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Good work, glad to see this WP version here :)


@innomind, 1. Speed will be improved once will implement minify option on theme. 2. Will put an eye on. 3. Will fix a.s.a.p 4. You have a shortcode for that, so you can put it anywhere you like on page. 5. Will fix next version. Actually distance is good, but menu eats about 100px of it. 6. That is for demo version only. 7. Sliders are fully configurable, so you can put anything you want on it (images, links, etc)

Thank you, Ionut

nice work. good luck with sales…

Full of bugs, spelling mistakes and error. Stay away. We’ll ask for a refund promptly.

What kind of bugs? Please open a ticket on our forum and we will help you!

hi, the video demo is a black screen when i run the demo on my iPad. sliders work, but video doesn’t? i want to buy this theme today and start working with it but need to make sure video works on ipad & iPhone :)


There are too many issues with this theme. When you select a topic on the main menu, it loads that section, BUT that section is not lined up and doesn’t position itself correctly instead it is position too much to the top.

Its best to fully test the theme out before you release it, cause your 1st impression is your last impression with buyers.

It has potential but lacks, due to too many issues.

@mikedubs video is not ipad/iphone compatbile, if you really need it on ipad you can use layer slider for home section this should work.

@KrisPhoto – See ionutS answer, it’s been noticed, actually it is the same setup like in html version.

Massive work mate.. Congrats! Client Logos – are they limited as a number or you can upload as many as you like ?

Page separators – can we include Twitter widget to show the latest tweets ?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Digital Sufi

@DigitalSufi, you can include anything you want. Any available built-in shortcode or shortcodes provided by another plugins installed on your side.

@KrisPhoto, which are those bugs? Just taked a look and alignment is fine, only issue is with top padding when scroll.

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There is no documentation for the theme in my zip file. Please advise.

@dnj14 Hi, check that you downloaded the right file (main file). If still have problems, use clapat.ticksy. Thanks.

Hi, how do you install demo data ? Is there any documentation for this theme ? Thanks

Please open a ticket on our forum,, and our developer will help you. Cheers!

Nevermind – I am a dumbass – I downloaded the proper file and find the documentation is there and it’s easy to follow. Thanks for the rad theme

regarding my question of video as the landing screen option being able to play on ipad or iphone, you said to use the layer slider. did you mean that i can put a video in a layer slider and that will work on ipad or iPhone? if not, please please figure out how to make the video option work on all platforms…i will buy multiple licenses of this theme…it’s perfect :) outside of the video issue :) thanks!

@mikedubs Hi, check the LayerSlider demos here , and see if it works on iphone. I tested on Ipad, and video works with LayerSlider responsive too, youtube/vimeo, but probably not the best solution.

@vcosmin…thanks for the quick reply and info! ok, i will purchase the theme and try this solution. but would love if we could figure out a solution for the full video hoempage option…it looks so cool on the desktop…would be great if it worked on iPad & iPhone too :)

@mikedubs Hi, i can put a LayerSlider video on a test site for you to see how is working before buying. Open a ticket on ticksy and i’ll give you a link. We are putting a Html5 video player on our to do list.

how do i get to your ticksy?