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sorry this is my account that I purchase the theme , please need your support Urgently

I try to add text divider before the Portfolio but I can’t , how can I add it ??

Hi I depends what you mean by before the portfolio, depending on where you want to use the text divider you may have to modify the theme file, send me a message if you need more help

Hi! Thank you for this great theme.

I have a problem. I think the theme has a bug. When I go to a tag that has more than one word, the tag page is empty. For example: http://ir.uy/tag/medio-ambiente/ Instead, when the tag has only one word, it works fine: http://ir.uy/tag/justicia/

I tried disabling all plugins but the problem continued.

I think there could be a php error somewhere, but I can’t find where. Could you help me?

Thank you very much.

Thanks for letting me know about this bug, I will check what is wrong.

Thank you very much, please let me know when you fix the bug.

Hi, I am having trouble with my price table not showing, I have followed your directions but have no luck? www.crossfit3216.co.nz

Can you send me a message with your wordpress log in info, thanks!


I need your help. Can you tell me how can I use in my portfolio page the menu in order to have different categories of my work (for example art, illustration, photography…etc).

this is my homepage: www.pistachostudio.com and my email pistachostudio@gmail.com

Thanks a lot

Hey, I still have the same problem. I can’t figure out how to divide my portfolio page in different categories such as art, illustration, graphic etc… Could you help me with that please?? Thank you!

Hi you can’t have multiple portfolio, you can only have one with different category for each projects, I hope you understand what I mean

Hallo! I am trying to add portfolio items on my site and it does not seem to work. On a single portfolio page the main picture does not display (I add it as featured image, should I add it some other way?) Plus the page set as portfolio remains blank and does not seem to load all portfolio items. Thank you for your help.

OK. Portfolio seems to work all right now :) Sorry for bothering you. However, I have one more question: where do I configure the “subtitle” for the pages in the top menu? I mean Home/sweet home thing from the demo site. I just cannot figure it out… Thanks!

I found the same bug as BoneyBoy. Cannot save price tables :( Need them ASAP. Thanks

Hi I am travelling currently and wont be back to my main PC ( where I have the theme date ) until the 2th march.

I made a fix for the pricetables bug but it seems I forgot to upload the new version of the theme.

Please send me a message with the log info of your wordpress I may be able to fix it direclty from the wordpress editor

Hi there,

Great theme, but like many other we can’t seem to be able to get the Pricing Tables to work.?? Create, save… gone! Really need this sorting ASAP please as we are using this on a website for a charity music event and are hoping to go live this weekend.

Thanks T

Hi I am travelling currently and wont be back to my main PC ( where I have the theme date ) until the 2th march.

I made a fix for the pricetables bug but it seems I forgot to upload the new version of the theme.

Please send me a message with the log info of your wordpress I may be able to fix it direclty from the wordpress editor

Hi there, sorry couldn’t wait, had to use boxes instead which has actually worked fine. However we have another major issue – we need a gallery and according to an earlier post you said the use a gallery plugin – so we have – Fancy Gallery ( http://codecanyon.net/item/fancy-gallery-wordpress-plugin/400535?WT.ac=solid_search_item&WT.seg_1=solid_search_item&WT.z_author=radykal ) but it doesn;t work within your theme..?? Help please.

Hi there.. any news on the gallery issue please – we can’t even get the normal WP gallery to work within the theme.?? :-\

Hi!. I purchased your theme some time months ago.

My problem is this : On dashboard / appearance / theme options / home settings / Background Slider Image

i use a new slider, and fill the “Link URL (optional)” with a URL, and save.

But when i go to my site, the carrousel shows the image i want, but it doesn´t activate the link, so i can´t go the url i want.

How can i fix this? Thanks

Hi, thanks for using Elevetis!

Can you tell me which version of the theme you are using

Also it would be awesome if you can send me a message with the log info so I can check what’s wrong here.

Have a nice day!

How do you fix the map controls?

They are not showing..

Hi, in which browser do you have this problem?

Please send me a message.

Google Chrome.

Dude.. sorry but this is really bad.. You don’t appear to be supporting your theme very well, and there are a lot of issues that need addressing quickly.

1. Your theme appears to be preventing galleries (either the WP standard or 3rd party plugins) from working. We just can’t seem to be able to get a gallery to work inside your theme – If we install and configure one (such as Fancy Gallery ( http://codecanyon.net/item/fancy-gallery-wordpress-plugin/400535?WT.ac=solid_search_item&WT.seg_1=solid_search_item&WT.z_author=radykal) it either doesn’t work, or your theme just stops working.

2. Other well documented and supported plugins such as a countdown just don’t appear to work or even show up in your theme.

3. We can’t get the sidebar to work, nor bold paragraph text either – it’s as if the theme is just locking everything out.

I considerer myself a fairly decent WP user so can work out most things but this is proving to be a nightmare and we have to get this charity site up and running ASAP.

I know you were travelling but you said you were back on the 2nd March – it’s now the 7th and there has been no response from you. Looks like the last time you responded to anything was 2 weeks ago.

Please get in touch and fix these elements. Thanks T

Just replied to your mail.

