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Me again…sorry ;)

I updated to the most recent version of the theme and I’m noticing that the fonts I’ve placed in theme settings are not changing. Can you please let me know what I need to do to fix this?


Please create the “resources/css/options.css” file manually. And try again. I saw few times options panel doesn’t saved on servers which is restricted file creation for WP. Thanks

Hello again. I have question, where in Emerald Theme I can change view on blog page? Your demo site post printed shortly and button “read more”. In my blog page, are print all text from posts.

- You should add read more split on your post content. I think this one is most efficient and regular method
- Or you can add excerpt text on post field. WordPress recommends
- If you use blog page, you can set post content splitting option with word count instead of Full


Hi there. Very nice theme, loads of options. Really love it!

Quick question. How do I make the recent posts look like yours on the first page? Can’t get it to look like that with the theme builder… :(

Thanks, Manu

You should use carousel element. Thanks

Got it! Thanks a lot! ;)


Wonderful theme. Have a few questions:

1. How can I reduce the number of words in the loop / Category text. All text in each post is with me? Supports the theme a read more function in the loop section?

2. Is it possible to change the image size of img featured in category / single post? Seems these are very high. How can I change this? It’s ok that they have 100% width, but I want something smaller height.

1. Yeah you should use read more or excerpt text for that. Those options supports on blog and category pages. Search result and archive splits word count.

2. It depends on your original image. If you upload images those has lower height, your image shows properly.

But this style helps you to limit height of blog images
.tt-blog .hover-content { height: 250px }
Of course you can change value and inject own styling here


Hi again Can you tell me what’s the recommended bg-image width for a full width revolution slider. Should 1200px be enough?

Thanks, Manu

Demo site’s slider image are 2000×520px now. But I think 1200 isn’t look bad. Those are centered when open the site on high resolutions.


Hello, I just purchased the template, and I have a very simple question. With the “page builder”, how can I display different languages ??? I am currently using qTranslate for my languages. I tried… [:en]Language[:el]?????? I tried… <?php _e(“[:en]Language[:el]?????? “); ?> and a few other ways… ...but nothing seems to work !!

Please tell me how to deal with this !

I look forward to your reply. Thank you Giannis

Hi there! The theme is getting along quite nicely. We’re working on the menu’s now, especially the main menu, and would like to adjust speeds / timings of the hover actions (which slide out the sub menus). Where (in which .js file) can we find the timings / delays and such? I’ve been digging in the code, but so far couldn’t find the part that controls the (main) menu / submenu.

I’ve used superfish menu in this theme. Also I think most of authors using this too.

Libraries are default, no changes. Initialing exists in “resources/js/scripts.js” file. About on lines 40-53. There looks speed sets fast.

Hope you can find proper example from internet and update superfish initials for your need. I don’t have advanced experience with it, just using regular


Thanks :)

FANTASTIC THEME! Incredibly easy to configure pages – I’m very impressed!

Just one quick question about the homepage portfolio section – is there an easy way to increase the thumbnail image height? I need it to be 200px (like the main portfolio section) rather than 150px.

Many thanks :)

Sorry! Found it!!! DOH!!!

Hi, nice theme!

A few pre-purchase questions:

1. 18 second load time? http://gtmetrix.com/reports/themes.themeton.com/XqGAo1Y6 I’ve tested a few times. 2. Are all shortcodes available to visually use in the theme builder? 3. Do you have a support forum? Or answer everything here? 4. Do you have a showcase of your customers’ sites? 5. Your portfolio columns see to be off? The 3 column page shows 3 column for a quarter of a second, then reverts to a 2 column layout. 6. Can you display more clients at the bottom of the home page? Right now there’s 5. If I wanted 10, would there be a slider to scroll through? (similar to how testimonials work on front page)


Really decent questions,

1. Yeah, our home page of demo has 4mb images. Every speed testers suggest page size would be fine lower than 1mb. But we are included 4 big bg images on slides and each has 2000×520px. The purpose of all those images is looking well on Full HD window and just for promotion. Hope you can use smaller images on your slider if you use my theme :)

2. Shortcode and builder elements are little bit different meanings. Builder elements seem bit completed shortcode and they has container and fixed width (your selected). Some of shortcodes have for builder elements such as accordion and Blog or carousel. But some of them isn’t, dropcap, button, social button…

3. I answer everywhere, in here and support. If you don’t want to publish your site address here, you can send me a mail.

Yes I have a support forum, http://themes.themeton.com Also I created a new site for doc of my themes recently. http://docs.themeton.com/emerald it isn’t restricted and you can watch all of videos there.

