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Very Clean & Well Designed. :)

Thank you :)

Great theme, good luck with sales ! ;)

Thanks :)

WOW!! That Page Builder looks AMAZING (as well as entire theme AND FANTASTIC on iphone/mobile) What Can’t Be Done with THIS BEAUTY?! THIS is Next on my List for an upcoming web project!! Between Page Builder and all your incredible shortcodes and site style, seems ANYThing is possible?! (can you put diff backgrounds on diff pages? and is compatible w woocommerce plugin if I want to sell few products) THNKS!!

Thank you for your kind comment

There don’t have a bg options for pages. But you/we can do it simple css snippet.
Also it is compatible with wooCommerce and we well include shopping page soon on the demo :)

Regards ThemeTon

Any chance in fugture update could include option for Background Image and changing color for individual pages (would be SO amazing to have throughout the theme for wider creativity) AWESOME LOOKING/Grt Job Themeton!

I don’t think individual color option is important. Okay I’ll add bg image option at title area. It sounds fine?

Great theme. Really interested to dive into it. One quick question . . . I can’t seem to locate the PSDs in the package. Could you point me in their direction?


Ohhh, it is my bad. Include it immediately :p

You can get it with next update.
If you want it right now, please send me a mail :)

hi, congrats! it looks so great & powerful

some questions :

1. is there a theme auto update function for new versions?

2. can we really change bg colors & fonts in all builder elements?

3. which is the max theme width? 1200px?

4. wpml & woocommerce please :-)

5. can we style every theme section (header, body, footer etc) with bg colors/patterns & fonts ?

6. any retina update in the queue? would look awesome!


1. this is sooooo important! theme auto-update!

2. can we use the class attribute for custom style for builder elements? (you know, just like some premium one-page themes look with different colors in page elements/sections)

5. i hope if we need to change header/footer bg color or pattern this can be done with some custom css in admin panel, yes?


1. Also there have a child theme

2. Sure, there have a field for custom class on every elements

3. Yes, Theme options has a Custom CSS field which overwrites main styles always

Thanks again


Awesome theme, congrats! Before buying it could you please answer a few questions:

1. Can you test it with WPML as I need to have a multilingual theme and a designated place where to have the language flags?/

2. Can the area where the breadcrumbs are to have a smaller height and just one color not a gradient like now?

3. Can the black preheader color be changed or the preheader removed completely?

4. Instead of slider can we have just a static page?

5. Do you have a demo typography page?

6. Can you implement a shortcode for a process page?

Thank you!

Thank you for all your answers. By process page I was refering to a page like this integritystl.com/process or something more innovative.


Sorry for long delay answer we had traditional festival and now we can answer your questions.

About process page you can build this like process page easy. You need to insert Column Services and choose the CS layout 2 and choose the arrow and increase size and color. I think it’s easy.


Long ago that i had not seen one as beautiful theme. Congratulations :) Just some pre-purchase questions :

1. I have seen that you have an SEO option, is it possible to disable this option and to use an other plugin for SEO ? 2. Does this theme is FULLY COMPATIBLE with SEO by Yoast ? 3. It seems to be built with Bootstrap, can you confirm ? 4. Just below the menu in the pages, we can see a background, is there an option with different choices of background and also can i choose just a color ? 5. Last question : Is it possible to have a fullwidth slideshow with RevSlider in all the pages ?

;) Thank you, if all is ok, i will not wait so long to purchase this wonderful theme, great design…

1. Closing SEO is easy. Just remove single line of calling seo section. May we need to add there closing option for it :)

2. The theme is a similar to regular wp themes such as Twentyeleven and twenty twelve. Is there have any requirement for Yoast?

3. It built on own grid system. But it is similar to bootstrap and grid systems. Column elements has percentage width that gives us to have with buddypress and wooCommerce.

4. This is a combination of transparent bg image + general color. That image works perfectly with all your custom color. But If you remove this image from header, it looks like pure color. It requires simple css style there as #feature {background-image:none;}

5. Yes.



I would love to buy your theme, but i need to know if wpml works fine without css customisation!

Can you try and show the result please?



Okay, I’ll show you :)

Please watch this testing http://www.screenr.com/aiD7



Great theme! I just purchased it, but after installing the plugins, it says that I need to update to the latest version of Envato WordPress Toolkit.

When I search for this plugin, I can’t find it. What’s the best way to do this?

Thanks, Liad

We are updating those attached plugins to latest versions in our next version.

Waw great theme.Nice work man.Good Luck with sales & Keep it Up !!

Appreciated :)


As i’ve been going through the features of the theme, I was wondering if there’s shortcode for an image slider? Would I just use portfolio?

Thanks, Liad

Is this gallery post format or another elements?
Also I’ll check with Property plugin soon and let you know. Thanks

I go to “Posts”, click “add new”, and then I choose the “gallery” option. I insert the pictures, but when I click “view post” there are no images, only a square icon. What I’ve noticed, is that the main posts page (the Blog Roll) has the gallery in there, but the individual post does not, is this intentional? I’d like to be able to have sliders or grid galleries within each post (if possible). Thanks again for the quick response! :)

Yeah yeah it is possible. I just explain little more explained.

Every post format element (gallery video and quote …) means features of your post. Please activate “Featured section” option on your post then you’ll see gallery slider at top of your post. Typically all feature/format show at top of your posts on blog view or blog pages.

