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hi i havnt got any response in support forum on your site either on this comment page

Its concerning the youtube embed

im running WP 3.6.1 and your latest update theme 2.1.2

Haven’t you noticed that all the embedded videos pixels are quadrupling the size of the height??

Can i know whats the solution?


Hope your issue solved there. Or not please update the theme and check that again. Because I’ve updated the theme today. If it doesn’t please let me know.

Thanks a lot

Hi, In the breadcrumb is again one additional colon. I am makeing the same webpage again, but in another language. I removed from line 623 You are here: (I dont need also this text) – but colon is still out there. Last time you removed this colon, but where it exactly was?
Best regards, Eve

And nForms and Ophera are in conflict, after I tried to add search to blue area. Please help.
Best regards,

I can’t login to your *inti.fi site. It asks me credentials.
Your *used.ee access is fine and seems theme working good there.

I guess there probably have javascript problem and it crashes/stops and makes all those issues.


I changed template.
Thank you for your answer.
Best regards,

Does anyone know how to fix the video embed in Version 2.1.2 Youtube is all over the page… it seems as if the pixels are tripled or something.

Any help will be much appreciated from anyone. Even a temporary work around.

Can I see your site there? Latest versions has scripts those helps you to set responsive video. Probably there have some javascript issue and it stops to work those responsive functions.

Also I need to inspect that issue

Thanks a lot

Good morning, I have Wp 3.6 and Emerald theme installed, try to put widgets in Footer and see no change, activate the footer in any way?.

Thank you.

1. Set up your footer area on Theme Options panel. Select column type and hit on Save button.

2. Go to Appearance => Widgets and add your widgets to Footer sidebar areas.

There don’t need another specific tasks except than previous steps for footer widgets. Please try to add them again and if they still don’t, let me know


Thank you very much, the problem was my not having read and configurations well observed, thank you very much for the help. One question is, with the Revolution Slider and update, as we update it? have the right to purchase these updates with the subject or just version available with the theme? Thank you.

Okay sir I’ll update it today. Then you should update the Rev slider there. You can update it with TGM plugin or regular method (delete old and install new one).

Thanks a lot

is there a way I can create a page without using the page builder? since is not leting me put some stuff from another plugin :/ HELP

Please just add your content into your main editor. Thats it :)


a plugin is not working this way, is there any other way ?

Hi There!

After updating the Theme to the latest version I’ve encountered a couple of issues.

1. When trying to edit content with the pagebuilder, the option palette opens but is greyed out.

2. Also, theme colors have been reset to default and when I set a custom color value in theme settings, it just won’t do it.

Please let me know if you need admin access to the site and where to send it.


Okay sir,
1. I’ve updated the theme recently and now it is on review queue. I don’t know how reviewer approve the items in the weekend. So you should update the theme when it is approved or you should use this forum tip.

2. You should update theme options panel again. Seems custom stylesheet file removed or missing there

Thanks a lot

OK, I’ve updated the theme again to V2.3.0. Page builder works fine now. But the changes in theme settings still don’t apply when saved.

I don’t know what exactly you mean by “updating theme options panel”. How can I recreate the custom stylesheet file?


Please try this faq answer. Practically creating custom file is too rude and makes many problems depending hosting restriction and many other reasons.
So I’m thinking about another method that doesn’t create custom file and include those styles differently because of I’ve found another tricky idea similar that. Hope I can apply it on next updates

Thanks a lot

Can you explain what happened here? I purchase 2 of your themes and now its been deleted and I cannot download the updated versions. Also all of the comments with support is gone.

This is not fair to us buyers of your theme, you cannot just get paid and them delete your themes and we buyers cannot download it anymore. PLEASE RESPOND as I would like to get the new version of the themes I purchase from you..


I’ve tried to find safe way for you as this but …
If you need assistant you should leave a ticket on forum or send me a mail from my profile page then I’ll help you always

Thanks a lot

Hi Themeton,

I sent you an email via profile, but haven’t heard back from you. Hope you can send me the newest versions of the 2 themes that I purchased from you.

Thanks! Sad to see those 2 themes gone and support gone for them. :/

I answered your email with download links.

Thanks a lot

After updating WordPress page builder and shortcuts won’t work, it opens but is greyed out and I can’t save anything.

Help please!

Downloaded again and version is 2.2.0

Looking at you change log the version I need is 2.3.0

Can you make sure to upload the latest version please?


