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There are 2 issues with version 1.25: 1. Font is different than version 1.2. The old font was better. How can this be changed back? 2. The new functions.php file with the added below code gives major layout problems. See also ticket #56585. Can the code please be corrected? I replaced the new functions.php by the olde one from version 1.1.

/* —Change wpautop priority from 10 to 11 to process shortcodes before adding editor formatting. -—- / remove_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ ); add_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ , 15); / Fix for missing mbstring php extension*/ if(!function_exists(‘mb_detect_encoding’)){ function mb_detect_encoding($content){ return ‘UTF-8’;

Hi, ticket #56585 is open since May 23 2013. Can somebody have a serious look at it. Almost 3 months have past.

Issue with contact form 7 for version 1.25

The below code does only partially the job. When I implement all the code according to, the form starts at the left of the page and end at the far right.

How can this be fixed?

Send Us a Message

<dive class=”one_half”> Your Name (required)[text* your-name] Your Email (required)[email* your-email] Subject[text your-subject]

Your Message[textarea your-message]

[submit “Submit”]

If I may 1 pre-purchase question? I like the theme very much.

I know it is ONE-PAGE theme, but.

Is it possible to add pages/posts with different URL then a homepage, and canonical them.

Cause if not, it is to unfriendly for seo, and I couldn’t use it. May be there is some easy walk around for this purpose?

Thanks in advance.

hello, i want add Accordion tab in a section eg: about us. But i want the ” ul / tab” comes in full width of screen and rest contain in “container clearfix” please help me how i can i do this

Hello, It could margin on the right side of screen of vertical ipad and iphone. There is no margin to be a landscape screen.

I want to eliminate the margin on the screen of vertical.

I want to tell my website url please tell your mail address.

Hi I have a question, in the portfolio is it possibile to add a video from VIMEO instead of YOUTUBE? thanks

Ticket: 64083

I have tried to solve it myself, because the provided code isn’t good. It still refers to the old api… It seems that the code hasn’t been tested by you guys. The “solved” twitter code in the FAQ ain’t working either…

The website always crashes while changing the theme setting or controlling dashboard. Do I miss any file? or did it happen before? The theme version is 1.25.

Many thanks


i want to Decrease the height of navigation Menu from 100px to 60px but when i click on tab to navigate to section a gap between nav menu and section is appearing how would i solve it please suggest any easy solution to change the nav menu height

i asked questions before for theme support but not even a single reply from any one… so should i expect same behavior from your side :(

I have trouble opening portfolio on PC in Chrome browser. It says: “This content failed to load”. I have seen people mention this, but I can not find the answer that solve my question. FUI: My template is running on a server and not local.

Having a small issue with the twitter shotcode in a section. I am using the short code [twitter-feed account=”FalconsCreative” limit=”4” show_reply=”0”] The twitter icon will link to my twitter page but it only displays a blank post with the date of January 1, 1970 Any help to remedy this would be greatly appreciated

disregard – i found the fix on your support page and it worked perfectly – sorry I hadnt discovered the support FAQ prior to posting this comment

i want to include, e commerce in it how can i do it please guide me

Hi, great theme, works really nice, incredible programming work you did. I have a problem with some translation as the site i’m building is mutilingual and some things seem to not translate. The main problem is with “View details” it’s translated in the mo files but keeps appearing only the english version. I can’t just change a PHP file as the site has more than one language. Can you, please, help on this. Thank you

Hi, first of all congrats for the great template! Just one thing that i can´t figure it out… How can i change the “phone” word to my language? it is not editable in the clapat settings panel under “footer section”. Can you please help me? I need to change this english word to my portuguese language. Thanks a lot

Hi there!

Great theme you have developed and I am very interested in purchasing a copy. I actually wanted to use it for selling a book, however, I was hoping to incorporate the full screen image slider at the start, but also include a single fullscreen video further down the site. This is a three minute video trailer giving more information about the book which is a bit too much info for the first screen. Would this be possible/easy to implement? In addition, does the video have to be uploaded via YouTube?

Thanks very much for your assistance in advance.

Best wishes and keep up the great work.


I’m looking for specific details on how to connect directly to MailChimp. I understand it is possible from other questions you have answered. But what are the steps needed for the integration? I have version 1.25. Thank you.

Hi there How do I fix my site, have purchased and is live The portfolio slide show is not viewing at the toil of the page, you have to scroll down to see it, what is the problem and how do I fix as it should be


as it views on my site

How to fix mobile phone also at the moment it is not fixed when you scroll down, needs to be fixed and not moveable as you scroll through please advise

Please note typo above should be “top” not “toil” looking forward to your reply. Mobile phone issue: by moveable I mean it is moving from left to right when you scroll down, should be fixed so it moves down only not left to right as well.

Hi, I have a problem with mobile site of… When I click on menu, the voice of menu appears and disappears after 1 second… Why?

Excuse me for bad english… I’m italian…

Hello a big bug found in your default theme when click to news/portfolio and press escape(Esc) to return to page whole website and content get vanish all div get style display none don’t know how to over come the site on which i used this theme is now live and client is behind me so please do help….. my last two question are unanswered and hope not this time…....

Thanks in advance

Hi, Please open a ticket on our forum:



I have been able to change the background color of the footer to ‘White’ #FFFFF. The problem now is that ‘phone’ and ‘mail’ are not visible due to the white on white problem. Can you tell me how to change the color of the text?

Thx. Warm regards.

Hi, Please open a ticket on our forum: