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I get this error out a clean install of WP 2.7.1 and the latest version of this theme.

Bit odd eh? The file is obfuscated so I can’t really get stuck in and fix whatever it is. If I clear the file out the theme “runs” but throws other errors (no surprise there!)

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘class’ (T_CLASS) in /eleven13/clapat/class.widgets.php on line 1

Some more information regarding my problem:

I’ve tried this theme on WP3.6 and WP3.6.1 (I figured maybe 3.7 wasn’t supported). Here is what I had to do to get the theme to render.

First I have to clean out all of the content in your class.widgets.php method to stop it throwing a white screen error. (The error above)

Then the site loaded, and I followed the documentation and loaded the sample data which worked fine.

Now the site is throwing 2 JS errors.

I’ve tried running this theme on 2 distinct, quality web hosts and both have had the same issue – however obviously folks are using this theme. Has something changed recently?

All I am doing is literally installing WordPress, dropping the theme folder into the themes dir and activating the theme in order to have it throw that widget file error at me.

I noticed with your screencast you had LayerSlider WP and Contact Form 7 already installed so I tried it with those plugins installed thinking there may be some dependency there – but it made no difference.

All sorted – thanks guys.

Hi, I have the plugin WPML. How to make the menu

Hi, this theme is not fully compatible with WPML plugin (exactly the site sitection part) – it was asked a few time before, if you you check other comments you can see. Thanks.

Hi there, I’m just working on my site using this template. I’m just having a little bit of difficulties with the icons. Where can I find other icons then the ones used on the demo site? I found the ‘Font Awesome’ icons, but when I copy-paste the code the icon doesn’t work.

Hi, check this
Example1 : [service title="Create Project" icon="edit"]Lorem ipsum dolor [/service]

Example2 :[service title="Create Project" icon="folder-open-alt" use_fa="yes" icon_color="FF0000"]Lorem ipsum dolor [/service]

Example1 use icons from images/services folder. Example2 use FA icons, For font awesome you have to use the FA 3.2.1 icons. Thanks.

Hi there! I am having problems with the NEWS and PORTFOLIO pages. Everytime I try to open a gallery or news, the galleries are fully scrolled down and need to scroll up before I can view the photos. here is the link to the site. thank you in advance.

Hi, @ first check you have some unclosed tags in one of your news item content (i think that in 5 Commercial Villas item – see that all item after this are with strong tag) check it / or temporarly remove cotent from that item to see if this is the problem. Thanks

PS. check autoheight in Theme Option > General Settings, also for news featured images try an use a close to square ratio images will look much better.


WE-B Purchased

Why don’t I see the video (uploaded on youtube) from Mobile? Can I see the homepage with video by mobile? How?


WE-B Purchased

Why don’t I see the video (uploaded on youtube) from Mobile? Can I see the homepage with video by mobile? How?


WE-B Purchased

I don’t understand how works …

Where do I open the ticket?


WE-B Purchased

Can you help me send the code for this change? thx

Hi, yes just go here , register, and open a ticket with your info. Thanks.


I would like knowing how to change the name of the “HOME” title in the sidebar ?

I searched in the editor, but even if I have changed some features, nothing’s happened :(

Thanks you so much for your answer and your help.

See you Best regards


Hi , i think you mean in the navigation bar ? If so you could do it in 2 ways, via translation file (in your lang folder > follow docs), or you can edit the file template-responsive.php __(‘Home’, ‘clapat’) , with what you need.


Hello, thank you for reply,

Yes I did it : ‘name’ => __(‘Accueil’,’clapat’),

But nothing happened, it still written “Home” in the navigation bar.

Best regards

Ok i found it :) Thank you for your help and your instructions.

See you


Hi, Great theme! I love it. I have a question regarding the active state for navigation. For some reason, when the static page is active, the active state is still above the homepage. I went through the demo theme, and the same thing was happening on “shortcode” page. Is there any way to fix the issue? Please let me know. Thank you

Hi, yes you’re right – expect a fix in first update. Thanks for feedback.

I have a problem with the theme. On my computer (Xampp) Full Slider works perfectly. But in the server simply does not load the pictures. What can be causing this? I redid the site of the first, but to no avail.

