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I’ve just purchased ‘eleven’ via Theme Forest. When I try to upload the theme on Wordpress it can’t find the theme. I don’t have any html knowledge and thought once I’d purchased it I’d be ‘ready to go’ as previous themes I’d uploaded via Wordpress.

Hi, the process is mainly the same – only you need to set as front page a page using Responsive Template for more info see the video screencast. If you still have issue open a ticket on ticksy with your credentials and we’ll set up the theme fore you. Thanks.

Hi there! Just purchased this theme and I like it so far, but i’ve got a problem. I changed from full-slider to layerslider, but somehow there’s a white frame around the image (after I changed, this frame is not when I use full-slider!). And also, the image has a wrong resolution. But i can’t find any options for frame/size.

Well, I just found the solution for the frame (layerslide genreal options -> skin: noskin). But the picture is still in a strange resolution, looks like it’s also zoomed in somehow.

Hi, pass us a link with your installation and credentials on ticksy to have a look. Thanks.

I’m nearly done with my site using the Eleven theme, and all of a sudden when I make a change to a section and hit save, it tells me that ‘Sections failed to save or not changed.’

I first noticed this when I tried unchecking the ‘Use Pattern Above Separators’ box, but now even when I try and change content I’m getting this error.

Any help?

Hi Erich, answered on ticksy. Thanks.

Hello. I’ve been trying to input the correct coordinates for my map. In doing so, the map has completely disappeared. LOL.

What did I do wrong or … what do you recommend I do to fix it?

Hi, this ussualy happens if you use special characters inside Marker popup content. (Probably you use ’ – try and replace with \’ ) If you still have problems we can solve it for you on Thanks.

Hi everybody and Happy New Year :)

I have a question about the blog section :

Can we integrate the Blog section in the website. I mean, if you click on “blog”, don’t go on a new web page, and just stay on the main site ?

I hope I’ve been clear ;) Thank for your reply.

Best regards Alexis

Yeag great ! It’s awesome, I like it. Can you tell me more on this next update ?

Hi, should be out this month. Small bug fixes and modification, mail chimp plugin support with custom form, smooth scroll, video suport for separators, new menu on mobile, parallax section adjustments (position, size), full width page template, gray map color variation, masonry blog index shortcode, FA 4.02 update, etc . Thanks.

Ok nice :) I’m impatient to see that ! Thanks

Hy, In the “SERVICE” section on your template, is it possible to put a picture or change the actual logos which are on the left of “create project”, “online support”, “client delivering” and “discover ideas” ? hoping it is possible and if you can explain me how to make it. Happy new year and waiting for your answer. Thanks Morgane

Hi, if you are reffering to the element from screenshot , you can use a Font Awesome icon for it, or a image you upload to \images\services. The syntax for each option is in documentation. Thanks.

Hi, - Could you explain me how can I change some words which are in english for the moment and I will need to translate them in French, for exemple “All project” in the porfolio section or “home” in the content/slider ? I was able to make it for the rest of the words following but not those one. - I was able to change through the “apparence” theme option the grey veil in front of the image slider, by agreeing “don’t use pattern above home section”. How can I take this veil off the other pictures I have transfer in the “separator” section? - After downloading our Twitter account, [twitter-feed account=”@LImproviste77” limit=”8”] as explained in the documentation, the unit appears but not the tweets. it is normal? Thanks in advance for your answers and I am waiting for them. Best regards, Morgane

Hi Morgane. 1. To translate these string you need to edit the files directly – templateresponsive.php and class.shortcode.php – and locate the lines containing those word (i can give you exact location on ticksy). 2. In Site section area you should have and option dont use use pattern over separator. 3. Insert the Twitter id without @ Thanks. – if you have other question you can also contact us on Ticksy.


Quick question: I can’t seem to find where to edit the fill-in form under the contact section… where can you edit the fields?

Great theme btw!


Hi, you can’t edit the fields in built contact form (you can , but only by code editing ). I suggest to use the free Contact Form 7 plugin and follow this FAQ – . With CF you can modify/add fields as you want. Thanks.

Great, thanks for your help!

Hi, Is there any RTL files included?

Hi, no. Thanks.

i want video in home screen with menu in down as shown in demo, how can i achieve it

Hi, please have a look over this screencast. Thanks.


