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okay there is something not right thats going on in that theme. if the basic theme builder doesnt work right, i think your testing process is not complete.

We need answers


this is not suppose to happen at all

so that means if someone has a site underconstruction and wants to build the site during that time on index1 or any other file to see the modfications we cant

Okay sir,

Please send me your site address and credentials via mail. Looks there have many problems and all those unclear for me


Hello all,

Here we had vacation due to our national celebration last few days and I’m sorry for late responses. Now we are ready to work and help you my best

Thank you for your patient

Hello, great theme…

But before the purchase i have the same question that a few people had… How well is this theme working with wmpl?? Can you provide an example or proof, that it is working fine?

Thanks themeton.


I don’t have any license of WPML but this testing helps you to see how it is compatible with that. http://www.screenr.com/aiD7


any way to change the column service icon from the default library to a custom image?

Great thanks!

Hi, using the builder i am having a problem saving the Heading text of Columns

Please delete the element and add it again. Also may try again after opened the page once. Thanks

Hi, yesterday you respond to me that now you are on the way and that you will answer asap, :) i believe you so i hope that you will respond to this message.

1. I have installed your new update 1.2. I have seen that you have removed your own customization regarding “RevSlider”, i have to say that this slider works great now, also no problem under my big screen mac, it did not work with your version V1.1 but now it is ok so thanks for your work. ISSUE SOLVED.

2. Regarding the “Page builder”, i have seen that you made some changes, now we can edit text with “Column” so that is better than the last update, thanks. BUT PAGE BUILDER STILL DOES NOT WORK for several cases. Okay we can edit text but there is still a big issue regarding the H1, H2, etc…. I understand when you said that it was certainly a problem of languages but for Spanish, Holland, French language (my case) and of course for all the others except English (EN), the problem exists. We can not change the H1, etc… Also, the shortcodes does not work with Wordpress editor and with Page builder. In fact, when we choose a shortcode, nothing appears, it is the same when we try to choose for instance H2 instead of H3 (by default). Sure, i can change some lines of code for title (H3 to H2) but this will certainly not change the problem with “Page builder”. That is strange because as i explained to you yesterday, we can change the colors of headers, we can add some text now but it is still not possible for the headers. As you know, this point is so important for search engines so i really hope that you will find a solution very quickly. Of course, we can use only Wordpress editor and all the problems are solved but i think that the big interest of your theme is to use “Page builder” and your shortcodes for the WONDERFUL GENERAL DESIGN. Sure, all your customers will be agree so can you please find a real solution as quick as possible ?

3. Can you tell me if the problem regarding “SEO By Yoast” is solved in this update ? Can you also confirm that if i turn off your “SEO” in the options, “SEO By Yoast” will be fully compatible with “Emerald” or is there something else we have to do ?

4. Usually, we can see what changes the authors have made with the updates and with your theme, there is nothing in the description, it was the same yesterday for your first update 1.1 so can you tell me what you have changed exactly ?

Well, i hope that you understand that the most important would be of course to find a great solution for “Page builder”. Thank you very much and i understand now why you could not respond the last few days with your National Celebration. No problem, so Happy New Year… ;) Mike from France

1. :)

2. Sure, definitely fix it.

3. Please check the changelog.txt file of main archive. This file contains update details and modified files list. Also you can see update description from item profile page (at bottom). Sometimes update details included little bit later, I don’t know when exactly reviewer inspect and approve theme update. That’s why you need to check change log file always.

4. Much related #3. Already added update details on item page.

Thank you really much and your patient

Okay, thank you. So as i see, you will definitely fix the problem with “Page Builder”, i am glad to read that but can you please tell me how long it will take ? One day, two, may be one week ? We have to know when we will be able to build our website. It is important for our business. Thanks

Is your browser FireFox?
This looks related styling of select input of modal/(element editing).


I tried change ‘logo’ and some points but when I click ‘save all changes’, the ‘theme setting’ keeps spinning.

How can fix it?


About the plugin message we will update next version for this plugin and that maybe disappeared and also you can dismiss plugin message. Thanks.

Okay. I got it. Thank you. I sent info.

I received your email and will answer there. Thank you

I am having trouble getting the menus to save. I have selected the items I want in the menu and ordered them the way I wish. However, it doesn’t seem to want to save that and it reorders the menu items alphabetically. Both the main menu and the footer menu seem to have this problem.

Even a hint of where to look to fix this would be welcome.

Can you check there active page order plugin?

Please read usage of menu from here. (disregard other part of this page :) )


Actually, after much searching, the solution is very simple. Themes downloaded from Themeforest have very long folder names. Shorten it to something like themeforest-emerald and it solves the problem.

Brilliantly simple. And works for other themes as well (where I’ve also had problems).

I see, good luck ;)

You do not respond to all the comments, i have never seen that on Themeforest. Usually, all the authors respond to us.

We have PURCHASED your theme and we have taken time to make a comment with some questions. We are WAITING FOR A RESPONSE since friday but NOTHING. You know perfectly that PAGE BUILDER DOES NOT WORK and also there are a lot of problems with the shortcodes. We need some answers just above concerning our questions 3 days ago. Just read our message and give us a CLEAR RESPONSE. It is called respect. Some others people have a big issue with your theme (page builder), we have seen exactly the same problems in your forum.

how can i activate the slider thumbs and the navigation? i try to do this in the settings page of the sliders and every time i click update or save it resets to “dont dislay” or none. why is that?!


If you are inserting only one slider that thumbs and naviagation are not displaying. Please check the Slider Options. If you can’t we will help you.

haha. sorry! you’re right. i thought i had more than one slide activated! thanks!