Note: I have a plan to answer to people only on support forum near feature. Needs to update forum little bit

4. I have few site addresses on this theme. But I think they don’t completed yet. If you visit to my another themes, you’ll see the sites list on their details

5. Can you send me the link of that? I remember fixed it. May we need to update the theme which activate on the demo site.

6. Just resize your browser. Or visit it for mobile and tablets. Then you’ll see arrows for clients. That means you can add any number of clients there and can add it on any area and any custom width.

Thank you :)

1. All pages test slow, not just ones with a lot of images. Look at the speed test of the contact page: http://gtmetrix.com/reports/themes.themeton.com/i2mgq9jE

5. Here’s the link: http://themes.themeton.com/emerald/portfolio-page/portfolio-3-columns/</> showing up as 2 columns instead of 3.

1. Okay, I’ll update some issues related that.

5. Looks dropping last column on FF. Fixed it.


Hello, i have got problem with drop down menu. :/


Can you help me with this? :)


Can I see it in action? Please send me your site address,
If you don’t want to put it on here, please send me a mail.


Hello I’ve been working with this theme for a few days now! Is my first experience with wordpress! And so far is awesome and rather easy!

I have a question! Is there anyway to change the default sizes of the logo on the left top corner? Currently 143×47 and is rather small for my logo. Or if it isn’t possible then how can I put a custom background picture for the whole top section?

Thanks in advance for al the help you could give.

Please just upload your logo image on Theme Options panel. There don’t have any restriction for your logo and it would be show just original size what uploaded there.


Thank you really much! Still one more question! can I put a custom background picture for the whole top section? Or change the color how ever i want?

Please visit this link. Thanks

Hey! Sweet theme! Does it support video from youtube or vimeo? Thanks for the response!

Yes, lets visit this link. Thanks


is it possible to remobe the angled vertical pattern in the header like shown on the demo site?

Yeah possible. We need simple custom style for that. Thanks

Thank you! I made to work with the logo :) Is it possible to hide the navigation menu let’s say for a landing page. That still the header is visible but not the nag. menu.

If you don’t need navigation at all you can remove navigation function from header.php file. Also you can remove container div of nav there


Hi there!

We have a request for the layout of Emerald: we would like to be able to separate page content with wrappers (full width, but content still ‘boxed’) and with that, control elements like the background color. See a wireframe example here with the current structure of the Emerald theme, and the desired structure: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ayox5v6lloy4648/request_layout_theme_emerald.pdf

Is it possible to update the theme with a layout type/form like that? It would be much appreciated.

Where comes content of those 2 gray area?
Also Isn’t it look bad on big screens ex 1920px?


The background of those 2 gray area should be full width, like the slider already is in the demo site: http://themeton.com/themes/?theme=emerald&ref=themeton , but the content should be ‘boxed’. Right now we can only use boxed content in a boxed wrapper (container or page/row I believe the class is). The wrapper should be full width, like in the wireframe example I posted.

Furthermore, it won’t look bad on big screens, as the content itself will be centered. We just like some control of content separation, alternating content block background colors/imgs over the full width of the pages.

I still don’t understand where comes content of those area. Okay this is a structure or the content area.
<div class="container" style="background-color:gray">
     <div class="row">
          <div class="col twelve">
              ... //your content

Main container starts 113 of header.php file and ends on line 3 of footer.php file. Please inject above code on above and bottom of those lines.


Do you have a sitemap layout prepared? Maybe you could give me the code for it. Would be a cool feature in the next version maybe. ;)

Thanks, very happy with this theme Manu

What is your purpose? For SEO or just user pointing?
Either way, you should use plugin for that. I hope you can find proper plugin for that from over 20k wp plugins.


For SEO I use XML. I know there are plugins for that. But the sitemaps from the theme developers usually look better ;)

Hi, I need you activate this: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8530/8558808366_224251c4d6_b.jpg I can not.

Thank you!

Please select the footer layout from Footer tab of Theme Settings page. Then add your widgets to widget areas under Appeareance=>Widgets.


Hello, It seem only my question hasnt been aswered (11 days ago).!! Can you pls explain how to use the theme in a multi lingual environment. Am I missing something (?). I am currently using qTranslate, but am not able to use the pagebuilder for multiple languages. Any suggestions? I look forward to your reply. Thank you

It looks impossible when you using page builder elements. Please just use regular content with shortcodes. Most of the builder elements have in shortcode and hope shortcodes have good potential.

Sorry I forgot to answer your previous comment. Thank you


Love the theme!

I can’t find the option to hide the page titles and page titles background. Is there an easy way of doing this? Or can you provide me the area to turn these off in the code?