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I want remove the background color of the footer bar.

Any suggestions?

when I click on the menu icon in the mobile version it those nothing.

Hi, I just bought your theme a few days ago and It’s just what I was expecting. Thank you so much for this. It seems I did not success to configure the home page slider because the playhead control doesn’t work. Any idea for this ? www.remilanglume.fr


Sorry for my last question but it seems the slider playhead control doesnt work on Google chrome only (Version 39.0.2171.71 for mac) I got no problem with safari and firefox. Anyway On the home page slider, every word of the title start with a capital, is it possible to modify this with css ? Thanks for your answers www.remilanglume.fr

topazix Purchased

Hi Folks,

I’ve just purchased this theme. Trying to set up my webpage apprepac.co.nz. I’ve got two major issues.

Issue 1: Get errors in internet explorer 8. I know the theme is not compatible. Did not notice it when i bought the theme. is there any way I could make this work? I’ve got an IT company most of my client use IE 7 and IE 8

Issue 2: The grid view loses its formatting when using multiple screen. The primary screen being my laptop screen and the secondary screen being much bigger.

Can videos be added to the theme without being streamed from youtube or vimeo?

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Hello, for @media only screen and (min-width: 1px) and (max-width: 767px) content responsiveness gets messy. Please check: http://sailaxia.com/charter/ Content starts to overlap.


barrylgc Purchased

Hello !!! anybody there? your demo site overlaps too… check http://elevate.mdnw.wpengine.com/home/more-content/services/ and scale down the browser to widths under 600px screenshot http://sailaxia.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/overlap.jpg

PLEASE FIX THIS ! This glitch is unacceptable and I wasted a lot of time with your theme.

Hi, Great theme! I am currently working on a project started by an other webmaster with your theme. I would like to center the footer-menu ? I tried everything with custom code, and impossible ? Could you help me ? Best, Maxime

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I was ready to buy this theme but looks like there’s nobody answering the comments… What a pitty!


we are working on a website for a partner-agency and the client selected your theme to work with (great theme btw!). Now our partner wants a multilingual version of the website.

Since I could not find a final answer on the question “is the theme WPML-compatible/-ready” here in the comments, we just tested it ourselves. We installed WPML in a test-environment of the partner-website running the Elevate-theme.

Unfortunately we found out that the theme isn’t compatible with WPML so far.

Now my question is: Is WPML-compatibility on the roadmap? And if so, can you give an approximate date for the release?

Thanks in advance for a solid info and

regards from CGN,


Hi I’m using your theme with WPbakery Visual Composer (it’s built in but we bought it separately) on couple pages of my website. Well, today I’ve been looking through all pages at this website and found that page that built with VC broken. Source code is showing me that every DIV on that page is using height of tallest div. So if tallest div is 700px, it’s giving same height to all divs (even separators). Any advices? Thank you Elevate theme v1.2.8, Visual Composer v4.3.4 , WP 4.0.1

I have no menu showing at: Why is it not at the top?


I fixed it. How can I put an image on the right as the primary background image.


We provide active support for our products for the first 6 months of their life cycle – No wonder nobody is answering any questions!

Has anyone else’s theme been hacked and redirecting to porn on a mobile using this theme?

explotter Purchased

Hello. I purchased theme today and have some questions:

1- How can i remove right sidebar from layout? My site is: http://mavikumpanya.com/?page_id=424 I want use this layout: http://sailaxia.com/charter/

2- Can we use different logos for mobile/retina displays?

3- Why can’t open mobile menu at http://mavikumpanya.com/

4- Why slider layers showing smaller at mobile view at http://mavikumpanya.com/

5- Can I user Revolution Slider auto update option?



This themes support is too bad…

I NEED LANGUAGES IS OK wpml or other sisttem please tell me if is possible to use in spanish and english thanks

First of all, I’m rather disappointed by this theme’s support. If a theme cannot be supported anymore, it should not be sold. I spent ages to figure out how to fix the blog grid display, which at the bottom is covered by the page footer. For all of you who might want to fix this, add one line of code to template-post-grid.php (about line 266): <?php endwhile; ?> <div class="module"> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></div>

For whatever reason since I upgraded to WP 4.1 I can’t choose categories in the post grid template (which does not have to do anything with the hack above). The Skeleton Grid options are not available any more. PLEASE provide a fix.