, I’m experiencing the same issues with the nav controls not working on the slider.

Great theme! Is there a way to make it so the content toggle is auto closed when opening a page, instead of open? If you can just direct me to the correct file, I can most likely figure it out. Thanks!