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Hi, I can’t change the data language of the blog post. Where can I change it? thx


Page elements hold xml content in post meta and it looks hard to translate for language plugins. But you have a chance to create your page by shortcodes, then it is easy to translate.


I have a feature request. I am using the Carousel feature to display Partners. I would love to be able to randomize what is displayed. With dozens of clients, only the first 5 or 6 get any attention.

Thank you for your response! I will do my best to implement it.

One question. With the file you included, I am not sure if I can simply replace the existing file with the new one or if I need to copy and replace the specific lines of code as shown in the video. What do you recommend?

Just overwrite/replace it. Thanks

Quick Question: Is Emerald WPML compatible? Thanks

I tested with it and frontend and site section was fine. Little bit problem on admin panel and dashboard translation.


Themeton, una cosa. El Tema bien, pero el Blog, del tema, no. Parece que no responden los styles.css o algo así. Quiero poner doble columna para el blog pero no es posible y además, no encuentro tutorial que me ayude a configurarlo correctamente. Tengo problemas con el tamaño de las imágenes y los sidebars. No entiendo que ocurrre. Después de tanto trabajo solo me queda eso para una web perfecta. Puede usted ayudarme? P.D.: Perdón por el idioma, es el mio.

Hope you can see here everything. http://www.screenr.com/CO67
There have a plan of thumbnail for blocks but there not yet :(


Is very easy, but my theme don´t work. What I can do? Other thing is the breadcrumb of homepage, it is fixed and I can´t remove. This is a very good Theme and really easy to setting. I think for some reason there are errors. What I can do? s

Blog element : Please send me a mail with site credentials.

Breadcrumb : Remove option exists on Theme Settings=> Additional options tab


block 1, block 2. block 3 y block 4, =

Pre sales question: I would like to buy the theme but I have experienced problems in the past with other themes which loaded very slow due to the memory limit on the server. Is there a minimum php_value memory_limit for the theme for good performance? Thanks.

Is there have any tools for testing those performances?
I’ve tested all php and plugins which requires TF review process and Passes well


I always use http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ for testing the performance. I’m using shared hosting so my php_value memory_limit is 32MB. Is this sufficient you think?

tool.pingdom: It is much preferred front end and that means this issue very related your content. Core theme resources are lower than 0.5mb. But the demo site has 4 big images (2000×600px for promotion) and got middle or bad grade for that testing.

Memory limit: Each element of page builder save custom xml data and if you add tons of elements on single page, it may exceed php value limit (or count). But I don’t think it is exceed 32mb.

Honestly I suggest you: If your server is restricted, you should select simple and regular themes for your site.

Thanks :)

I can put the post_format buttons of in portfolio, for example? or for post_type ‘my_custom_post_type’?

Custom post formats doesn’t show similar simple posts (on blog). The I don’t think so, there is a no way. Thank

hello, one questions. I have a problem with the button to edit the items in the page. the button to duplicate works well, like button to enlarge. probe different browsers, and does not work.

can you help me with this please

Previously I had one problem on customers site which is includes unknown chars (empty line) in javascript files. And some of page builder elements didn’t edit. Then we found the files and removed those empty lines from there and works. Looks this problem come server version and code editor differences.

I don’t know your situation is exactly like this, but may be it is. Please send me your site address with credentials via mail. I wanna see it in action and try to solve it.


ok, thanks themeton, i just send the mail with my credentials.

I am going to buy does it have dummy data?

Hi there,

I have a request: to be able to give columns a name in the backend. So instead of showing 9 columns in the page buillders like this:

column column column column column ..etc

I can see:

Introduction Description Image block Promo video

So the option to name those columns separately would work wonders for finding content when you have quite a few columns. Thanks!

Okay sir, I’ll try to find solution for that and will update the theme :)


I see this is compatible with woo-commerce. I’ve always used wp e-commerce (from getshopped.org). Is there a way to easily make this compatible or should I just bite the bullet and use woo-commerce?

I never tested it with wp e-commerce plugin. So I don’t know how it is hard to make compatible. Then I suggest you to use woo plugin


Hello themeton, i wanted to ask how to create contact page, because I’ve searched and can not find the option to also create the sample, with the map and send mail. excuse the wording, but it is not my native language, I do the best I can jejeje


I get it, and I could solve, thanks

another question, know I’ve looked everywhere, how to create the paragraph which is below the slider of the home, which has a different color and the line that separates having a shadow, you know what I’m talking about?.

thanks a lot themeton, you’re very friendly

This one is a Teaser text field with simple html and shortcodes. You can find it from Page Settings box, http://d.pr/i/urWw


thanks for all your help themeton :D has served me very useful

thanks a lot!

Can you add multiple images to a Portfolio?

Where do you want to show it on single page or portfolio view?
If it is on single portfolio page, update is easy for me :)


Hello there,

I have some problem with this theme in Internet Explorer 7 and higher – the width is 940px and then is menu is in 2 rows and also images are deformed.

Please, how can I fix this?

Thank you Veronika

What is your site address sir? Can I check it here?

Please, can you send me a private e-mail? I dont want to put it here:-). Thank you Veronika

Please send me email from my profile. Thanks

I’ve been having a problem with the email address at the top of the page. It should be a link, but it isn’t. When I code it in for a link, it seems to break the page a bit. (missionfacilitators.com)


What is your exact purpose?
Can you send me your site Login details?


The purpose is so that people can click on the email address on the webpage and send an email.

Do you have an address where I could send the login details?

You can send me a mail from my profile always.

Thanks a lot

(Emerald User) Hello, I would like to centre my company logo at the top of the page and display the navigation tabs below it, also centred. Is this possible? Thanks, Rob ps – lovely theme to work with!


.logoclass { float:left; text-align:center }
a.logo img { float:none }
#menu { text-align:center }

Thank you! This worked a treat, and so easy to follow with the Screenr video. Great, speedy service and very much appreciated. Cheers, Rob

Hello, to show share buttons in thumbnail

how to activate social_tools?


Pretty photo initialing exists on line 174 of “resources/js/scripts.js” file. Remove the empty argument.


Cool, thank you so much!

Hi, i want to buy this Theme but i hava a question first. Is it possible to show a sidebar on the portfolio page with different links to sites with different portfolios. Like a preselection. So is it possible to show a sidebar with a menu on the portfolio page and can i add different portfolios with different content to pages?

Hope you understand my question :D



ok thats great! I’m not sure if I saw it correctly on the video, but the main point is to show more than one portfolio with different content. So there ist a option to show more than one portfolio on different pages with the ability to chose the content?

The Demo is not showing a searchbar, ist there a possibility to show one?

You can use portfolio element everywhere with different count and different categories.

You can show search widget on sidebar and footer area.


I have another problem with WooCommerce plugin.

When I activate the WooCommerce plugin changes the top sidebar ignoring the widget. see image: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8251/8663381582_7b75698db2_z.jpg


Hello. I am wanting to change the main background color of my entire site. I have been doing this in Custom CSS for EACH page ID, but I was wondering if there was an easier way? I don’t want to have to keep doing this over and over every time I create a new page. Thanks!

This is my code for each page ID: .page-id-333 #main { background-color: #262626; }

I have a simple solution. http://www.screenr.com/cUa7

<?php if(get_post_meta($post->ID, 'bgcolor', true)){ echo 'style="background-color:'.get_post_meta($post->ID, 'bgcolor', true).'"';} ?>


Sir is this persistently #262626 ?
Previous one is a solution to show different color on every pages.
But if all pages need to show dark gray, just use it
#main { background-color: #262626; }


worked like a charm! thanks for your help!