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nice job…it seems not to be scrolling well. Maybe it’s just me but when scrolling down the page in chrome it seems to be jumpy. Great design.

Thanks! I hope everyone don’t have this problem, for me it is working smoothly

Great work, unique ideas here, congrats :)

Thanks mate!

I like the design, it’s fresh and modern! Good luck with sales!

Thanks! Glad you like it !

Great design mate! I like the idea. Bonne chance!

Thanks! I am looking forward to see your next theme!

This theme looks great :) I think there is something wrong with the grey social media buttons because they look pixilated. Is there a way for the Menu to appear on the landing top page right as you enter the site? It only appears once you scroll down to the following section for me.

I tried to view the site on my iPhone but it doesn’t seem to work – it keeps refreshing on its own and you never really see the site. I’m interesting in purchasing this theme, but a functioning & quick mobile version is important for me. Thank you :)

Hi, thanks for your comment! What browser do you use? The menu doesn’t appear on the top section by default but I am going to add an option to make the user able to choose to show the menu from the top section.

Try to remove the themeforest top frame when you try to view the site on your iPhone or go directly to this link http://www.ryuka-design.com/Elevetis

Have a nice day!

how do you go back from portfolio item?

Hi, you can use the top menu to go back to the main page.

VERY NICE!! and #orchidaii it works great on my iPhone (thanks Ryuka for the drop down menu being a ‘smooth’ one, not the ‘pop out bar’ too many even great designers keep using.. and the way the logo and menu folliow down as you scroll, Grt work)

Thanks for your comment I really appreciate! Glad you like it!

Hey Ryuka …

You have my interest ,I’m gonna buy your theme … I definitely want to try it … good luck with the sale! ...Greetings from Belgium

Philippe …

Hi Philippe!

Glad you like it! The theme should be really easy to use! Thanks!



Love the theme but as for chrome it’s a little choppy.

Thanks! I am starting to think it is due to the demo options panel… thank you for letting me know!

Nice work :) GLWS

Thanks Designova!

Hey Lucas …

Here I am again, as you can see I bought your theme as promised … ;-) And honestly it’s worth the money ! ... I like It … Now I’m not so long working with wordpress ,so maybe it’s just me? But I’m having trouble with the revolution slider …at the home top page ! . At the moment I would like to add pictures,a get blurry picture, and can not make a choice … :-( where does it go wrong? , I’ve looked on youtube how it normally works ! For the rest, a super theme,and believe me I’ve tried a few ! ... lol

friendly greetings from Belgium .. Philippe

Hi Thanks for buying Elevetis!

In the first version of the theme I made a mistake and included an old version of the the slider which is not working with WordPress 3.5.

Uninstall the revolution slider and the theme from your website and re-download the Theme from themeforest and reinstall it.

The new version should be working just fine!

Sorry for the inconveniences

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a nice day!


Hello Lucas,

Very nice theme,

I’m interested in buying it Can you please answer me on the below

1 – Can I use the current background images you have? 2 – When you go to features, you will have a background image, can I do in all pages 3 – Logo placement, is it optional or only in the center?

Thank you

Hello, Thank you!

1- If by background images you mean the 2 background images you can use in the demo they are not include in the theme but I could sent it to you. 2- If by background image you mean the slider then yes, you can set a slider for all the section of the page. 3- The logo position is on the top left and centering when you are viewing the site from a mobile.

Have a nice day!

fairly flawed / slow / odd menuing / far from corporate

The response I a little slow due to the option panel. Thanks for taking time to share your opinions! Have a nice day!

I’m interested in this theme. The demo site works in Chrome (albeit a bit slow and choppy), but I can’t get it to work at all in IE10 on Windows 8?

Hi, for Chrome the demo panel seems to be the problem try this one ( http://ryuka-design.com/Elevetis_opt/ ). I just tested on IE10 on it works fine for me, did you have the compatibility view option set to off?

What garbage – I have been trying to understand how to make this work for the last 3-hours and i have totally given up. I am so pissed I couldnt be bothered asking for help or my money back.

What ever you do “DONT BUY THIS THEME”

Hi Rob, thanks for buying Elevetis. Did you read the documentation? If you read the documentation and still doesn’t understand what you are doing wrong then do not hesitate to send me a message! If you didn’t read the documentation then please read it.

Have a nice day!


Love the theme. Everything seems pretty straightforward, but I’m having trouble getting the logo to show. I uploaded it (png file called “logo.png”), but… nothing.

I’m not seeing in the code where the call is for the file, either. ???

Thanks for your help!



I would not recommend the theme because asking if I can upload my logo to the homepage where the theme name appears is as ridiculous as asking a car dealer whether the steering wheel is included. Some things you just assume because any reasonable person would assume it.

I’m also not thrilled with your snippy attitude, so no, I would decidedly say STAY AWAY FROM THIS THEME AND THIS DEVELOPER. The worst experience I’ve had on ThemeForest.

I’m only using this theme because my client (reluctantly) said fine just to avoid delays. Neither of us is in any way happy with it at this point.

Ok… For anyone thinking of buying this theme, if you have any questions please ask me before buying. Thanks in advance have a nice day!

Version 1.1 is out you can now upload a logo in the home section.

Hi, when will you be adding to allow the menu to appear at the top of the page instead of having to scroll down to see it?

Hi Rsee, I already added this option ( check this site for a example : alternative demo ). I also added the option to add a logo in the home section. I will add a change log to the theme description. Have a nice day!

Thanks! That’s just what I was looking for. One more question—is it possible to show a portfolio of photos but not have them be indivdual posts with text info. I just want the “Sample of Work” to be a gallery of piuctures, no description is necessary. I’m guessing I need a plugin to do this, but I wanted to make sure the theme design would accomodate that aspect.

If you want to show a gallery of photos it is not impossible but you will have to do it manually, or with the help of a plugin. I can’t assure you that it will fit the theme but I may help you with that. Do not hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions!

Hey. My menu is showing up above the splash and doesn’t update when it scrolls down. http://www.youshouldworkhere.com/ What’s going on here?

Hi, Thanks for buying Elevetis! The link you are using in your menu is not linked to the section on the page that’s why it doesn’t update. When you are creating your pages set the page type as regular. If it still doesn’t work please send me a message with the access to your WordPress and I will check what’s wrong.


I’ve fixed a little bit. I’d really appreciate if you took a look, I emailed you login info. Thanks!

I just purchased this product. It’s a beautiful design with a very unique user experience. I had some questions before purchasing and found Ryuka Design to be highly responsive, professional, and courteous! They are easily one of the most responsive and courteous developers I’ve interacted with on ThemeForest and also the first developer on ThemeForest that prompted me to write a review! Great work guys! I’m really looking forward to using this template!

Hi, Very nice work ! I want to know if there is a way to optimize the sections for SEO,like adding the name of sections in the url for blog = http://www.ryuka-design.com/Elevetis/Blog..0

Let me know

Hi, thanks for contacting me. Currently it is not possible.

Have a nice day!