Hi, check your browser console to see what error messages did you get. Or faster open a ticket on ticksy with your installation URL. Thanks.

Following your instructions I discovered that the images were not being saved in “Uploads” folder, and saved manually resolved. Thank you.

Are their custom skins available for the Google map?

Hi, in update will be 2 variation. (gray / and one more). Thanks.

We want to do a parallax effect on an internal page as well. I’m looking at your example but I cannot seem to make the images the full width of the page. Nor do I see how to change the speed.

[parallax image=”/wp-content/uploads/example.jpg”]

Hi, i don’t see a purchase badge, but you have a speed parameter. Full width template in first update. Thanks.

Thanks. When do you expect the first update?

Hi, max 2 weeks. Thanks.

How can I get the LayerSlider to work? Purxhase code is invalid? a3ad6c89-f3a2-4739-a55c-e007e9f94269

Also please let me know how to get rid of the pattern above the images. Thanks,

Hi, the code is for auto updates – you should be fine with your current version (we always put the latest Lauyerslider revision in each Eleven update). Regarding the pattern- just uncheck Use pattern on site section . – Thanks.


I have a question.

I can’t activate my “Twitter feed” however. How can I connect it ?

Thanks you so much for your help and response.

Best regards


Hi, use this shortcode [twitter-feed account=”envato” limit=”5”] – you need to insert your twitter id without @. Thanks.

Thank you so much, now it works :)


I have a problem. I create a blog part for my website

-> here the link :

But, if you want to read an article, it is not mine which appear on the home page.

For exemple, I have created an article instead of “Youtube Video Post”, but it is not my vid which appears.

Haw can i fix this please ?

Thank you so much for your help and response.

Best regards


Hi, please open a ticket , with access to your installation. Thanks.

Hi, I am trying to center “in-slide-content” on the home slider page and I don’t know hot to go about it.

I am using CSS Override to override the ” .in-slide-content” for the page

.in-slide-content { bottom:300px; left:50px; margin-right:0%; z-index:1001; position:absolute; width:45%; text-align:center;

and this is not working… With my limited knowledge, I don’t know what to do next. Please help.

Hi, do you want to center it vertically and horizontally ? Open a ticket on ticksy with more details and a URL. Thanks.

Hi, i’am a newbie. I have purchased the theme and i have the following question: I intent to use the site and especially the blog to promote a book-project.

How is it possible to display recent blog-posts in the awesome news carousel? Is there a possibility to tag the news items? Or is it possible to display news items in the blog-template?

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible in current configuration. The news carousel is used only for displaying the custom posts from News section. Thanks.

How can I prevent a specific portfolio category from displaying on the home page?

This problem stems from an issue we are seeing when the portfolio pages are accessed directly. When you return to the home page to and proceed to open the projects utilizing the colorbox it seems that jquery is caching or something in IE only. When you open the previously directly opened projects you see a smaller version of the header and footer and the display is not correct. We have been working for days to find a fix and are desperate for help. It has been 5 days since I have opened a ticket with no response this is quite odd as we are willing to pay to have the problem corrected ASAP.

Hi, could you please give us a link to your ticket ? Thanks.

Hi, I tryed your example on my Nexus7 (2012) the portfolio doesn`t work perfect. the pictures are not responsive :-( aditional there is a big black part, if you scroll down.

Hope, it would be better next time – I like your design, but need more usability on mobile devices


Hi, if you referring to colorbox modal when you switch tablet orientation – it’s a colorobox known issue (but we’ll find a workaround). Apart from that – the black block does not appear on my Nexus 7. For Eleven V135 we added a lighter simpler lightbox especially for mobile users, and a project expander script which opens in same page. Thanks for feedback , this help improve our theme.


A pre sales question:

I see a withe area (about 700 px) in de home slider in my browser (chrome). Whats that?

Greets Tim

its with all the sliders

Hi, just tested all working fine here with Chrome 31.0.165 - You could try broswe for a test in incognito mode CTR+SHIFT+N, or clear cache. You can see exactly what’s in that area using chrome inspector in your browser. Thanks.