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I seem to have problem with the Yoast SEO plugin together with this theme. Anybody else having problems?

I can’t access the setting for the SEO plugin after I activate the Emerald theme.


Prepared Video instructions and fix links. Thanks for purchasing and sorry for delay.


Awsome! Great!!

Thanks :)


I have a couple of questions before buying.

What does the custom menu look like? Is there a custom menu on demo site? Can the title background be changed?

Thanks Pete


Custom menu? Are you talking about the Wordpress menu or Custom Menu Widget? Or talking about Mobile menu? If it’s anyone of those then of course it can be changed. I will show you how to do this.

Sorry I mean the custom menu widget, and can the page title background be changed?


Here is the tip of changing bg imag of title area http://docs.themeton.com/emerald/2013/02/changing-bg-image-of-title-area/


Hello… So far, so good. Except that for some reason, I’m unable to get the featured image to display on blog layout 3, either using the shortcode or the page builder. Featured images do display on layouts 1, 2, and 4. Additionally, the “Read more” button does not display on any of the blog layouts. For example: http://beta.spirit-television.com/music



We are updating our theme today and this problem fix is included this update. Update will available to download soon.


Hi – I’ve purchased the theme and I just need to know how to change the background colour of a page. Just a hint on the css to use would be great.


Hello sir,

You can get the answer from here.


Hello, Love your theme … few questions before I purchase. 1. Does it support left side navigation? 2. Does it include a search option? 3. Can I change the background color or add my own pattern to the logo/menu bar?


1. There have an option left sidebar area on page builder. You can add there navigation or anything

2. Now all search query works pure WP functions. Hope you can use some plugins for that

3. There have an option for site color called “General color”. You can change background of header area with simple custom style.

Thank you

Hi, 1. Page Builder does not work. For example, we can not insert text when using “Column”. Regarding “Column Services”, it works except the choice of the headers. By default, it is H3 and when we try to choose H2, it does not work. It is the same when we want to use some shortcodes, there are some big problems. I am not a beginner with Wordpress so i can confirm that there are some ERRORS with “Page Builder”. I really hope that you will make an update ASAP because we can not use your theme. 2. I hope also that you will make soon an update to solve this issue : (no space between RevSlider and the content of the pages), it works only with “Teaser text” but i do not need this option so please find a solution. I have seen in your forum that some others customers have exactly the same problems. Thank you very much for answering as soon as possible because that is very urgent for our business. Sorry but we have to know quickly if we can use your theme or not. Thanks

So strange on our side everything works fine. Please give us login details to our themeton@gmail.com then we can help better.

How to load the demo content, I can’t find out :tired:

Good work, Thank you very much… :)

If you like our theme features then please rate this 5 stars.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m setting up our new website with the Emerald theme. I’m very happy with the back-end tools! I only have a problem in the blog section. In the preview of the theme on Themeforest nice “Read more buttons” are displayed, but somehow I cannot get them visible on my site.. Could you help me out? (wwwtest.mailplus.nl)


Thanks for purchasing our theme this read more text will be fixed our next update this update will available to download today i hope :)

If you Like our theme please RATE it 5 stars :)


I’m considering to buy this theme, but I need to know first few things before:

1. Is it possible to configure testimonials to rotate automatically instead of click on arrows? 2. Also, is it possible to place testimonials somewhere else to be more prominent? 3. Do you use Firebug for testing? Because when I run YSlow for this theme I get this result: http://prntscr.com/sl1z6 4. Can you minify a bit css and javascript? Page if quite heavy…

Overall, theme looks very clean and beautiful!

Thank you for your experience :)

1. You’re right. I’ve changed it automatic rotation in 5 seconds.

2. There are 2 options for testimonials. Page builder element and shortcode. If you build on custom page, you can use builder element. Also shortcode support almost every area including post content, footer, sidebar and teaser text …

3. There used lot of images for demo purpose and these issues related CDN and cache. I think most of things resolved with cache plugin. Also some of plugin scripts and styles were no standard for page speed

4. All my scripts are minified excepts just scripts.js file. This small file is an initials of all scripts. I’ve tried combine other libraries into one file but those crashed. I minified css files for simple compressing method which is readable/editable for further

Best regards

WOW! Congratulation~ Emerald v.1.1.

I touched your MultiGrid(purchased) but Emerald gaves me a thrilling.

Everyone! v.1.1 File exist New downloaded ZIP file.

Already extracted Emerald & Emerald Child folder has old files.

View folder & files written time.

13.02.2013 is 1.1!

As yet not found problem Emerald 1.1 with Yoast SEO

Very well.

But breadcum has little, very little mistake(not bug).

View post belong to 2Level menu, He or She’s breadcum shown

You are here: / Home / Level1 / Post title

View post belong to 3Level menu, He or She’s breadcum shown

You are here: / Home / Level1 / Post title

I hope

You are here: Home / Level1 / Level2(if post belong Lev3 then write / Level3) / Post title

Very thanks to present Search result loop page. It’s very nice~!

