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In the skeleton grid for custom images or videos, we cannot put our self hosted videos into the custom URL for the lightbox to work in post grid pages. It seems only hosted sites like Vimeo and Youtube work in here to open in iframe and have them appear in post grid format. Is there a workaround for us to put in our own mp4, etc, in post grid and have them appear in a light box?

Question: I need to create and format a page that will only show posts from a specific category. I need to be able to format that page like any other, being able to choose the page layout and add a “simple background slider”.

How do I do that with Elevate?


Also, I may want to have more than one than one post category displayed on that same page. How to?


OK, so I figured out how to do the above using the “blog” page template and selecting the categories I want to show. Only problem is, it is displaying the entire post instead of an excerpt (where I placed a more tag). How do I get that page to show only excerpts of each post?

Another question; Is there a way to add a simple background slider to the search results page?

In your own demo displaying Visual Composer grid, on mobile devices the sections overlap each other. How can we fix the problem? http://elevate.mdnw.wpengine.com/home/more-content/services/

This issue has been reported a couple times on this comments section without being resolved…

How can I modify the bottom margin of a page or post so that the content at the bottom of the page/post does not get cutoff behind the footer?

Let me say it another way, if you look at a page/post with a lot of content like this one on your own demo page titled “Mythology Engine”, you can see the text at the bottom part of the page slides behind the footer and you cannot see the very bottom of that page. You might not see this if your screen resolution is high enough and browser “tall” enough, but if you make your browser window shorter you will see the issue.

Is there a quick fix using css that can be added so that ALL pages/posts have an added bottom margin at least as tall as the footer?

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Hi guys!

Thanks for the awesome theme! But i got a problem with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, I can’t activate it with the Elevate theme enabled, it shows me a white page. I tried to activate it with the twenty twelve default theme, it worked, and then switched to Elevate, same white page.

After enabling WP_DEBUG, it shows me:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ot_register_meta_box() in /<my-repo>/wp-content/themes/elevate/theme-core/ot-meta-boxes.php on line 950

Do you have any fix for that? Thx!

Why i can’t read the Content Text when i use firefox or IE?

Do you have some answer for this problem? thanks


like tthis exemple when i open this page i can’t read the content text on firefoxf

No support for a month now…


Your theme look great. I would like to make the header and/or the footer totally transparent. It is possible to make it or it is limited in the 10% as it’s indicate in the parameters panel? Maybe with a CSS snipet?

Thanks a lot for your response