Here is the review process http://d.pr/i/4VOz


Updated and it works now. I had to clear the cache.


18 days and I still don’t have an answer for two support tickets: http://cl.ly/SUmG

Still, no answer on those support tickets:

I’m trying to send you mi FTP credentials to get help with one of these (http://themeton.com/support/discussion/1395/translate-top-header-and-copyright-text) but the site doesn’t let me sign in so I can’t comment.

Please provide an email address to send you such info.

And btw, the other site (http://themeton.freshdesk.com/) won’t let me register either. Very frustrating.

Please send me a mail from my profile page. Thanks


Is there any js code so I can hide my tt-tabs and show them when they are fully loaded, cuz when I enter a page that has many tabs it show all of them below each one and then hide it and put it inside the “Tabs” will be cool if a fade in could be put it and also is there any chance that instead of clicking the tab, do a mouseover and show the next tab and so on?

Thanks in advance.

ok nevermind I did it :)

Is there a possibility to get an awnser to my support ticket. #145.



The page builder is broken – when I click a block, it opens a pop up but it is all greyed out and unusable. Please help. I see many people with the same issue.




your theme. Thanks :)

Hi, since last month this issue: http://cl.ly/Srm1 regarding top bar translation hasn’t been solved. I tried contacting you through two support forums and email. I’m really bummed. Please give me hand with this already.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, answered your mail. Hope translation works fine now. Thank you for your patient

hi, I have a problem.

update wordpress and when I edit a column or any tool or content of a page is blocked and I can not edit, or accept, or cancel anything, I can only get out by giving esc button.

I have the 3.5.2 version of wordpress 3.7.1 and go in, and all higher versions to mine I feel the same, then I wonder if there is any template or upgrade any solution, or if someone else has it past.

thank you very much


I have the simple and proper solution for this issue. Please update your theme :) Latest version has fixes of those issue.

Your pleasure always ;)

good to know you have solution.

otherwise, to update the theme as I do? just downloaded the theme again and I copy the hosting? and files you have in the theme that I have installed? or only some folders are copied only?

hehe sorry, I can help with these questions and say to update the theme in the best way, please

you can help me please. thanks a lot

Hi, i have a problem

Since I upgradet wordpress to 3.7.1 i can’t make any changes on my site, and i can’t make any new sites.

What seems to bee the problem.

Lookin forward to here from u


Are you using latest version of the theme?
Previous versions have some problem in Pagebuilder on wp version since 3.6. But it is fixed now. So please update your theme and try again. If the problem persists please send us a ticket with more information, site link + login details… :)

Thanks a lot

themeton: I have the simple and proper solution for this issue. Please update your theme :) Latest version has fixes of those issue.

Your pleasure always ;)

good to know you have solution.

otherwise, to update the theme as I do? just downloaded the theme again and I copy the hosting? and files you have in the theme that I have installed? or only some folders are copied only?

hehe sorry, I can help with these questions and say to update the theme in the best way, please

Dear support,

Homepage made with pagebuilder is not found when doing a google search. I tried both SEO option of the theme and Yoast SEO plugin.

Am i doing something wrong?


seriously i’ve had it with the bad support, man good luck, cause its very obvious that either you dont want to help becuase of the coding screw ups you’ve done on your own template or u have no time since you have been building more templates to sell

But whats not fair at all is the time wasted and damages that this template has caused plus the poor support ANSWERS.

im not trying to be an A$##$ but i have to comment the truth as a big buyer in envato market. To those people who are considering on buying this template and im not aiming on the other templates since i havnt baught any , should really check the past till today comments before before purchasing

And i hope this will help your team to take in consideration. Cause seriously i dont care that much since there are better templates and authors that truly take things more seriously for the hard work they do and the service they are willing to give.

Some things might help you make things better.

1- be specific in your support answers as much you want the buyers to be specific. 2- Do not assume that people have not downloaded the latest version when they mention that they have the latest version 3- Advise people the truth about the quality services of the updates that you have done. 4- Do not make changes in your codes without testing on your side every bit of the sites features 5- ( i dont want to be rude but…) dont waste you time building templates with codes that are not compatible with wordpress (just dont sell them at all) it will look more like a scam by selling something nice but the small details that you dont expect people to use are not properly coded, it looks like legal copyright manipulation.


[Newbie question] Would you mind please giving me the code to increase the size of the font in the navigation bar at the top? I feel it’s a bit small.

Thank you!