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Ok … I’m not sure why you’re not answering anything, but now I have a legitimate problem with the theme.

The portfolio page has stopped working entirely. I have followed your read me example to the letter, several times over. The portfolio page shows up on the home page, but any projects I create simply do not show up AT ALL. It doesn’t matter if I add an image to the project or just plain text. The only thing that will appear on the portfolio section of the home page is the “Load More” button, which promptly disappears when you click on it.

I have even gone as far as deleting the theme entirely and reinstalling it. I have no extra plug ins on the site except for what is required by the theme.


Hi There,

I see on the demo site you are using the slider, but what size are the images your using to get it full width of the site….I can see the images size actually when i firebug the site BUT how is it stretching? does the theme do this??

Scrap that last question….this is what Im trying to do, I have created a page and im trying to get a slide show going which looks the same as the one you have on your home page of the demo…you have an image which looks to be full width of the browser then you have what looks like the slidershow over the BG image..??

Cheers in advance


Hi! Thanks for buying Elevetis!

Which slider are you talking about?

The one on the top of the page or the one at the features section?

Please send me a message via my profile

Have a nice day!



Hi Lucas, I did send a message to your profile but i didnt get a response for some reason or another,

Im talking about the slider on the features page.


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Hey there,

I have exactly the same problem as “coderad” – the gray background for the page titles is missing. Did you solve it with coderad? What is the solution?


I just respond to your message, have a nice day!

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Hey, There is a problem when i have multiple tabs on the same page for example i want to make 3 sections one is 2 tabs and one is 5 tabs and one is 3 tabs, Anyways it duplicates the tab so it makes them all tabbed sections equal but with duplicated tabs.


Can you send me a message with the access to your WordPress so I can check what is wrong?


HI Lucas,

I have been building the site on a sub domain like mysite.com/newsite

Im ready to go live and I have replaced the old site with the new one but there seems to be a problem with menus, images etc…I have changed the wp-options table within the db to reflect the new site, ive done this a few times so im comfortable changing things within the DB.

Can you point me in the right direction please Lucas, as soon as possible would be great as well as Im waiting just on this change, im guessing its just a change withing the DB.


Scrap that last question, I just re-did the changes.

I do have one small annoying issue though, when I click on one of the menu items it scorlls down to the page but then leaves a little white gap at the top as if it is not scrolling all the way to the page if that makes sense,

How can i fix this Lucas??


Hi, sorry for the late response, have you the admin bar activated?

Please give me your website link so I can check what is wrong

Hey Lucas,

Im testing the rev slider and have created 2 test images for the slider, added a couple of layers and it looks great, the only problem is when I view it on the ipad the slider does NOT come responsive

Can you help with this? I tried themepunch support but you have to have envato license or something.




I am sorry it seems your message was in my spam box…

Will send you a message within in hour.

Have a nice day!

I am beginning to customize my site, and it seems as if all of the menu links are opening in their own new _blank page… None of the menu items scull when i click them in the menu header. thanks for any help.


Hi, thanks for buying Elevetis!

When you created your pages did you set the page type to external page? If you want the page to appear on the homepage you need to set the page type to regular.

Send me a message if it doesn’t solve the problem

Have a nice day!


Hello, I am begining to customize my site, but I got a little problem with your template…

When I create new post in editor I got option “next page”. Ok, but in your template I don’t see any navigation to next/prev page on single post.

I know, that It’s single page template, when I create “blog” page it’s ok, I can get more post by click.. U know.

But in single article there is no navigation. I tried:

<div class="navigation"><p><?php posts_nav_link(); ?></p></div> but it doesn’t work

Any sugestions?

P.S I don’t have “PUSCHASED” tag couse you’r template was bought from another account

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There’s a problem with the posts and pages, the text formatting doesn’t work. I can’t make the text bold, I can’t add bullets… even when I paste it from Word with the “Paste From Word” button.

Please advise.

Dear Ryuka, My name is Enrico and I am having big troubles in setting up your theme “Elevetis” I just bought. Basically it seems that either the parallax feature and the home slider are not working. I can’t even see the actual content of the home page. I also tried setting up a revolution slider but I ended with nothing. I followed with great detail your instructions but I didn’t manage to get the thing started.

I have sent you a private message with access details to the demo site. Could you please help us?

Thanks, Enrico

Dear Lukas, nevermind the message I sent you. I got the thing fixed: weird as it sounds, it was simply a matter of inserting some dummy content in the “Home page” page.

No idea how to use your design Template. www.brookshirepropertiesllc.com Could you help or offer design services to finish the job.



Hi RyukaDesign,

I think there’s a bug in the admin panel settings…

When I choose a custom header font “podkova” and save, it works.

If I go back to settings later “Abel” is selected (the first one in the list). On saving theme options again Abel is set.

How can we make sure Podkova remains selected?

Screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/2941113g3v0T




Hi Ben, thanks for buying Elevetis!

It would be awesome if you can send me a message with the log info of your wordpress so I can check what is wrong.

Have a nice day!


Le theme ne fonctionne tout simplement pas correctement sous WP 3.5.1 ! !!

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Hi Lucas,

I am having problems with the Portfolio page showing multiple images using the half width template. I noticed that your demo has the same problem… http://ryuka-design.com/Elevetis_opt/project/test-2/

Any idea what I can do to fix it so that the multiple images show up correctly and larger?

PS – This is happening on the latest Chrome. Firefox seems to work fine.


Hi, thanks for buying Elevetis! I thought I fixed this bug in the previous update. Search in the style.css for the #posts and remove the width:auto; and it should work.

I will post an update today

Sorry for the inconveniences!



Thanks, that worked!

Hi Lucas, I would really appreciate a response for the customisation Lucas, if you can or can’t do it, if you can’t do it then please just let me know.


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FYI – This theme contains a library called isotope, which requires a commercial license. It comes into play in the portfolio section. It would have been nice to know that up front, because I might not have bought it.

I spent a couple hours ripping it out and re-doing the portfolio section so it looks good, does not violate isotype’s license, and does not do an extra ajax call to retrieve the portfolio information.

My build also contained a missing image (white_line.png if I remember correctly, commenting that out of the css file worked fine).

I also had to work with the css to remove horizontal scroll bars that were appearing around 728px wide (think iPad portrait mode).

The theme is beautiful and works well, docs are good, there are just a few little details that need to be nailed down to make it production ready.


Thanks for buying Elevetis and thanks for your detailed comment!

Going to check about the white_line and the scroll bar on the portrait mode.

Thanks for your awesome feedback!

Have a nice day!