Also you can use regular gallery shortcode of wp for your grid gallery. Hope this video helps you to use gallery


HI Themeton

Great theme, I have noticed that the portfolio can only have images as thumbnail, is that correct? Would it be possible to have video/sliders (as in the blog page) instead of the images?


Now portfolio (post type) have just featured image selection.
I’m thinking how we put there those features ??

May we extend it with post format :]


I had some pre-purchase questions just above but NO RESPONSE. Well, i have purchased your theme but i have got some issues. You say in the description that we can have unlimited backgrounds, i agree but NOT everywhere. Just below the header menu for example with your demo page “About us 2” where you can see this : “You are here: home/sample pages/About us 2”, there is a background image and the only thing we can do is changing the color but not the background.

1. So, is it possible to have an option with different choices of backgrounds at this place and a choice to have only a color without effect ? 2. Also, is it possible to have an option to remove the shadow or to have different others choices of shadows ? The more important would be to have different possibilities of images.

2. When i use for instance RevSlider in a page (fullwidth slider), there is not any space between the bottom of the slider and the content (page builder). Of course, we can add this space with the element of the page builder but normally we should not need it. So, can you check this problem and solve this issue ?

3. There is not any choice for the color of the headers (H1, H2, etc…) and no choice for the size (general content and headers). Of course, we can change that in Wordpress editor but the most of the themes have this option. Can you add it ? Thanks in advance for answering.

Thank you for your purchase

1. I think answered it on your previous question. But little bit detailed again, You should use following style on Custom CSS field of Theme Options panel
//Removing top shadow
.feature-shadow { background:none; }
//Resetting new bg image
#feature { background: url(YOUR_NEW_BG) repeat; }
Selecting shadow is a little bit hard. Here you can see sprite image collection that used in this theme

2. Okay, should see it

3. Color option exists on every element, hope you can use this. Also please check Fonts tab of Theme options panel then you’ll see size options for headings.

Just want to let you, yesterday I saw Panels theme which is one of the Molitor theme. There don’t have admin panel and additional option just except single input field called “Page background image” on pages. And I shocked wow, how he did it very simple … And I’m thinking now how it would be better usage for users without additional options. Okay that’s fine just about my opinion :)

Regards ThemeTon

Yesterday i thought you were not very polite (no response) but today i must admit that i totally changed my mind. ;) So THANK YOU for this explanation. I am glad to use this theme because it is very powerful and i love the design. I will rate immediately for 5 stars. Well, regarding my question 2 just above, i noticed that this problem exist when i use RevSlider, it seems not with Layer Slider. The problem is that i prefer using RevSlider ;) so can you please check it and solve the issue ? Also, if we use the option in the pages : “Teaser text”, there is a space between RevSlider and the content and it works great but i don’t want to use this option so what is the solution ? Thanks again for answering here. I really think that this theme can be a futur best-seller. Mike from France

Hello sir,

Here you can see example of Revolution slider.
Can you tell me what is the settings/skin of your slider and can you send me your site address please?

PS: Again video answer on your previous question (#1)



Second purchase your theme, Multigrid and this miracle theme.

But, Emerald theme has one little mistake.

linkedin href is my site URL + input ID in Social Networks setup option.

Please your correction.

King regards.

Really appreciated repeatedly purchasing :)

Can you try to add full url there. Hope it works well there


Wow!!!! Full URL!!!! It’s active correctly!!!

and RSS href too. Correct it.

It extends /feed url after you input. Doesn’t need it?

I see. It’s no problem. Thanks a lot`~~

Sorry, annoyingly…...

This theme has no 404page… I grade to add one….

There is beauty Result Page that has character and NOTHING FOUND title. But, do search this NOTHING FOUND result page’s search form. RESEARCHING or added search form from widget has no result page. My mother language is Korean and my English likes just born baby. So my exp is hard to understand.

1. WP Basic search form > add widget > search > blank result page. 2. NOTHING FOUND page > type like aaaaabaaaaa > blank result page 3. Added WP Basic search form in widget. It’s no submit text…

I see above.

I understand your explain very well. So I don’t change those search form by manually and now those shows just default. That means search query works fine and may we need to search result and nothing found page here.

Regards ThemeTon


Sorry for that we are adding search.php next update :) Update will be available today i hope. Thanks

Hi I love this template, and is almost what I need !!!just two questions :

1.- Would be possible to remove the upper line with the support number

2.- would be possible to create pages without breadcrumbs ?

thanks in advance and congratulations for the theme…

I don’t understand your first question.

Breadcramp can be dsiabled Global and also have a option for post and page settings.



Sadly. breadcum has some mistake(not bug). Ex. If you can see Post view page in 2~3Level category, breadcum shown You are here: / Home / level1 level2 level3 / post title not You are here: / Home / level1 / level2 / level3 / post title. please insert space and / Most breadcum shown above.

Please check it. I hope Emerald v.1.XXX

Okay, will fix it. Tnx

Thanx. I will hope your job.

Then, How I can use Search function in Emerald Theme?

Isn’t there search function?

You can use search widget on every sidebar area. Tnx

The Sound Colud player not Running Right In Blog Page

Oops, there were removed old soundcloud audio. Now I included there new audio :) Please visit the blog page and check it again. Regards