Very nice and functional theme ! I have a question: the maximage JS plugin does not seem to work on Android 3.1 default browser. The result is that on these devices, the homepage slider keeps blocked on the loading gif image, and no image loads. Is there a workaround on this issue?


Hi, we don’t have any Androi 3 devices to test it – You should try layer slider (included in package) to see if works on your device. Thanks.

Hi there!

How can I hide the number in a progress bar? When I built a progress bar with 80% for example, I just want the bar to appear, not (80%) as text with it.


Hi, you need to edit class.shortcode.php file located in Clapat folder – find this word “meter” should be around line 752 – and the replace la line below it with
<div style="width:'.$value.'%"><p class="white">'.$content.'</p></div>

thanks very much, worked perfectly.

Hi it’s me again!

How can I make my images in layered sliders undraggable? I know that the normal html command is “draggable= false”, but in the options of layered sliders I just find the option to insert a custom css.

Hi, give us a link on ticsky and acces to your instalation – also more info on what you want to achieve. . Thanks.

is it wordpress 3.8 compatible ?

Hi, we have customer using it with 3.8 – no problems reported yet. Thanks

hi ive purchased the above theme and am completly lost when i unzipped my theme file I couldnt find any of the folders that are in the online tutorials , can you tell me what I am doing wrong ? I’ve used themes before with no problems

yep downloaded correct package and that tutorial is too out of focus to see what the user is doing . Can you refund my payment please ?

sorry just figured out my mistake please ignore the last comment

Hi, no problem. Also the tutorial is full hd (1920×1200) – you need to change youtube video quality . If you have any other question let us know (on ticksy or here). Thanks.

Whats with the weird resizing of portfolio images on mobile?

Fixes please?

Hi, what device(resoulution) are you using ? are you reffering to porftolio thumbnails or modal images? Please open a ticket on with your url / screenshot etc. Thanks.


In the portfolio section, how can I change the text on the button “all projects”, it doesn’t seem to be in the language pack. In which file do I look?


Hi, for this you need to edit it manually – edit class.shortcode.php file located in Clapat folder of your theme installation, locate this code

<li><a href="#" class="selected" data-filter="*">All Projects</a></li>

around line 300 - and replace All Projects with your text. Thanks. 

To much problems if you use this theme in Spanish lenguaje. What is the solution to use correctly for example: “Ñ” or “ó”?

Thanks ;)

Hi, one solution is to put content into a page and place that page where you need it via page slug shortcode. If you are using for shrortcodes (our-team, portfolio) or for menu we already include a fix for it in upcoming update. Thanks.

Can we import any archive to have the same “Site sections” structure of your demo? Where can y see that structure? This section is really to difficult to define like de demo…

Hi, to replicate the section structure of demo – just import the settings – see this video If you have troubles – i can easily import / setup the theme for you. Thanks.

Hi, I have a trouble to edit the css file in Wordpress interface. When I try to edit style.css, the website automatically switch me to the login page of wordpress. Everytime… Could you help me please? have you heard about this problem before? many thanks.

Hi, you should edit the style.css file located in CSS folder. Also if you need only small modification you can use CSS overide box from Theme Option Panel. Thanks.


When I add a new Client, the image has a maximum width of 140px. How can I change this? I want to display logos that have widths up to 300px. Bigger logos than 140px are always cropped to 140px.


Hi, you should adjust the client div width – line 409 / line 419 (for hover effect) on your style.css line located in CSS folder , or via CSS Override box from Theme Option Panel. Thanks.

well i figured that, but thanks! but its not the solution i’m searching for. now die client div has a bigger width. but the img inside it still remains smaller

Hi, please open a ticket with your url info, and the larger logo image uploaded to have a look. Thanks

Hello ClaPat,

I’ve purchased this item a while ago, everything works like a charm. Untill today! The portfolio items ain’t loading?! Check to see the problem. I don’t know how but they just ain’t loading… Maybe because of the last update? Can u help me out here… Thanks!


Hmm I disabled all plugins, after that i enambling all plugins again; now everything works… I still don’t know how i solved this issue?

Hi,if you have issues again try and disabled it one at a time. Thanks.

oke thanks!