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Nice to see WP ;-) But it seems there something wrong, slider is not loading, also all other elements not loading and on the end is that error: Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /home/clapat/public_html/themes/eleven-wp/wp-content/themes/eleven-wp/clapat/class.shortcode.php on line 25

Was a conflict form the style selector, but only in the demo. Thanks!

johannes1000 is right. The “Live preview” on themeforrest for this theme is showing quite some errors.

Was a conflict form the style selector, but only in the demo. Thanks!

Looks very nice, good luck :)

Was a conflict form the style selector, but only in the demo. Thanks!

It was working well and suddenly full of bugs… Are you guys still updating?

Was a conflict form the style selector, but only in the demo. Thanks!

His server may be under maintenance, hold on.

Nice work man, good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Hi, check it out now, it seems that there is conflict with twitter feed shortcode, and layout switcher which is only in the “live preview” version should be solved ASAP.

Great work, looks good now!

One remaining problem: On the iPhone4 in vertical view (height > width) the main (dropdown) menu is not visible on the start page, it’s placed onto a new line below (it doesn’t fit to the right of the logo that’s why).

Thanks. This is very easy to solve, decrease the logo font size.

What the hell? i just download the theme and install it! its total empty!!!

please refund me my money!!!

Hi, It is supposed to be empty, just import settings and demo content (see docs)

can u try to install it?

Hi, Docs=Documentation – it is included in the package you downloaded along with settings and demo content . If you are unsure on how to proceed, open a ticket on ticksy, and we’ll guide you.


this theme went from very cool this morning to AMAZING this afternoon! love the changes! will be a buyer!

Thank you!

Has potential for purchase. What keeps me not buying it yet is

1: Speed (googgle pagespeed is 70/71). Needs to be around 85 or higher. Please optimize.

2: On mobile view the nav menu drops down not up, please fix!

3: On mobile view (Samsung Galaxy S3) the portfolio images look great but when tapped on each image instead of bigger images you get smaller ones. That’s totally counter-intuitive. It should display images edge-to-edge, just like in main portfolio view.. Please fix.

4: No scroll to top button..

5: Page headers (About Us, Services, etc.) is very close to the top of the dark background. It needs to have enough space to look pleasing to the eye. Something like a distance between the bottom of the words “Our Skills” and the orange bar “Web Development 70%” on the about page. Please fix.

6: Ability to NOT display “Home selection style” gears button. Don’t know if it is currently possible..

7: Slider images are not clickable to lead to posts/pages. Need to be possible to be clickable in desktop and mobile view. Please fix

Fix the above issues and you will get a new customer!!


We will keep this in mind for the first update. Cheers!