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Do you include example data so we can set this up quickly?

Also can we have different background images and colors for each page/post?

Great theme by the way—very unique.


Sorry, just want to be sure I understand. I want to have pages and posts with different background colors for each page. Of course I can modify the CSS for the overall template, but do I have the option - perhaps in the editor window - to select unique background colors?

Thanks again—love this theme…

There isn’t an options to select a different color for each page. But it’s really simple. From the Admin panel you can add a CSS code like this one:
background-color: #000000;

So the page with the ID 23 will be black.


Great! Thank You!

Hi, are you sure the before/after viewer plugin is not sold separately as a plugin? I am going to purchase your theme but not for that feature, but I could have sworn I saw the before and after viewer somewhere I just can’t put my finger on it right now.


I never saw so if there is a plugin for WordPress. Because in my theme it is a shortcode that you can use on any page or post.

is it possible to move the header to the right or left and make it like a fixed pane?

Also is it possible to have the images on home page pop-up and act like sliders as opposed to links to separate page>


You can’t do those two thing by default. You’ll have to do it yourself as a customization.

Hi, Is there an option to add captions to full screen?


Not for now, there isn’t an option.

This is a really great site, but my photos aren’t displaying for some reason. I get ’?’ in Safari and ‘X’ in IE. I can see them when I upload them, but when I view the page, they’re not there. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you seen this info about Thumbnails problems: http://support.eneaa.com/basicdocs/#timthumb

I really like the theme, and all the gallery options, unfortunately i have an issue with the portfolio items, i added a new portfolio item and set the feature image and added the images that i want to have on the portfolio item page as galley, on the portfolio page i see the feature image but if i click on it, it takes to the portfolio item page how it should be but it shows on the page only the feature image (which is cropped and to large) and no gallery of the images that i uploaded on the portfolio item page. I followed the videos and help files but no change. If i upload to a normal page photos for a gallery and i use those gallery templates it works, but with portfolio item page is not.

Please help me with this. thank you


I would be happy to give you my login details if you could have a look


I have detected the issue : if i add a portfolio item with gallery to the default portfolio that comes with the theme it works, but if I create another portfolio and add there an portfolio item and do the exact same think it doesn’t work.

Please help


I get it.

You have to duplicate the file “single-portfolio.php” and rename it as your new portfolio. This is explained in the Documentation under “Create a Different Portfolio”

I’d like to add a background color or a semitransparent png to the header of the template to make the logo and the menu more visible in full screen gallery view. Which css do I have to modify?

Go to your Admin Panel>>Elitist>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
background: url(http://IMAGE_URL.png) repeat;
jmpey Purchased

I imported the xml content, but nothing appears. The home page is blank, and there are no posts, no nothing to refer back to. I’m fairly new at this, but isn’t importing the dummy content supposed to give me SOMETHING to work with?

Yes, it should. Send me a WordPress user to my email, I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

I would appreciate if you could answer to my replays


Done :)

Hi Nico, how can I make the flexslider/images around 700px in width and centered?


On which page exactly?


Love the theme, but I have a few questions: 1) I don’t like the navigation of the main menu points on the top of the site so much. Like “home” “contact” etc is written vertical. I would like a horizontal menu. Perfectly like in your other theme “exotico”. Can i change the menu into horizontal in the “elitist” theme?

2) In the “elitist” theme i love the way you can handle the portfolio, that you just klick on the image and you get to the page, where you can see all images from the one project and a little text on the very same page. That’s different in the “exotico” theme, so i can’t just buy the exotico…or can i change the portfolio there?

3) Can i remove that the whole portfolio (in “elitist”) images are grey, if there is no mouse on it? I like to see all images in colour all time.

Hope you understand me. ;-)

Thank you in advance.



1) Not by default, but you can if you modify the CSS code.

2) In the Exotico Theme you can also make the image point to the Item page.

3) Yes, you can with just a few changes.

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I am having trouble loading this into wordpress. It says the stylesheet is missing?

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description Elitest Stylesheet is missing.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!


Thank you friend!


thank you. That is great. Maybe i’ll need a little help with the change into horizontal menu later ;-)

ONE LAST QUESTION : When i open a portfolio Item Page for example “portfolio” “brandings” “somilier”, can i add a button that says next or prev. project? or even a “back” button? or can i see in the navigation menu where i am? Because in the live preview you have to start again in the main navigation: choose “portfolio” again and again “brandings” to get to the last page you have been.

Thank you so much! Stephi


You can add a back button to the Portfolio page, not the portfolio page with a category selected like “branding”

Hi there,

beautifull theme you’ve made. Ik have a strange problem. When i load the xml into Wordpress everything stays blank. Can you help me out? I will send wp login credentials to support@quemalabs.com. Thanks in advance. Is’s about http://www.beautyeyeshoevelaken.nl/

Grtz G

hi there,

beautiful and striking theme, elegant, nº1 on my wishlist for the site I am about to start developing.

one question though, might seem trivial but it’s not in my case, and I couldn’t seem to find the info before purchase, is it possible to have a video on the homepage instead of a gallery?

thx Christian

You can add a video as content in the Home Page and don’t use the Slider. This is the Home page: http://themes.quemalabs.com/elitist/home/

Thanks a lot for the superfast answer. I would have thought that much, but just needed to check (bit of a noob hehe). Greets from Barcelona (on a speeding train…) Ch


Thank you and buen viaje! :)

Hi!! Love your theme but, is it in Spanish? Thanks!


Si, lo puedes traducir al español con los archivos .PO. Igualmente la mayoria de los texto se traducen solos con la version en español de WordPress

thank you for your help, i have one more question, is there a way that i could change the size of the landscape images in portfolio items sliders, the portrait ones i managed to chenge in the code but i couldnt figure out how to change the landscape ones, they are to large like this and if i want to see the thumbnails at the bottom i heve to scrool down, will be nice if i could make them fit in the screen togheter with thumbnails. You can see here http://www.ukmodeladvice.biz/?post_type=extras&p=3790

i hope you can help me, thank you

Take a look att his post, the 2 last comments: http://support.eneaa.com/forums/topic/portfolio-images/

But remember you have to duplicate and rename the file “single-portfolio.php” for “single-extras.php” because that’s the name of your generated portfolio.


Thank you so much

Hello. Is it possible to comment every portfolio item on it’s site? In example http://themes.quemalabs.com/elitist/portfolio/lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet-consectetur-adipiscing/ – can you switch comments on? best regards


Yes, you can switch comments on in Portfolio items.