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Hi, i’ve got a problem with my portfolio items. i added another item and the displayed picture on my website is bigger than the other ones. the height is bigger. how can that be?

Hi , open a ticket on ticsky with your url. Thanks.

Hy, We would like to have some information concerning the section “newsletter” in this template. when we enter an email address, we can not figure out where goes the email of our guest or how to retreive. for example, if I enter my own address, i do not receive any confirmation and we don’t know, as administrator, how to get it or where it goes. It’s very important for us to be able to send mailing or just the last news to our guests who subscribe to our newsletter. Also it is possible for us to later create e-mailings or newsletters and send them to a list of guests (newsletter subscribers or companies or VIP Guests…)? waiting hearing from you, Best regards Morgane

Hi, the newsletter is just a customized form – is thought to be used in conjuction with newsletter plugin, or soon with mailchimp plugin. Thanks

hi, i changed the news section into my personal stuff and now the news section is no longer centered:; why? as well i have no options to scroll to the different news items at my website and when you go into “detailed view”, you have to scroll to see the content.. / first screen is black. I do not understand what I did wrong.. could you help?

Hi, we checked – it seems that something in content on news is breaking the structure. See screenshot – there should be an li aswell. I think i related to some strong tags maybe unclosed ? could you remove the tags and check again. If you still have issues open a ticket on ticksy with access to your installation. Thanks.

is it compatible with wordpress 3.8 yet? i’d love to buy it! thanks

Hi, we have customers using Eleven with WP 3.8 without problems. Thanks.

Hello everybody.

When I write an article, I can not choose anymore the kind of publication. I mean, if I choose “Photo” for example, nothing happen, I can not upload my photo on the top.

I do not have the frame that corresponds to photos, videos, quotes, etc.

Thank for your help and your reply Best regards


Hi could you please open a ticket on with your url and access to installation and we’ll have a look. Thanks.

Ok thank you

Hello Clapat,

I have a small problem :)

I have integrated an iframe on the homepage (height=”700” width=”600”), but it seems blocked with others sizes.

How can I get the iframe with the sizes which I want ?

Thanks for your reply Best regards


Hi Alexis, responded on ticksy. Thanks. does not exist. There is another file in “plugins” called “”, however it can’t be installed… What to do?

Installing Plugin from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin… Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /customers/f/9/e/ on line 628

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Hi, plase follow the tutorial from here – . Also you can upload the plugin via a ftpl. You should install the archive with installable (located in main zip file along with other files). If you still have problems we can install it for you. Thanks. Cosmin.

I’m curious how to actually get the comments to work in the News section once it loads. I see mock comments in the window and a button to Leave a comment but nothing appears even when I have the file loaded to my server.

Hi, i think that you are using the HTML version of Eleven ?

Yes but there are also Java, CSS and php files included Im using. Color version and all included files.

The blog is not functional in the html version. You can not add comments dynamically

Hi, What news/fixes with the version 1.4 ?

please ;)

Hi, just updated the Theme page with info about update fixes and features. Thanks.

Hi I just bought this, but I can’t seem to find the xml for the demo content, where is it located I only have these folders -documentation -licensing -plugins -eleven135


I’m also getting this error when I activate the theme

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CLASS in /home/zivotaes/public_html/zivota/wp-content/themes/zivota/clapat/class.widgets.php on line 1

I was going to upload the theme via wordrpress but I don’t have the theme in zip format, can you help me please, where can I download a complete package?

Hi, yes the settings and xml are missing – our mistake – give us an email and i’ll email it ASAP. When you download the file also download the installable package this should upload without issues. If you still have problem open a ticket on and we’ll install it for you. Thanks.

hello, I have a doubt before buying

necessary that the portfolio is 3 per line, then the case is as fullscreen portfolio, each portfolio would have a more “rectangular” format

no way to do this?

thank you

Hi, the number of portfolio columns can be easily adjusted – but displaying wide format thumbanils require some code modification. Thanks.


We have purchased this theme, this is a great job!

I have on question though : On internet explorer, there seem to be an issue on first load (only). Some of the scripts do not load (isotope, colorbox), which results in the portfolio not resizing and items partially loading via colorbox.

This scenario occurs only if you have some add-ons installed on IE, Avast Online Security in our case.

It also occurs here on your demo site:

I know this looks like an isolated issue, however do you think there could be a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance, Etienne


Please open a ticket on and give us more details and your website url. Thanks


I wants to remove buttom ’All projects’ and make any other project as default button. We have 12 projects (12×25 pictures) and ”All projects’ by default make this section too long… We prefer use particular project as default button.

It s possible ?

Thx in advance

Hi replied. Thanks

nice job ! thank you very very very much ! bravo


The demo files are missing!!

I saw that you already confirmed that issue. Why are you not fixing the download file then?? Or at least post a link to the demo files here!

I wrote to envato-support two times about this, without response!

This is very annoying and is costing me many hours of customer support…

Send me the demo files to


Was fixed second day after the update. Please re download again the main file. Thanks for understanding!

How activate and where the fallback image for mobile device? Thanks in advance

An example?

In the general setting…in the page

Hi, check here . If you have problems we can help you further on Thanks.

Hello. How can i use special characters in Member Information (Member Title)?

I want to use “Sócio Diretor” but its showing Su00f3cio Diretor.


I figured out. I use HTML code in the field and it works.

Sócio Diretor



I just bought the theme Eleven, and followed your instructions, all is installed, but still the site is not looking like your demo page, how come??

please have a look at

Best regard

Morten Knudsen

Hi we are not allowed to include the images from the demo into pacakge – you have placeholders instead. Thanks.,

I have issues with the News Item. Can you help me to fix it? 1) The carousel don’t work 2) If i klick on a News. The first screen is black and i must scroll up. Thx

Hi, 99% this happens when you have unclosed tags inside the news content. For a test remove strong tag if you have any. If you still have problems provide a link an we’ll have a look as soon as possible Thanks.


can i include shopping cart in this website

Hi, there is no support for e-commerce.

can we install woo commerce and try ourself

Hi, sure but we did not tested with woo commerce, and we are not aware of other users using it. THanks.