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Hi there, is it possible to have a better explanation about how to use shortcodes?

the documentations does not say much about it.

For example i’m not able to create button with the same style as the “forum submit” one.. any advice?

Is there an easy way to turn off the “overlay” on the images on the Home Page Slider? I would prefer to have the images show up as is without the black lines on top.

@JakofSpades , Hi sorry for delay, open a ticket on Ticksy, is the fastest way (we are also celebrating Easter). Also the following days we’ll update the documentation, including screencasts and all shortcodes with parameters explained. Thanks

@godotcommunications – if you want to have have full screen slider, just check “Don`t show menu above home section” option in General Settings page, or if you want to disable overlay on Main Section, you need a quick css modification – This option will be included also in next update. If neither of this helps, use Ticksy – fastest way also because.


Just purchased your theme – im toitally new to this wordpress thing but i catch on quickly.

I must say that he instructions aren’t too impressive and im having difficulty following.

After i installed the theme via the FTP it all seems well.. I understand that its blank. I tried to install the DEMO theme but still no luck.

For starters, your instructions state to “paste to content from demo file eleven-wp.txt, and click Import settings > Save settings”. THERE is NO file called “eleven-wp.txt” – are you referring to “settings.txt” within the demo-content folder?

when i do use the settings.txt it still doesnt show up properly.

Pls help

Hi, we are updating documentation, it will include screencasts, maybe this could help you, , also we have a support forum @Ticsky . Thanks.

Hi, How do I change [twitter-feed account=”envato” limit=”8”] in such a way that it will show my own tweets from my account?

Hi, replace envato string with your own account id (without @). Thanks

Hi, Just dit that. Maybe good to add to documentation that one first needs to go to Then create there a Widget and once this is done the “user name” and “id number” can be determined. Id can be found in the just created Widget URL: I now have the following short code: [twitter-feed username=”Username” id=”YOUR_WIDGET_ID” limit=”8”]

Thanks but i followed the video and when i uploaded it – i get this error:

“The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini”

any ideas?

i followed your video and i incorporated the FTP upload instead of the web one.

It now works – i must say that im pretty angry that i lost 5 hours of my day today trying to figure this out – if youre going to sell something, make sure the documentation is up to date dude!

Hi, glad you could install it, max_filesize, limitation is from your wordpress installation, nothing to do with the theme. Installing the theme still require some basic wordpress knowledge, also we are in progress of making screencast for all basic operation, which would hopefully help. Thanks.

Hi, I want to change the following text in the Portfolio related pages: 1. “What we did” 2. “All Projects” (button text)

How and were can I edit the text of both items?

Hey…I am almost ready to buy…but need to know if I can add a dropdown to the subject field for the contact form?

Not out of the box, but you can use other contact form plugins if you want.

Sorry…a couple more questions..Can I add more social media icons? And can the social media icons be added to the header?

No, but we added new feature request list.


When will the screencasts be completed?


Hi, Most likely tommorow. if you have some urgent question, feel free to post it on forum.

I still haven’t received input on the following question: How and where can I edit the text of “What we did” and “All Projects” (button text) in the Portfolio related pages?

Hi, sorry missed your question, open a ticket on ticksy, it require some file editing. Thanks.

Hi, Thanks. Was able to edit the text. Used Agent Ransack to locate the files containing the text.

How can I remove the “View Details” in page “Services”?

Hi – i cant find the slider zip!! could you please email it, or tell me where this is?


Hi, please download the correct file (Main) it includes documentation, demo data and settings, and LayerSlider (in its own archive). Thanks.

got it.. thanks!!!

“Color and Background Color”

How can you add background colors in different sections?

For example, in your demo, In section, Meet Our Team, color is grey In section, Our newsletter, colour is red In section, Footer, colour is dark blue

The documentation is good but it is not so detailed for a beginner as I am so it is hard for me, hope you understand.

I am looking forward to getting your help soon!

Have a good day!

P.S. I already open 5 tickets on ticksy. I understand that you guys are very busy, just hope you have time to answer other questions too.

Hi, we’ll have a look at the tickets ASAP. Ps, it would have been easier, just to open 1 ticket with 5 question in it. Thanks.


Purchased the theme and like it. How do we get the granulated cover on the slider images to go away?

Hi quick fix, you need to edit the style.css file located in CSS folder, go to line 309 replace this #index .pattern { z-index:1000; } with this #index .pattern { z-index:1000; display:none; } let me know if it works for you, also, this is on update list, so in next update you will be albe to de-activate it directly from Admin Interface.

thx hector!!!

it worked hector thank you

Hi I like your theme! Before buying it, I need to know if submenus are possible. Do you have an example page how submenus look like?

Thank you & kind regards


Hi, sorry no submenus possible.

Hello great theme ! is possible to translate this theme, there are any plugins?

in spanish maybe?


Thanks !

Hi, yes theme is translation ready, you can translate it using .poedit

ok thanks, you have the .pot archive ?

Hi, any tought on how to use accordion shortcode? I’m trying the structure below, not working.

title="First title"]First content/itemSecond content/itemThird content/item


Hi this is the shortcode syntax. [accordion][item title="Ttitle"]Your Content Here[/item][/accordion] Also you have a shortcode page in your demo content , and you have the shortcode generator – the E icon right beside superscrit icon in Wodpress Editor Visual mode.


How do you easily change the map details? i.e. what location the map shows?

Many Thanks

Hi, you have a section in Theme Admin Panel, where you input your data, i will give you a screencast link shortly.