Okay, fixed :)
Check the demo site again (may need clear cache there). Also you can get this update for next theme update. If your want to get it right now please just add following style on your Custom CSS field of Skin tab
.tt-breadcrumb li:first-child:after{content:''}


I would appreciate an answer to yesterday’s question. I’m hoping to work on this tonight but don’t want to go any further until I know it will work for me. I basically want to change the white on the pages to a different colour.

I answered your previous question recently please check there :)

what version of WordPress was that built for originaly, or let me say what wordpress version was it tested on .


Of course latest wp 3.5.1

thanks man, and seriously great job.

We have a problem here when we try to install the Theme for 1st time:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

why the style.css is missing , ??

Please get your answer from here, http://docs.themeton.com/emerald/faq/


You can see this in your forum : “PROBLEM WITH PAGE BUILDER”.

1. We have exactly the SAME problem. When i open for example “Column”, we can not write some text, it does not work. It is the same with “Column services”, it works but we can not change the H1, etc… We meet the problems also with a few shortcodes (not all). Please, take a look to the video in your forum regarding this issue. I have tried all the solutions and this problem does absolutely not comes from my Wordpress installation, php or anything else. I have checked all the possibilities. So please find a solution. You say “strange” but unfortunately there are some errors, it is evident.

2. Thanks for the update, you have solved the problem of “space” between “RevSlider” and the content. Now it works but there is a new problem with “RevSlider”, when viewing with a HP computer, the slider seems to work but with a big screen Mac, RevSlider is running very slowly and sometimes it blocks the page. It seems to be the same when you have a problem of connection for instance but i have not any, my connection works great. I have noticed that when we install the plugin “RevSlider” in 1.1 update, we do not need to activate it, we needed to with 1.0, may be you should check it. In fact “RevSlider” does not work now as well as before.

Well, i am waiting since the begining to use your theme but the problem with “Page Builder” is not solved so how can we use your theme ? This issue is certainly the most important, isn’t it ? I can see in your description : 63 purchases and 4 ratings. You know, i rated for 5 stars because i like this theme for a lot of reasons and we are only 4 to have rated so may be you should also try to find a solution for people like us. Business is not always business, just find a real solution for “RevSlider” and “Page Builder” and you will make an honest business. Thank you for answering ASAP.

1. There have a problem with languages. Now theme recall editor (tinyMCE) for every section but there need to set some configs for any languages. I found the solution here and you can get update very soon with v1.2

2. I need to inspect where comes from the problem. v1.1 has updates of RevSlider but I don’t think the problem related with it. If you provide me your site address, it would be easy to find the solution. If you don’t want to provide it on here, you should send me it via mail.

All your words are true. Last few days we were out of work and answering you so slow. Also the updates and fixes too. That was our fault and made some inconvenience for customers. Now I’m on the way and I’ll answer asap and make you feel better :)

Best regards

Hello again, I’m updated the theme and now it is waiting review queue . Hope it will checked and integrated download in next few hours. Please update the theme (v1.2) and check there again.

Regards ThemeTon


When creating a layer slider, I’ve noticed that the picture automatically crops depending on the width and height. Is there an option to scale the image to fit inside the slider? Meaning, i would like the full image to fit in, even if it’s squished and looks disproportionate.

Thanking you in advance!

I think there you have selected some size (medium or large) when you including your images. Please just select FULL size of image before you hit on “Insert Into Post” button of uploader.


I’m using layerslider for this. There is no option to select “FULL”, “Large”, or “MEDIUM” on the layerslider settings. When I use page builder to create a 1/3 size slider, there is no option for this either.

Help please, the background behind the breadcrumbs, where can I change the height of it? I would like to make it thinner. BTW very nice theme! Thanks

You can get your answer from here http://docs.themeton.com/emerald/faq/


Thank you for the help!

Also when I edit the contact us page there is no contact form. it just says [contact-form-7 id=”1435” title=”Contact form 2”] I couldn’t find where to edit or create one

Please just install Contact form 7 plugin on your site. I think this plugin is one of the expert of contact forms.


Double thank you for the help!!

where is the shortcode guide ? I don’t like visual setup. I want enter manually.

It doesn’t look hard.
Please just generate (click on Done button) and add your details in there manually.

Here you can get some theme guides, http://docs.themeton.com/emerald/ But now there don’t have any shortcode tutorials, and I think there don’t need any shortcode details. Hope those are really easy to use.


I just installed your theme, and I’m getting trouble in Theme Settings, because when I make some changes they never get aplied…

So I just change the logo, it appears ok, then I save all changes, and if I refresh the page then my logo is not there anymore,,, and the same with every setting,,,

I’m affraid I have installed also the child theme and have no idea about it’s function, you also don’t talk about it in the docs…



Can you check is there have any javascript problem?
Also it would be nice if you test it with wp-debug mode. Also all those testing would be hard to you, you should send me your site credentials via mail.

I’ll try to help you my best :)


The problem as I have seen, is when we are building the page with a index2.php , do you already have some fix for that ? or you still need site credentials ??

What is the index2.php if we can see this error an action then we help better to you. Please mail me admin credentials then we see this error. Also give me some detail of your problem.