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Congratulations, this just looks great! I wish you continued success and even greater sales ;)

Thank you for your kind words !


i am very interested in purchasing this theme but your demo keep crashing safari on my ipad mini and iphone 5 ios 7.0.2. are there known issues?

Sorry for the late reply. I think it’s a problem with the demo option panel. Send me a message and I will give you an url where you can check the newest version of the site

Hello again! Is there any way to open links from the buttons in new tab?

Also I uploaded sample data to the site and now I am not able to replace the slider from the main page. I already deleted that slider from revolution slider, but it still appears on the main page. What should I do?

You need to remove it from the page option. For the buttons adding target=”_blank” should do the trick, send me a message if you still need help


I have just purchased your theme. I am very new to wordpress and themes etc. I have successfully installed the theme. Silly question but I have previewed it and the only thing showing atm the the about section. Not sure how it’s meant to work for example all the visuals appear and I just change content or I start by adding pages. I have put some things in portfolio and staff members and a contact area but doesnt seem to be showing up..


Just got to the documentation. I’ll go through that and let you know how I go Thanks

so I have gone through the steps of setting it up. My navigation is there and pages etc have been added however I can’t seem to see any of my content other than the about section as this was default anyway… http://www.jacreative.com.au/

Hello, I’m a big fan of this template! I purchased your template a while back (version 1.2) and would like to upgrade. How can I do that?

Hi, I’m planing to do a multi language site, do you have any good suggestion for switching language tab/drop down without breaking the UI?

Hi, the theme include the mo and po files so I think you can translate the theme easily

I just purchased the theme but can’t find the documentation. Can you tell me where the info is?

I’m having the same issues as JKate above me is.

Oops, nevermind. I found it.

I also found the documentation, went through the steps and the site does not look right. Nothing is being displayed on the homepage, even with the demo data installed.

Hi, thanks for buying Elevetis! Did you set the menu and the front page display setting? You need to set the front page display setting to your latest post. Send me a message if you need help


Where do we set the menu and front page display setting?

Have created a new menu named Menu One and dragged each page in the order I want the pages in. For front page setting I have made it static with front page as home… what does posts page mean though

says __MACOSX, Stylesheet is missing, maybe thats why. Just following a tute on how to relink it

re linked. things still not showing up please help

When I click one of my pages, it reloads to the page instead of scrolling down; is there a way to make sure it scrolls instead.

Hi, you need to update the your pages that were created before you installed the theme, check the documentation for more information

Have a nice day!

This really doesn’t help.

Every page is set to regular and it still doesn’t work.

hi Lucas

is there a way to add a background image to each page instead of the light grey background?



Hi Neal,

If you know a little css it is possible, check your page code and remember which id are using all your pages sections, then just add css proprieties

hi Lucas

is there a way to add a background image to each page instead of the light grey background?



Hello again! Is there a way to delete links from some of iconboxes?

Hi, You can do this by modifying the theme-shortcodes.php file

I so love the scroll movement of this onepager. is it easy to add additional menu slots ?

Glad you like it! Yes, you can do it easily using the wordpress interface

Clicking on ‘Home’ doesn’t take the visitor back to the top…in fact, it doesn’t do anything. What is the method for making the ‘Home’ link live?

i deleted the home page and installed a new one. now it works. help not needed. (good thing, since it never arrived.)

  [deleted, placed above as reply]

Hi there, nice theme! I would like to remove the background colours of the home messages that show on the slider. I just want the titles. Thanks,

Please I am still waiting for an answer…

add this to the custom_css from the theme options

.home_top_message,.home_middle_message,.home_bottom_message { background:none!important; border:none!important; }

Thank you very much :)

Hi there,

I am wondering if there is an easy way to add a comma on the Portfolio tags. For example, I have “photography” and “website” as tags. When displayed, it looks like it says “photography website” which is not accurate. This also affects the individual portfolio page as well. Is there any way to add a comma so that it says “photography, website” instead of “photography website”? Thanks so much! It’s one of my favorites. – Khai

In the blog.php and single-default.php change this <?php the_tags(’ ’, ’ | ’, ’’); ?> to this <?php the_tags(’, ’, ’ | ’, ’’); ?> it should do the trick

I made those two changes and it doesn’t seem to affect the portfolio pages. Can you take a look? The site is at: http://khai.co/#portfolio

Hi there,

Your Theme works just fine except for one thing. When I use the Column short Code….any text i type into the short code, the soft breaks (shift + enter) wont work! It works in the Post/Page editor, but the soft breaks won’t show on the published page.

Example: in Post editor it looks like like i want it:

“This is Line 1 This is Line 2”

on the published page:

“This is Line 1This is Line 2”

As i said, this is just happenig for text inside the Column-Shortcodes.

I disabled all plugins, problem still there. I disabled the Elevetis Theme an aktivated the Twenty-Thirteen Standard theme…Problem is gone! So i assume it must be an issue of the Elevetis Theme…

Any Idea what’s going wrong????

THANKS in addvance! cheers!

Oh and…Wordpress Version is updated to the latest. Your Theme aswell!

Hi thanks for the feedback, can you send me a message with your login info so I can check directly. Thanks

HI, okay message is send. Thank you!