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How can I remove the “View Details” in page “Services”?

Need to edit a file, added to update list – so you if no link is provided, not button will be displayed. But put question on ticksy to show how you can modify till then. Thanks.

“Add photo but not responsive”

Do I need to put in any code for an image? I add photo in my website and when viewing on iPhone, the photo is not responsive. Thanks!

Hi, if it works responsive in demo it should work responsive for you too. Give us a link on ticksy, to have a look. Thanks.

I wish you could have time to update the theme and its documentation!!!

Hi, the screencast are almost done, and documentation will be sended to validation tomorrow. Thanks

Hi, How can I make the newsletter register work??

Hi, You need to install your favorite newsletter plugin and complete the shortcode with info from that plugin (action url and field name) . – also post it on Ticksy.

How can I make the logo/menu box taller to accomodate those of us who have logos that don’t fit in your tiny given space? You told someone early to make it smaller but this does not work because it makes the text with the mark illegible. I’d rather just give it more space.

If you can point me to where it is in the CSS, I can do it myself. THX

Hi, you can add / modify CSS related to navigation bar, by editing the style.css file located in CSS folder , begining with line 249

Hola tengo problemas con el uso de la ñ, en el admin panel our team descripción

any idea why ?

Hello I have problems with using the ñ in our team admin panel Description

Hi, open a ticket on Ticksy.

the next update resolve this ? : You can now use UTF-8 for site sections title (not on section ID)

can you help me? my contact form not send mail.., if i click on submit the form validate the text but don’t send mail…


Hi, the contact form use wordpress built in mail functionalities, check that you have it configured correctly, if it sitll does not work contact us on Ticksy.

yes wp have right configuration. i try to open ticket

theres a lot of problems with the Ñ caracter, and i the language folder is empty, how i translate the theme?

Hi, you can translate using Poedit to generate your translation files, also in the first update mostly today, we’ll include the default.po file so you dont need to generate it yourself. Thanks

Hi can you please update the theme, there are alot of issues. I am yet to rate it based on this, if you can please provide more thorough documentation and a clean update I will give it 5 stars.


Hi, we will update documentation today, along with some small fixes and updates. Also there are some screencast here And for other issues you have Ticksy we have been a bit busy but still respone time average is good. Also most of tickets on ticksy were related on customization/not installing correctly rather than bugs/problems. Thanks. PS – probably the easiest way is to install demo content, and start from there.

Hi, is this template SEO optimized? or will it work with other SEO plugin? also I cannot view the demo on my mobile, is too slow… so I cannot really check if is responsive. (with my laptop works fine)

No, is not SEO optimized, but you can use other plugins. You can check how it looks on smaller devices by resizing your browser windows. Thanks

thanks, I am actually new to wordpress, do you have any recommendation? yoast? I am waiting for your update to purchase, I understand is new and still on testing phase…

Hello how insert video from vimeo in portafolio ?


When using a youtube video the youtube video is starting at 0:03 help? It’s not my youtube settings I already checked that.

@jmdp87, when you insert it as full screen video? It can be possible, because of latency between youtube and your pc. Else, if url is clean (only video id) should start from 00:00.

@Tommibruce, you can install any plugin you want, but as is a One Page theme, you will set only home seo keywords/description and on portfolio/news.


Hi, can i see a purchased Badge ?

I have not purchased the theme again.

Yes you can remove any element you want, NEWS section is displayed using a shortcode, and you can remove it also.


Hi, I get an error when I want to save my colour settings. It says: Warning: ‘file_put_contents’... ‘failed to open stream: Permission denied in’.... ‘on line 462. I changed the permissions on the server for the dynamic folder to 640. Even when i set to rights to 766 (writable for all) it still gives the same error.

Hi, try this select files from inside Dynamic folder, and set permission 777. If still you have problems open a ticket on Ticksy Thanks.

any known reason that the video header wouldnt load on ipad?

Hi, because the script we are using, but you can use LayerSlider for first section and emmbed a video, and should work. Thanks.


I’m interested in buying the theme, and I would like to know if I can have pages, that are not “onepage”, also.

Thank you.

No submenus, only external link possible on current menu setup. Thanks.

Ok, thank you. Very nice theme.



I love your theme. The only problem is that if I change the sections and try to save it it won’t update. I only see a blank page and no sucess message. Please help!



Hi, open a ticket on Tickys, with your URL to have a look. Thanks.

hello hector,

unfortunatly no response till now. could you managen to help me soon Regards,


Hi, will check on ticksy, on weekends we are free. Thanks.