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Pre-purchase question. It says that the portfolio is isotope but all the images are square. Would I get the same nice full width portfolio in masonry is they were different aspect ratios?

Hi in current version all thumbnails are cropped to a specific size (which you can modify directly in code). We’ll put your observation on request list. Thanks.

All portfolio pages result in a 404 error and are not appearing!

I am wondering what the issues might be?

Hi try first to refresh your permalinks settings. Thanks. PS Answered on Ticksy.

Thank for your template. It’s great. I have a YouTube question, though. I have everything working properly but my HD YouTube video on the home page initially plays at low res when it loads. It’s only 17 seconds long. When it loops and plays again it plays in HiRes (HD720) the way I want. Is there some way to get it to play Hi res on the first pass?

Hi, i am afraid that not much to do about this. We’ll consider a selfhosted video player for home section. Alternatively you can try to use layerslider for playback this should give you more options. Thanks

Thank you for checking into it and following up. Much appreciated.

Hector18, thanx for your great template. I have one question about the Portfolio. Is it possible to change the order of the portfolio? It is now ordered by date. Thanx.

Hi, yes in V1.3 you have a option to reorder by drag&drop – Thanks.

Hi, where is the php archive for the details of portfolio (when you do click in the portfolio item and open a popup?)


Hi, search for single-portfolio.php (for pop-up content) – it should be in eleven root folder. Thanks.

I want to put the category next to the title and can not find where.

Can you help me?

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Hi, open a ticket on Thanks

Hi i little question the template supports WPM? i need to know that before i buy it :) thank you!

thank you guys!, i got another question, i bought the theme, and i want to change the size of the portofolio elements a little bit more tiny, and show them on a line of 3 instead of 2. If you got the code to do that you will help me a lot!! thanks!!!

Hi, you can adjust the number of portfolio columns displayed on different resolution steps by editing your main.js file , from line 430-444 – modify columnNumb = 5 to columnNumb = 6 for example for screen width larger than 1500px. If you have further question please give more info on ticksy. Thanks.

thank you guys!! :)


Menu scroll effect problem in Firefox. No soft scroll but hard scroll. Since Wordpress 3.7.1 update.

I hope you can help me. Grtz, Martijn

Hi, just checked with WP 3.7.1 and Firefox 24.0 and 25.0 on Eleven V1.3 no problem here. Please check that your section id does not contain special characters, spaces etc – also that you don’t have other script errors in console. If you still have issues please open a ticket on Ticksy. Thanks.

Problem solved! Section id characters changed and it works. Thank you!

Hello, I have bought the theme for one moth now and everything goes fine. Excepted since this morning… the google map I’ve had installed in my home page with the short code [map] has disapeared… And even when I reload all the theme, it doesn’t appear. when I look throught the code (with firebug), it shows me the following message :

Uncaught ReferenceError: gMap is not defined initialize window.onload

Does anyone has already encounter this problem? And How can I solde it ?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, please open a ticket on ticksy with more info about your installation (url, etc). Thanks.

Hi, is it possible to create separate pages that are not on the parallax? for better SEO reasons?

I really like the theme and is concerned with SEO.

Hi,yes you can create separate pages. Thanks.

hello, i’m intressting for your template – nice work!

When i’m open in your demo a portfolio page and want to close that, i have always an error-info without any text – only a message “alert-info ignore” and a”back-button”.

This i will see on Firefox, Safari, Opera …


Sorry, try now – if still not working, please send a msg via Theme Forest author page. Thanks.

Hey, did you see the video? Your Demo is not working at the Moment…

Demo works … sorry!

how to add parallax background to the separator?

Hi, please check documentation – also see attached screenshot – You can set separator image / speed / html content over separator / enable-disable pattern etc. Thanks.


Hi Hector,

I’m having trouble with international charachters. When writing “å ä ö” for example the saved (and shown) result is “u00e5 u00e4 u00f6”. The db is utf8. The ordinary post fields is handed correctly, it’s just the theme inputfields that doesn’t behave.

Any suggestions or solution?

BR / Magnus

Hi, please open a ticket on thanks.


Is there a way to change Menu FontFamily?

Regards Erik

Hi, not from Admin Pannel > but we put it on request for next update. Thanks

Hi how can i show in a section a page, as I am very confused with this matter,

Exemple section About us, and how to link to: about us page as the demo content did not do it


solved, sorry

I’m sorry, i’m in a hurry and I haven’t time to search in all the comments about my issue.

My problem is about the paragraphs and the text editor… The

aren’t added… :-( I’ve tested the same text with other themes and is working there… Your theme is not creating the

in pages (I think in the post is working right)

Thank you!

Sorry I forgot to put code tags, in the blank gaps I meant <p></p> , the paragraphs tags

Hi, please open a ticket on ticksy with more details (url, and access if possible). Thanks


From where i can change/translate default small button text “View Details”

Regards Erik Mikker

Hi, edit your class.shortcode.php file located in clapat folder > find line 161 and modify there or via translation file. Thanks.


Hello i am interested in this theme. two pre purchase questions.

1. is it possible to get the navbar on top the whole time instead of after it gets to a certain point?

2. is there a way for the site to scroll to the next section after the video is done playing?

Hi, 1. Yes you can have menu o top – but not with video header. 2. I think it’s possible but with some code changing. Thanks.

Hello, First thanks for this great theme. I have just a little question, and i don’t think it deserve a ticket :

Is it possible to activate the comments on the “News” custom post type? it could be great

Hi. We disabled this in Eleven V1.3 becasue of the blog – howevere you can try and reactivate it (uncomment a few lines on code). Open a ticket on Ticksy please. Thanks.

thanks for your response, have a nice day

[map] shortcode isnt showingup anymore. all plugins deactivated!

Hi, check that you dont have any error in browser console and/or opena a ticket on ticksy and we’ll chekc it for you. Thanks.

howcan i edit the durationtime of the homepage fullscreen slider?

i want to use the build in slider not the layer-slider!

Hi open your main.js file located in JS folder, locate line 168 > you should find something like
 timeout: 4000,
Modify this. For more option please check Thanks.