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I know this isn’t necessarily the best venue for this question, but I’ve tried to contact you through Twitter and through the MOJO Marketplace where I bought my theme.

I’m using Reversi at http://isystemsweb.com. We have a funky issue on with the blog that I describe in this video, http://isystemsweb.com/files/isystems_blog.mp4.

Would you mind taking a look and lending your expertise on this? I have a very eager client who would love to get this fixed.

Again, sorry for posting this here, but it looks like this might be the only place you are responding.


Hi, thanks for contacting me.

I tried to recreate the same bug but I didn’t succeed using my demo see the link below Reversi blog post

Can you please send me a message with the log in information from my themeforest account.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for responding…I’ll send the info to you.