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Support forum

Dear Customers,

I wanna let you know that we’ve developed new support forum for you. We will provide quick and relevant solutions on this forum. Please register here with your purchase code and send us your questions further.

We’ve tried freshdesk and vanilla systems previously for supporting system. But those wasn’t complete to manage and had some lacks for our needs. And now I hope this dedicated forum solves us all those problems.

PS: Your ordered issues will be answered asap.

Thanks for your patient and see you there. Best regards ThemeTon

Will there be an update for WP 3.9?

Theme doesn’t work with WP 3.9, I’m using the support forum but I get no answer (http://themeton.com/support/forums/topic/pagebuilder-is-not-functioning-correctly-since-wordpress-update-3-9/#post-1208)

So upset!

Hi, I’m just about to purchase this theme looks perfect for my business before I buy it just wanna ask a quick question about the slider. In the preview theres a video playing in one of the slider and I’d like to have a video added to the slider. Can I make the video screen size bigger then the one in the preview? (the laptop playing a video) because that view is small, if I can make it bigger would be perfect.

Please reply asap.

thank you


This is a LayerSlider. And you can change everything there for your need. Now there have mac frame image and video embed behind it. Set same size on video as mac display. You should resize that mac image or upload your own one.

You can get slider data when you’re purchased. Just let me know

Thanks a lot