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Still waiting on replies!! I still cannot hyperlink at all inside of page builder blocks. You’ve told me to update, which i have yet themeforest saying your last update was on 7th jan…

CMON people! I have clients unable to edit their content and you guys telling me there is no issue. Ive sent screenshots multiple times detailing the issue. I’ve tried unistalling all plugins and still no fix.

Step up.


Looking for a solution for this link issue. Will let you know when I found it. Thanks


Updated the theme please update there and get Link/Modal fixes for your site. Thanks


know that creating a page, and place the shortcut “column” does not work well, I can not add or edit text within the text already had.

I tested with WordPress version 3.8, 3.9, 40 and no work ..

help me please.

thanks and regards


First you should test it without additional plugin.
Then you can send us your login details on the support forum.


Emerald Update

= V2.6.0 - Mar 05 2015 =
    ADDED * : Page Builder disable option on Theme Options
    FIX* : Disabled dialog modal to allow Link and lightbox for PageBuilder editor
    FIX  : Improved Slider fetching of DB

If you have saving issue there, please leave a topic on the forum with your login details. We’ll check it soon and update the theme again with possible fixes. This issue doesn’t show on my side and I found a few people that uses some bad plugins but need to check

Thanks a lot

Hi, I really like this theme, there is also an HTML version? How can I buy it in HTML version? Thanks


Hello, I’m sorry it has WP version only. Thanks for your interest

This theme I like too! Do you know a similar theme but in HTML? :)


I don’t have an exact suggestion for you but I hope you can find your need from those 6k+ templates. Thanks


Sorry, What is 6k+ templates? i do not know :(

Landonw Author Team

I think he meant out of all the selection on ThemeForest :)