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Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks !

Great theme! I want to purchase but have a question first: the homepage full image parallax doesn’t seem to work in the example. When you scroll down the page it looks like it starts to work but not sure. If you can show me this working I’d appreciate and will purchase! Thanks!

Okay, I just tested it in a couple of browsers and don’t really see the effect until the image is almost out of the screen. I do appreciate the quick reply!

Just for clarification – I’m talking about the very top image after you choose parallax in the side options menu. Thanks!

Yes, that image. If you buy the theme, open a ticket on our forum, and there we will tell you how to modify the speed. Cheers!


I am wondering if there’s a way to make the twitter feed filter out @replies.

Hi, we’ll put it on the new feature request list.

Thank you!

in the NEWS posts.. is there a way to link to the post?

going there it’s an ugly page… can that be fixed? so we can be able to send links to our news pages on social media…

What about social “like” and share buttons? will that be added?

Hi, This theme was thinked to load news inside modal, if there is enough interest we’ll make a classic page post, and add like/share butons.

major issues with your menu when viewing demo on an iphone 5 in safari, take a look. otherwise awesome!

Hi, can you give us a screenshot on ticksy ? Thanks.

Hi, Very nice template. I am considering purchasing it. Is this template vendor locked or can I add functionality to it? Regards

Where can I rate the product?

Another question: where/how can I replace the map under “Contact”?

Hi, found the answer to my question regarding map update under “Contact”. Maybe an idea to update the documention on this. The location coordinates can be found by going to Google maps. Typing the location and by right clicking the red “A” pin displayed on the map and selecting What’s here?, Google Maps will automatically display the (latitude, longitude) pair in the Address search bar at the top of the Google Maps page. These coordinates can the be inserted under Appearance -> Theme options -> Contact settings

I like the theme very much but the navigation doesn’t work on OS with safari are there any bugfixes for that?

We’ll have a look, as soon as possible. Thanks

How customizable is this theme, can i imput my own logo and use my company colors in the theme

Hi, Yes you can upload your logo, and modify all colors and fonts.

I get kind of a flicker – (more a flash) when looking at the theme in Safari – and when it changes images on the slider—Is that just me – ?

Hi, you can also use LayerSlider for main slider, which is also touchenabled. Also we can try and disable the pattern on a demo site for you to see if that the reason for “flicker”

Sorry forgot to add that I see the “flash’ when viewing in full screen slider mode.

Good point from harikjr88 above. If the links to the news items are displayed correctly and social sharing buttons added I will be purchasing this theme.

Also, can a logo be added to the menu or does it have to be text?

Hi, already answered @harikjr88 question, and you can upload an image logo.

Also, the portfolio Items should have their own page when we need to link to it…

that’s not pretty at all.

Hi, as already told, it was designed to open within the theme page. But from that point of view you are right, we’ll put it on update list, so you can acces directly the project/news page and get the formatted page, this also will allow you use widgets etc.

Hi i’m about to purchase ti , but i have 2 more questions: is there any way to add a caption to the form entry fields so if there is any mistake it will be possible to display an error message showing users what is wrong?

I’ve noticed that once you have opened a portfolio item or a blog post, the page scroll is really huge and you can keep scrolling till the content itself is no more visible. is there any way to fix it?

Many thanks!! look really good good luck with your sales :D

Hi, about the contact form ? it has already field validation, but you should be able to use a contact form of your choice. About the scroll on portfolio / news , at this time no, as the script we are using takes into account the main page height.

My portfolio section does not reshuffle or slide when you click categories… Did I miss a step in the setup? I have each image tagged with at least 1 category. Thanks for the advice.

Hi, please open a ticket on ticksy, and we’ll have a look. Thanks

I did. Thanks!

sorry – but where is the documentation? !!!! the theme is emplty!

Hi, make sure that you downloaded the right file (main) which includes documentation and demo settings/content. Also on Eleven main page you have a link to online documentation and support forum. Thanks.

Great theme, just installed and works great!

Is there any way to add google analytics script? cannot find anywhere on WP C-Panel??

Hi, you can use a plugin.

I want to open a ticket on ticksy but I can’t find my Purchase Code. It must be right in front of me but I’m not seeing it.

Ignore my last comment. It was right in front of me. Anyone have an idea why I’m getting empty ”” in my Twitter feed? Thanks!

Hi, replied on ticksy, check that you have inserted twitter id without @ in shortcode.

Hi. It’s working. I actually had it written without the first and it didn't work. Added the and it obviously didn’t work. Changed it again and now it does. Thanks for getting back to me!

Can I have a logo as a PNG photo?


Hi, yes.