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Hi, Is possible add the comps to customize the layout and assets.



I’m using for the portfolio images i source from flickr. I use the format square 150×150 px .

How can i set up the portfolio to work with thumbnails from this format. The demo is using 420×420.

Thanks Karel


Our images are percentage width. The height is auto, to be scaled properly. You can modify only the width. Open the style.css go to line 813 (.portfolio li class element) and modify there. For the same class make the changes in media querries. Cheers!

Any date when it comes the WP Version? I really love that template but i need WP ;-) Thanks!!!


Maxim 2 week

Hi, Right now Portfolio images width x height 420 X 420 , I need change images width and height. Can u explain how to change portfolio images width and height. asap please give me solution.

Thanks and Regards,



Our images are percentage width. The height is auto, to be scaled properly. You can modify only the width. Open the style.css go to line 813 (.portfolio li class element) and modify there. For the same class make the changes in media querries. Cheers!

Hi I purchased this template, but i didn’t get any document, please provide well document. then i will try to change portfolio images width and height.

Thanks and Regards, Hemasundaram


You can find a documentation subfolder within our template folder.

Love this temp, question

Is it possible to have 2 different portfolio sections / groups on the same page

Like on yours

All Projects Web Design Photography Branding

then 1/2 way down the page another with different sub heads?

-group2 all, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3

I thought I set it up correct but the 1st set will work the the 2nd set displays off when nav is selected.


You can not, sorry, because the filter will be in conflict.

Emailed you a test page. Thanks

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I have purchased the template, but i have a problem with the parallax effect whit safari and chrome.

Look at the link universo-moda.it/beta

Please can you help me? thanks!


you can resolve this in main.js, at line 41, replce with this:

$(’.separator1-bg’).parallax(“50%”, 0);
$(’.separator2-bg’).parallax(“50%”, 0);
$(’.separator3-bg’).parallax(“50%”, 0);
$(’.separator4-bg’).parallax(“100%”, 0);

elias90 Purchased


Thank u man!

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Is there any way to not have this theme showing as mobile website when on mobile? I just want it to look a regular website screen size on my phone.


Replace in index your meta name with this:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
hugomax Purchased

sorry I tried this and it never worked.


Is it possible to disable the parallax effect on mobile?

Thx Karel


you can disable for all devices only.

Hi, beautiful template :) Is it possible to include video in the portfolio section as well?

Thank you


If you mean at the popup, yes you can

Hi there, I’m just getting started with websdeign so I’m sorry if this sounds stupid, but how can I get an embeded youtube video in the portfolio section? I’ve been looking around on the internet and I just can’t figure it out.


You will find here more info http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox/

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Great work on the development of this template! Clean code, great documentation, and extremely well organized and easy to follow.

Found one issue in Chrome Version 25.0.1364.172 (latest). The pop up window for the portfolio.html link doesn’t launch in chrome. The portfolio subpage pop up works fine in firefox and safari, but gives me the error reading “This content failed to load.” for Chrome.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance for your time and help.


Upload it on your server first. atomicwhalebomb gave you a solution. See the last comment. Cheers!

Any news about Wordpress version? ;-)


Next week we hope

I am having a problem uploading it to my ftp through godaddy. The theme doesn’t seem to stick.

I am getting this error message:

“The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”

Can Someone please help me?

Thanks, B


This is a html not a wp theme

Hey @Ace3m08,

Ran into the same issue with the lightbox not working properly in the latest Chrome and Safari browsers.


“Local use of ajax is disallowed by most browsers (see: Access-Control-Allow-Origin). Put it on a server and it will work fine.”

I put it in a hidden folder/directory on my site and it works in both Chrome and Safari.

Hope this works for you too?

Hi Hector, I’d love to buy the WP theme for this template. Any updates on the estimated release time? Thanks, Simone


Maximum 2 weeks

beautiful template. thank you. how do i slow down the carousel slider? thank you!!!! celeste


Look in the first page of comments, you will find how to slow the carousel speed. Cheers!

I really like the design. Could you please let me know when the wordpress version will be released?

Many thanks.

elias90 Purchased

I purchased the item.

To configure the newsletter form???



The newsletter form is not functional. In the wp version will be integrated with mailchimp.