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Hi! I’m having problems with the NEWS pages. When I try to open it, the page are fully scrolled down. Here is the link to the website: Thanks!

Hi, could you please open a ticket on ticksy with acces to your installation ? I think is related to some styles you used on H4 – for a test you can try and move the news shortcode in first section. Thanks. Cosmin.

done. thanks.

Solved. Thanks.

Good morning,

I have a question : Is it possible to insert the map module with different markers location?

Or insert several map with, for each one, a different X,Y location?

Thank you for your answer

Best regards


Hi, in the current setup is not possible . Thanks.

Ok thanks for your reply


I have an other question. Can I insert a Captcha in the contact section to avoid spams ?



Hi, the simplest way is to use Contact form 7 plugin in conjuction with the code we gived in documentation. From there is simple to add Capthca in contact section. Thanks.


I’m considering purchasing your theme. In the portfolio section I would like to use video instead of photos as in the demo. Does your theme support Vimeo video?

I like your social images, but do you have images for imdB?

Thanks. Best, James Wicks

Hi Hector I noticed that each time I resize the window – the web site refreshes. How can I disable this function? Thanks GUy

Sorry – I was logged in with a different user :) Still the same question as above – I noticed that each time I resize the window – the web site refreshes. How can I disable this function? Thanks Guy

Hi, this is not default behaviour – check the demo site. try and dezactivate one at a time the plugins you are using to see if it’s related to one if it. If still have issue open a ticket on ticksy. Thanks.

Solved – visual composer was the issue!

Hi, I’m not sure how to apply the animated scroll to buttons created with the [button] shortcode. Can you help?

Hi, by default the button does not have scroll animation – but i think it can be done with a small code modification. Open a ticket on ticksy with your url details. Thanks.

1 minute ago Flag Edit Hello everybody,

I have a problem :

I lost the carousel in this section :œur-de-lactualite whereas I don’t touch anything in the editor.

What’s wrong ?

Thank you for your help and your reply. BEst regards


Hi, check that you have closed all tags in news item content – first two items (you should try and remove the strong tag) see screenshot , If you still have issues open a ticket on ticksy. Thanks.

Hi there I sent you a few emails yesterday. I would really appreciate some help with your theme please! I cannot perform the simplest of functions and suspect it’s not working properly. The emails were from Please help! Thank you. Dan

Hi Dan, we have a support forum here please open a ticket. THanks.

Hi Dan, just checked your email, have a look over this . In this theme you have a separate Site Section area from where you manage everything related to main page layout. We can setup the theme for you it’s a 5 min job (including demo install). Thanks

HI: I have some trouble with Layerslider. I installed the plugin, created one slider, and, when i go to put the shortcode at the theme option, i saved it, BUT, it returns to default slider that is [full-slider] and the layerslider that i created, doesn`t show. Am i doing something wrong?

Never mind, problem solved. Thanks anyway

Having trouble with the menu…How do I make an external link open in a new window?

Hi by default external links opens in same tab. Open a ticket on tiksy with detail to your installation to modify. Thanks.

Hey there! I’m using wordpress 3.8 and it looks as though the contact form has gone awry?

Apart from this one small hiccup, this is a ripper of a theme!

Hi Thanks, open a ticket on ticksy with access to your installation – it’a a 2 minute job to make CF7 look like original form. Thanks.

Fixed perfectly. Super fast work that’s very much appreciated!

Hi, I have create a child theme but style.css dosen’t work! Eleven support Child Theme?

Hello, id like to add some translation flags on the main menu bar, but i can not find in which file i can edit php thank you

Hi, please open a ticket on with more info. Thanks.

Hi, you can adjust parallax speed for each separator individually in site section area If you have further question open a ticket on ticksy with more details. Thanks.

Thx for answer but sorry ClaPat : the home page isn’t in the “Sites section” / no “abouts us” but in “Theme Options / General settings”

ok /I open a ticket on ticksy with more details. Thanks.

Hi, if you are reffering to home parrallax you have a speed parametere for shortcode. Waiting for your ticket. Thanks.

Hi Clapat i really love this minimal elegant look perfect fro a graphic designers work. I have some questions. 1. I noticed no matter what mode you are in whether default or layer slider,etc. when you go to portfolio i would like to see more image utilizing the screen and i have no need for a big descriptor white band across bottom at most a white thin band that could accommodate 2 lines or 3 at most in height. is this adjustable, in other words the portfolio pictures come in almost full screen like the scale of your full bleed beauty shots when you first reach your landing page. 2. i always liked the simple dissolve of one photo to another, again on yor home/landing page but i really can do without those 2 arrows on the right side of the screen. can they be removed yet still have the dissolves from one photo to another. only designers are fussy about these things. i was about to buy another theme forest site, but this one really grabbed me except for all the real estate the descriptor gets in portfolio. hope this is adjustable and won’t be a deal breaker for me cuz i’m really liking otherwise! thanks-

When you say the update is that coming soon or 1.3? and by expander version for portfolio do you mean photo box is larger than current (1.3)? Pardon my confusion And lastly is it compatable with 3.8. either current eleven1.3 or if i understood the updated version which sounds like a coming soon? Help? I think this theme is well designed. Its hard to find clean yet exciting

Hi V1.3 is current version what you see in demo. Photo box for expander is the same size like current version – this is in the upcoming update. Fancy box – which is also in next update will have larger image but no text. Thanks.

Thanks clapat, fancy box would be in the upcoming update. would that require repurchasing? and can i get started today with V1.3 with wordpress 8? Thanks again-Kevin


i am getting this error when i activated this theme

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CLASS in /home/content/48/11843048/html/innlove/wp-content/themes/eleven13/clapat/class.widgets.php on line 1

Hi, if you uploade it via a FTP clients check that you dont have activated option to normalize line ends , or use BINARI/ASCII option – or just upload it via WP interface. If you still have issue pass us your url on ticksy and we can install it for you. Thanks.

how do i pass the url to you can you please explain


I have just bought this theme and installed version 1.3 on wp 3.8. After installing the theme I get a full white screen (body == empty). Are more people having this problem?

(Update: After a second clean install of wp 3.8 I installed the layerslider plugin before installing the theme. Unfortunately this didn’t work either.)

Can’t wait to use this great template!

Hi , please check the docs, and video tutorial. Probably you missed a step – setting a page with responsive template as Front Page (by default WP is setting the blog as Front Page). If you still have issue allow us access to your installation on ticksy. Thanks.


Fixed the issue. I think something went wrong with the upload of the files. Uploaded the zip file through wp upload instead of through the ftp client and it worked!

Great theme btw!


I’m a bit confused about how to add NEWS. In the documentation it says: Parameters: category, items, limit, type(Default: post), title; category=post category you want displaye; Items=id’s of items; limit=nr of posts diplayed; title=News heading title. Example [news title=”Read Our News”]

1) There is no option to assign a category to the News pages. If there is, I can’t find it. 2) How do I find the id’s of the items.


Hi and sorry for delay, 1. From V1.3 news are just Custom Post – as we have a full blog with category etc. 2. Check here , or simpler if you move the mouse over Edit, a link containtng the post it is diplayed in browser boottom bar – see screenshot. Thanks.

How can I disable comments on posts? I am trying to get the pages to look more like pages and not like blog posts.

Hi you should disable the comments for the post you want through worpdress option. Check that you have Comments box activated ( , and after that just disable comments ( We have in upcoming update a full width, and a template with left and right sidebar. Thanks