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how can I disable the title area on a specific page?

Yes. Every page has custom ID. And it prints on body tag for every pages. We can write some hiding stylesheet with it similar to
/* Update number value! */
.page-id-5555 .nonwrapper { display:none }
Note: title area name is “nonwrapper”.


Writing text in HTML editor – display ok. Writing in the classic text editor – formatting is removed.

Where the error. Thanks Suky

Where did you add your content? On main post editor or editors of every page builder elements?


I have no idea. Is there a way to see this myself?

Want to access to administration? Send private mail address the suky@suky.cz Thanks

Hehe, please send me a mail from my profile page. Thanks


how can I insert a slideshow under the portfolio pages? I want to show more pictures than just the featured image..


Thanks for your help! can you tell me how long it takes to customize? Just approximately.. So I can tell my client how long it takes. Thanks again for you excellent support.

Looks I mixed something and increased there width of those :P http://www.screenr.com/ROw7


Thank you so much! everything worked just fine!

Hi again,

why is the search not showing any results regarding the portfolio posts? Blog posts are found ..


Please include your post type into search result focusing, http://www.screenr.com/p2a7


Is there a way to “remove” the header section all together? Not the top part of the theme, with the phone # and email, but the Logo section?

Can you use chrome inspector?
Please select and delete every section from header one by one and delete those from header.php file.


I would like the ‘link’ symbol not to show when I mouse over a thumbnail in my portfolio. I still want the ” + ” symbol to show, to give viewers a chance to enlarge the photos. I do not wish to open images in separate pages. Thanks :)


I think this is answered on another discussion of you. But if it isn’t, please use this simple style on your site,
.hover-links .hover-permalink {display:none; }
.hover-links { margin-left:-16px; }


qtranslate not working in themeton page builder, any ideas? regards!

Hey! Great theme! Do you have any plans to update it to support WooCommerce 2.0 anytime soon? The WooCommerce integration isn’t as useful anymore if it doesn’t support 2.0.

Beautiful theme!

I don’t think it will updated immediately. Now I have very scheduled plan for next projects. Generally this one is a corporate theme but included woo integration. In the market has tons of wooCommerce (designed just for it) themes and hope you like some of those.


Okay, thanks! Any idea when you will be getting around to it?


i want the Portfolio Description text to float under the details section. Like on this screentshot: http://s14.directupload.net/images/130425/e5yxels4.jpg. How can I do this?


You need to increase container classes. Looks on line 10 and 22 of “single-portfolio.php” file. http://d.pr/i/uHxB

Twelve is a maximum size.


Hellow I have this trouble.

Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /home/u210124/public_html/wp-content/plugins/envato-wordpress-toolkit-master/index.php on line 866


Looks your server is very restricted. Please deactivate the Envato toolkit plugin or allow some php environment.


Hellow. sometimes this appears in main page, also inside WP admin panel.

Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /home/u210124/public_html/wp-content/plugins/envato-wordpress-toolkit-master/index.php on line 866


Looks your server is very restricted. Please deactivate the Envato toolkit plugin or allow some php environment.



I want to show the search results with a sidebar on the left side, how can I do this? Also on the category pages


Search and category pages calling sidebar on next of the content area. You need to move it to front of content in search.php and category.php files
<?php get_sidebar(); ?>


help my! i have purchuased this theme! but don’t find code purchuase license for register in your support forum!!

I love the theme! However, I’m having an issue where the team member pictures aren’t near as big as they should be. You can see it here: http://jjrichardson.us/?page_id=110

Is there a way to fix that? Thanks!

Have you set image height option on builder element? http://docs.themeton.com/emerald/2013/02/team-element/


Geesh. I don’t know how I missed that! Thanks for the quick response.

Hello themeton,

We have some issues with the Internet Explorer. See the pdf: http://d.pr/f/Eyyx the url is: http://wp.media-hannover.de/wackerhagen-v3/ I have not made any changes regarding the layout. I hope you can help

Thank you

Thank you for the details, http://www.screenr.com/H6w7

Thanks for the detailed video. I have checked the Website with IE7 and IE8 and i got the same problems as in your video. IE9 is working fine. Please let me know how to solve those problems cause a lot of my clients are using older browser versions like IE7 and IE8.


I need a solution for this problem, are there any suggestions how to solve those compatibility problems

Slight problem here. When I have a slider enabled on the home page, the page content is hidden underneath of it. You can see it at http://jjrichardson.us/ See how the CCK newsletters part is on top of the plain red slide image? I want it to be under the slider. Thanks.

Have you added your post content on page builder section?


I have the slider toggle for the page on. The only thing in the page builder is the service column.

Hello Sir, really very flexible theme, great!,

I have made a mistake with the custom CSS. I want to remove the zoom icon from the portfolio page, I have seen on the other comments I could use this code
.hover-links .hover-permalink {display:none; }
.hover-links { margin-left:-16px; }

And entered this in the custom css in the SkinOption. That was a mistake, it hidden the permalink icon. So I deleted the custom css in the Skinoption but the permalink icon stays invisible ??.

How can I can get the permalink icon back in the portfolio

Other question is of course: how do I get the zoom icon invisible on a specific page and how do I do that for the whole template.

Thank you for your time aswering these questions.

Remove it entirely
a.hover-zoom { display:none }
If it needs to hide only portfolio, should extend css selector
.portfolio a.hover-zoom { display:none }
For specific pages,
.page-id-555 a.hover-zoom { display:none }
Replace the id number with yours.


The zoom icon is back !:-). WOuld you be so kind to aswer the last question about removing the + (zoom)icon from template or specific page.


Answered on your previous comment. Best of luck!

Found the CSS code for removing the zoom icon also. I noticed to empty the cashe for the browser before alterations take place. FOr anyone interested the code for that is :
{display:none; } 

Next question and this is really difficult for me, so please help!. I have placed a masonry portfolio on the homepage. The items are placed with a certain horizontal and vertical space between each item. How can I make that space smaller, so it becomes more like a grid?

Thank you for your answer. MarzJ

Wow amazed your effort :)

Looks this is very hard to change. So now margin space is 2% of container. This style changes it to 1% and increased size of
.page-id-2141 .col{margin-left:1%}
.tt-portfolio .row {margin-left:0}
.page-id-2141 .tt-portfolio .col.three{width:23.9%}
.page-id-2141 .tt-portfolio .col.four{width:32.20%}
.page-id-2141 .tt-portfolio .col.six{width:49.0%}

Thanks a lot!

Thankz sir Themeton very nice help!

I have some more questions, please will you be so kind to answer them ?:

The mobile menu works great. Now these mobile items are placed left from the browser window. I like them to be placed right. Can you please give me a clue where I can adjust the code for that change ?

When you look at: www.webcomic.nl you see I have placed an justified grid in there as a extra plugin. This works fine with your theme!. But as you can see, on the right and left there is some empty black space, how can I make this smaller ?.

Thankz for your time and effort for making this a great theme! MarzJ

I have find the code already for aligning the mobile menu to the right, like to share it with other theme users. Also ad some padding from the right and made the font a bit bolder, this is the CSS for the option.css:

<pr>#tt-mobile-menu ul li a{ text-align:right; padding:15px 10px; font-weight:400; } </pr>