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hi, I wonder where is the code for the blog is 5 previews instead of 10 as is the default. and also to change the language to the pagination, I mean the PREV and NEXT (in Spanish “ANTERIOIR” and “SIGUIENTE”)

thanks a lot regards

hi, I tell you already found the PREV and NEXT and translated to Spanish. Now I only need 10 previews decrease to 5, so that the page is not so long

please help



Whey will you release compatible version of theme with wordpress 3.8?


Hi, I made an update to wordpress 3.8 and I can not update information. I need to know how to resolve or when it will be this theme compatible for 3.8.

Many Thanks

Hi is possible to change te font type ? thanks

Yes, you can select Google font on Heading and Menu and body text. Thanks

Hello, this theme works with woocommerce ??? regards

Yes. Thanks for the message ;)

Hi, I need to add 4 banners with urls language in the top right of access links to social networks. Is it possible?


Thank you very much, Carlos

What is the translation plugin? WPML has a widget and you can add it on top sidebar area. If it is an another one, you should add calling function on top area. Or it is html code, you can add it with text widget …

Thanks a lot

Hello, just wondering if this theme is still being supported and updated? Is there any update when this will be compatible with IE 11 and WordPress 8.1?

Thank you.

I tested the theme with 3.8.1 and works really fine frontend and PageBuilder as well. Whats wrong with IE11? I don’t see anything on my browser now


Thank you. We didn’t see a version update posted for IE11 & WordPress 3.8.1 compatibility – so we assumed it was not ready yet. Thank you for the clarification!

Hi, I updated WP and theme. Now I have the same problem, what last time – one additional colon and search in the header area. What files I need to change? I sent data by e-mail.

Best regards, Eve

Answered there. Please give me little more information again. Thanks

Thank you for your help

Hi, I need to creat a new page without header and footer, its possible?

Tks, CC

Every page prints custom class on body tag. We can bind some style with it similar to following
.page-id-171 header, 
.page-id-171 footer, .page-id-171 #footer,
.page-id-171 #feature,
.page-id-171 #top,
.page-id-171 div#bottom {display:none !important}

Thanks a lot

I thanks for the reply. Can you send me a example code for a Template page without header and footer? I’m trying but a can put the page composer working 100%. If I drop a slider the slider dont load in the page.

Tks CC

Doesn’t previous style help you?
Please just take off #feature line from this style. Because slider prints in feature div.

Thanks a lot

Hello, I am having a problem with editing information on my Website. I need help asap. Thank you

The theme update does not work. It says error updating theme. No contents.

Updating Theme Emerald (1/1) Downloading update from https://wordpress.org/themes/download/Emerald.1.4.5.zip… Unpacking the update… Installing the latest version… Theme update failed. An error occurred while updating Emerald: The package could not be installed. The package contains no files.

Here is the update instruction, http://docs.themeton.com/emerald/2013/07/update-instruction/

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After update search results is again error message:
There is no widget. You should add your widgets into Default sidebar area on Appearance => Widgets of your dashboard.
How can I fix this?

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Then is this error message, when aren’t search results (nothing found). When first time are search results, then is everything OK. When I try search second time, then again appear error message.

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I don’t see this issue on your uus_vee* site. Can you explain me little bit better again?

Thanks a lot

Thank you for your help. Now is OK

hello, you know when I update a page, me you get this error:


You do not have permission to access / site / wp-admin / post.php on this server. “

can you help me please.


I don’t have exact solution/suggestion for that. Can you give me your site address and login details via ticket? http://themeton.com/support

Thanks a lot

ticket sent.

thanks a lot

hi, know that my hosting provider tells me it’s all on, and clear the cache. I did and is still happening the same.

have no idea if it can be anything the problem?

thanks a lot

Hello. Can you add to theme new scrolling style Parallax Scrolling ( ex. in new theme ). this style is very effective and fresh. If this is possible – please add this style

I suggest you to use some parallax plugin for it. I hope there have bunch of plugins do that. Hope you find proper one from here. If those won’t help you, you can find some commercial plugin

Thanks a lot


I have just updated wordpress and the theme but now my Slider on home page is not working. Can you please advise?

have sent login info!


Disregard! Updated layer slider and its working now x

Dummy slider data is no longer working since the new update release of the layered slider plugin. I uploaded the code provided in the package installed. it complains about it being corrupted?

Can you please advise?

Please use there attached zip file that is on my previous reply. Thanks

I did and thats the message I am getting. I used a different slider import for rev slider. I have few other questions im not sure if they were answered already.

1. How to make the top bar (location, phone) Font bigger or clearer. 2. Increase the font only on the Portfolio tabes / categories 3. Boxed layout change size slightly?


I would also like to resize Feature Image on single post blog also remove author name date and Comment from the side. I would like to have a simple clean cut blog style. Thanks!

Hi, I’m having a small problems in the twitter feed https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqmvg4g7d8fwn1t/twitter_feed.JPG

I creat all the following authentications in twiiter Twitter API 1.1 but still not working!! help =P…


Seems your hosting restricted curl_exec function. Can you ask it from your hosting provider and allow it?

If they don’t help you, please let me know and we can try another embed method for feed

Thanks a lot

There is some space under tabs in mozilla firefox, is there a fix for this. For reference check this image : http://oi60.tinypic.com/2962ro.jpg

the code you’ve given is working but we need to add it in the Appearance > Editor > style.css. Thanks a lot for this.. but please check the second issue – “when scrolled the tabs are showing above the header” check the image in the previous comments for reference.

Please use it there,
#header { z-index:20 }

Thanks a lot

Thanks for the reply. I noticed one thing – the fixes that you have given are only working if we add them in two locations:
  1. Appearance > Editor > style.css
  2. Theme Settings > Theme Options > Skin Options > Custom Css
hope these would be fixed in the next update.

BTW.. Awesome template..

Hello Mr. Themeton, My developer(http://themeforest.net/user/Enthral) is waiting for you response in the above comment. There is bug in template – tabs are coming above the header Navigation when the page is scrolled for reference check this image: Please provide me a resolution for this. If you want I can send you the login details.

Answered there. But sorry for my late response. Thanks

I have a problem with the item, when I edit the item screen appears gray and will not let me modify the contents of the item, I can do?

Since I found the solucicon in this forum, but not ecuento theme demo content, discuplen wordprees are new to this, where is this file or folder. thanks

Please update your theme there if you bought this. Latest version has fixes of that. Thanks

Hi, I am on version 3.8, and content area its not responding its like a bug, I click anywhere and there is not reaction on field text areas and drop down options, all plugins are deactivated and I tried with different browsers, please help.


5 days no answer


Hello, what is your current theme version? Yesterday theme updated and you should update it there. This version has updates of compatibility WP 3.9. Hope this version helps you there.

And regarding the first image, you should add your content on Main content editor. That element helps you to show main content on your page builder section

Thanks a lot