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Thanks for the info 2winFactor…I wish this was an easier modification for the coda slider, which is the slider I am currently using.

I appreciate your time!


Hi there, really like the template, a client would like to see borders on the left and right of the page though, that is, have the page appear to lift off the background. Is there an easy way to do this? Or, could you possibly do it for a fee?

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your question. That would involve some changes to the css, so there’s no push-button way to do it. I’m afraid I’m currently unavailable for freelance work, however, you may find a resource like http://www.tweakmytheme.com may be able to help!

Best Regards, Andre

For some reason, the portfolio section doesn’t appear to be working properly. new.anacore.com. Do you have any suggestions as to what may be causing this to skip columns?

Because of the row clears all of the descriptions need to be the same height. You can get around this, however, by defining a fixed height for each of your portfolio items. Try adding:

.image-grid li {

to the custom css box under Site Options > Customize. Let me know if that fixes the problem.

The portfolio li needs a fixed height to work correctly.

Hey Andre,

if I want to have one featuredbg image (background.jpg) for the home page, and a different image for all of the others, what is the easiest way to accomplish this??


Hi Zero1Niner-

You’ll need to do some template customization. Try adding a class to the featuredbg divs in the subpages, and putting in a different background in the css.

For instance, instead of:

<div class="featuredbg">

Have this:
<div class="featuredbg subpagebackground">

Then add
.featuredbg.subpagebackground {

to the css with your alternate background.

Cheers, Andre

OK. I attempted your suggestion, but it messed something else up.

Here is what I did. In the ‘elements.html’ page, I replaced

div class=”featuredbg subfeaturedbg”


div class=”featuredbg subfeaturedbg2”

Then added this to the ‘Skin.css’ file:

.featuredbg.subfeaturedbg2 { background:url(../images/skins/galaxy/default/background2.jpg) repeat-x center top; }

It replaced the background image OK, but it took away that white arch that covers part of the image. It just becomes a square image once I do this.

make sense? Any ideas?

Hi Zero1,

Instead of replacing css, add classes instead. For instance:
<div class="featuredbg subfeaturedbg">
<div class="featuredbg subfeaturedbg subfeaturedbg2">
Then add:
.subfeaturedbg.subfeaturedbg2 { background:url(../images/skins/galaxy/default/background2.jpg) repeat-x center top; }

Cheers, Andre

By the way, how do you paste code into these comments? When I left the <> in there, the code vanished in my post! How do I post it in the same way you did?

Simply use the tag


That worked perfectly!! Thanks Andre!

My pleasure zero1niner. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey Andre,

Im getting ready to go live with my site, and I was having some people to a bug check for me, and one guy that is running Safari 5.1 said the dropdown on the request a quote page was resulting in an error. Do you know if this is compatible with the most recent Safari browser?

Yes, the template is compatible with the latest version of Safari. It’s possible you missed a closing tag (if you edited the dropdown). Do you have a version of it live somewhere I can take a look?


My buddy (he is a graphic designer…pretty savvy guy too) is getting the error on your demo site page also.


He clicks on ‘Select a Service’ it just refreshes that page. No drop down appears, just refreshes the page.

He is on a mac pro, OSX 10 .6.8, and using Safari 5.1 (6534.50)

I am on an older version of Safari, and its fine on mine (version 5.0.6, OSX 10 .5.8). I dont have an intel mac running Snow Leopard, so I cant update to 5.1 to check it myself.

Do you have that version so you can check it out?

I did some research – it looks like it’s a bug in the latest version of safari:


It doesn’t like google fonts to be used with the dropdown. Try adding this as a workaround to the css:

.contactsubmit input[type="text"], .contactsubmit textarea, .contactsubmit select {
font-family: arial, sans-serif;

You could also remove the css border from the select box, too and see if that works. Hopefully safari will fix this bug in a future update as this is completely valid html/css. Let me know if that fixes it.


Where do I go to get help to modifly the slider?

Hi Cyber-

Which slider are you attempting to modify? Are you looking for help modifying slider functionality or modifying slider contents?


Hi again 2winFactor – is there a way to set the coda slider to rotate on its own automatically?


Hi Sarah-

Yes, there is. In custom.js, add those options to where the coda slider is called. Change:

if(jQuery() .codaSlider){     
            dynamicTabsPosition: 'bottom',
            dynamicArrows: false
to this
if(jQuery() .codaSlider){     
            dynamicTabsPosition: 'bottom',
            dynamicArrows: false,
                        autoSlide: true,
                        autoSlideInterval: 4000,
                        autoSlideStopWhenClicked: true

Let me know if you hit any bumps!


THANK YOU 2WIN FACTOR ! That worked perfectly – coda slider now automatically rotating!

One more question – on the homepage, can the side tabs be modified so that they link to another page instead of “link” to the tab content?


Hi Theresa-

I’m not sure. It may be possible but I haven’t tried that. Check out the Galleriffic Options for more information: http://www.twospy.com/galleriffic/


Also – I’ve tried to make text bold in the body of the site with tags, with no luck… How can I make text bold?


Try adding this to the css:

strong {

Let me know if that works. Also, some fonts also don’t have a bold option.


Thanks Andre – yea I think the Google API font doesn’t have a bold font option. As a solution I’ve been using

tags around the words I want bolded, after changing the CSS to the size I preferred.


One more question please Andre – how do I set the contact form email address? (Who the contact form email is sent to) I don’t see the code for that…

Thanks ;)

Hi Sarah-

You’ll want to open up mailer.php and quoter.php and change the email address within those files. In mailer.php I believe it’s line 71. Currently it says YOU @YOUREMAIL.COM.

Let me know if you have issues finding it.


Thank you Andre! Found it! I appreciate all your help and will be sure to give you a great rating! :)

Excellent! Thanks! :)

First off, great template.

I’m using the same index template as your example and I can not get the slides at the top to rotate automatically.

I’m sure it is something simple but I want to make sure i make the adjustment in the right place and I don’t want to mess up the work I’ve done up until this point.

Thanks for your help in advance!


Hi Ryan,

You can adjust autoplay by navigating to Appearance > Theme Options > Homepage and selecting “On” under the “Item Slideshow Autoplay”. If that’s not working, then it’s probably a javascript conflict/error and I’d need the url to take a closer look.


Sorry, I should have already said this. I am using the HTML version


Ah, I should have seen that. My bad. Open up custom.js. On line 100, in the galleriffic section, you should see a line that says:

autoStart:                 false,
change this to
autoStart:                 true,

I’m assuming you’re using the galleriffic(integrated) slider, correct?