Same question than above…

Have you found a solution concerning the major problem with “Page builder” ? How long it will take to solve this issue ? One day, one week ?

Sorry for troubles you. Please use the Google Chrome until we find issue. We will fix this as soon as possible not a week not a day. This will be fixed first of all other comments.

Sorry bother you i hope you understand me.

I just updated the theme and now it is waiting on review queue. Hope it will reviewed in 6 hours. Please update the theme and try again. There must be fixed heading selector of page builder.

= V1.3 - 20.02.2013 =
        UPDATED : Modal css
        FIXED : Overflow css issue on Firefox
        FIXED : Undefined function error of FF


It does not even work in Chrome! The page Builder Text field is not editable and i can not save it. Neither the Column nor the messages boxes, etc.!

There was an overflow problem on FireFox, and it fixed early. I don’t think this problem on Chrome too. If you send me your credentials and site address via mail, I would like to see it in action


@maximaldesign – change wordpres language – en_EN and use Chrome browser

Thanks :)


There’s a big issue and it needs to be fixed very soon. I have tried several “under construction” plugins for your theme and none of them work. In version 1.0 and 1.1 (I think), I had no problem with this. After I updated to 1.2, my home page is showing and I would really like it to not be showing.

Please let me know when you’ve fixed this issue. Thanks!

Hello, I’ve tested simple plugin and works perfect. Here is the result, http://www.screenr.com/DXk7


This is the same plugin I’m using. For some reason, when I updated the theme, the plugin settings must have changed. I fixed this by activating the plugin under it’s settings menu (it was already active under the WP Plugin list). I apologize for not exploring this further before commenting. Thanks for the help!

I suspect, required plugin notices may controlling some of your active plugins. But please double check your plugins after the updates.


I have another question regarding the theme, though. Is there a way to reduce the space and remove the line created after the header in the columns section? I could do this using HTML, but I was wondering if there is a simpler way to set this up using Page Builder. Currently, it looks something like this:



lorum ipsum yada yada yada

I’m looking forward to your response, thanks!

I think there don’t need any update for that. Please just use heading text in your content.
In action, http://www.screenr.com/7Jk7


That’s great! thank you very much :) BTW, I noticed that your editing window is white, where as mine is very dark…is there any way to fix this?

Recently updated the theme. Please download and update your theme and everything will be fine. Thanks

It’s possible add in new version shortcodes – icons? ex. from sweeticons2 or other. And please change 248line in framework/cores/inc_content.php – special characters language (&subset=latin,latin-ext)

There is no way to add new icons right now.
Hope you can use it on child theme. Duplicate the file in correct path in child theme and make your changes there. It is really easy and safe your changes every main theme updated further


Hi! I am using a membership plugin “WishList Member”, and it have always work with my other themes. But with your theme it doesn’t work at all. I don’t know if the Page Builder the problem is.

Can you please help me? Without the WishList Member plugin I can’t use this theme and I love this theme!

When I use the code for this Membership plugin, I get a blank page and the only thing I see is the code that I have to put in the content area.

Dashboard page: http://www.photoshopzone.nl/cursist-paneel/ Also my registration form for this plugin does’t work with this theme: http://www.photoshopzone.nl/aanmelden-8-videolessen/


- Jairo

Where did you put your shortcode?
Please use this on your main content area or Column element.


I first put the code in the main content area, and later in Column element. Both doesn’t work :(

And now? What else can I do?


Please try to test regular shortcodes both of those area and let me know.

I have try the regular codes from the theme, and works. The codes off the membership plugin still doesn’t work. I am about 2 hours to solve this problem. Now I don’t know more what to do.

Please send me a mail with your site credentials. Thanks

Okey I will send it to you about 5 minutes. What is your e-mailadress?


- Jairo

When using layerslider, I noticed that the image size doesn’t adjust to the slider frame. Instead, the slider shows an enlarged portion of the image. Where can I adjust image size so that it doesn’t look disproportionate to the frame of the slider?

I don’t know what there happen. But may you should select image size as shows in this record, http://www.screenr.com/ChZ7

If I misunderstanding your question, please ask me again little bit detailed.


Thank you for the reply. I am using WP 3.5.1 and according to your video, the image is automatically set to full image. How do I resize the image for the slider in this case? Or, do I have to do it through the media library (which would mean, or so it seems, that I would have to create different sizes of the same image for my media library)? According to the documentation for the plugin, I can turn off responsive and it seems to work, but that somewhat defeats the purpose of having a responsive theme, no?

Most effective way is preparing images before upload into the site. Preparing means cropping images to correct site and setting image quality and contrasts … Photoshop helps you best for it.

But if you prefer to use media uploader, fine, there have a cropping method and size selections.

You can remove responsive style there (on line 19 of header.php file). I don’t think there have bad things if you would like to remove that


Also, I was wondering if this works with any custom fields plugins like CCTM (Custom Content Type Manager), where I can add custom fields to the write panel for my posts?


This looks like it would work fine for text fields, but what about checkboxes, drop down lists, etc?

In the end, I did find a plugin called “Custom Post Type View Generator”, which works with a number of custom fields plugins. I’m currently using it with “Custom Content Type Manager” and it seems to be working okay…there are a few small issues, but nothing I can’t work around. Thought it might be helpful to anyone interested in a way to do this.


Okay I’ll suggest it if someone wants to use custom fields :)

In extracting the zip file I keep getting: Error: Unable to extract “C:\Users\R\AppData\Local\Temp\wz80fd\Emerald\framework\plugins\class-tgm-plugin-activation.php”.

The size of the extracted file (78272) does not match the uncompressed size (78650) recorded in the Zip file

Any ideas?

Please download the theme archive and try again. Thanks