Really interested in purchasing this theme, but I have a quick questions. Is it possible to use the slider feature at the top instead of the one in the demo (Elevetis – A Premium One Page WordPress Theme) with the black stripe?


Dear Ryuka just to say that this is a great project I just buy it and it is working like charm, but I have one request and one question, The question is (since I am not an expert) I don’t know how to add a slider in the blog section as the demo in the post Titled as Work by Alex Cherry is

And the request would be to ask you if you mind to save the settings for the slider in the Features Section, in order for me to load them directly to the Slider Settings,- because-, I am so interested in achieving the exact same look of the demo and then from there start my mods, don´t worry I have downloaded all the images folder, so Could you help me? Please.

Thanks for buying Elevetis! I have a catch a cold and I am not able to do support right now but I will help you tomorrow. Just to let you know that I saw your message!

Can you please send me a message with your admin and password, thanks

Based on your demo, do you Know why in the portfolio section when I click a link for example books the thumb in the gallery below the post publication is not displayed correctly? I have WP 3.9.1 and I am using the the 1.6 template version and also it is a night mare trying to remove a photo form the slider in a post,

there is no button or control to remove a slider even when I remove ALL the sliders int he slider menu, this a very nice template but is a nightmare to control it, I would love If I could have my money back, I now this not possible I am just saying what it would be great. The manual is absolutely useless and there is no functional way to add photos to the slider, unless you are a master coding and going to the hard code section, is a night mare and IMPOSSIBLE to remove a photo from the slider. and terrible support this is my first time bad experience from ALL of the things I have buy @ Envato.

Ryuka the problem has been solved and the problem was that the carrousel did not get the correct size because, all the photos need to be charged on the slider, if not the slider does not show the pictures correctly, but thanks anyway for the inexistent support, which it has been a good thing, because I have learn a lot of this extremely tricky template. bye bye.

Glad you succeed to do what you wanted, still have my email if you have other problems.

Have a nice day!

Thanks Ryuka I just received and see your mail, thank you for your help and support.


I am having trouble finding the shortcodes ‘menu’, in the documentation it says I have to click the ’+’ button for a dropdown menu in the visual editor.

But I can’t find the button in the ‘Wysiwyg’ menu (think it is some kind of TinyMCE thing, yes I am a beginner with wordpress, helping my dad with a wordpress site, he bought the theme).

Can you help me with this. Looking for the icon’s etc, and the code for dividers etc, don’t know where to look without that dropdown menu thing.


Hello, I purchased the theme yesterday and love it! The only thing I would like to be able to do is modify the portfolio. Currently it creates square images (cropping them). For my site they are book covers and I really need the book covers to show the entire image. They are always the same proportion though. How do I change the code or CSS to not crop the images?

Why there is no update since 12 August 2013?

Going to make an update tomorrow to make the theme working fully with WP3.9

Hello! Trying to import the xml file as per your instructions but it fails each time, I don’t even get an error message. Help?

Hi, thanks for buying Elevetis!

What do you mean by it fails?

When the import fails you should get a error message

Please send me a message with the username and password for your wordpress I will check what’s wrong

Here’s the issue:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Apache Server at intheshutterbox.com Port 80

Hello Ryuka,

I’m building a website for a client and kinda need your undivided attention at the soonest.

Seems all sections in the front page have shrunk after I disabled the Home page (changed page type to “External”) because the client prefer not to use the slider.

Although I then revert all changes, but situation remains the same. Any thoughts?

Take a look at the URL – http://elevetis.xt.my – WP v3.9.1

PS. I can see that you have not replied here for like over a month? Please be fair to all purchasers and provide the support they deserved. Peace.

How strange, it’s the first time I see this kind of website.

Please send me a message with the log in info so I can check what is the problem.


Message sent.

Hello, have you got a dummy content file like your demo ? thank you

Hi Laurent, thanks for buying my theme.

Yes you should be able to found it in the file you downloaded from themeforest

Search for a xml file in the documentation folder.

Have a nice day!

Hi! I just downloaded your theme and can’t get it to install on wordpress. The style.css stylesheet is missing. Please help me out?

(it’s in Dutch:)

Uitpakken van pakket…

Thema installeren…

Het pakket kan niet geïnstalleerd worden. Het thema mist de style.css stylesheet.

Thema installatie mislukt.

Enkele vertalingen moeten bijgewerkt worden. Wacht enkele seconden terwijl we deze ook bijwerken. Vertalingen bijwerken voor Akismet (nl_NL)…

Het pakket kan niet geïnstalleerd worden. Het thema mist de style.css stylesheet.

Vertaling bijwerken is mislukt.

Ah. Sorry… There’s a .zip in the .zip. Had not seen it, everything is installed now. Thanks!

No problem do not hesitate to send me a message if you got any problem

Have a nice day!

I can’t change my prices tables. I have create a price tables several month ago but now I can’t change it. I use 1.7 version of your theme, I ve just upload this update because I hoped that it solve this probleme when I read that you made a fix but I doesn’t work.

Have you any idea ?

Great work your theme ;-)

Hi, sorry for the late reply and thanks for letting me know about this bug.

I fixed the problem and will update the theme tomorrow!

Sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you. I uploaded Elevetis 1.7.1 and It works fine now !