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Wonderful design. Is just about to buy a theme with Woocommerce and wonder if the site looks the same as in the demo, because I´m a newbie to this and want it simple as possible? Would be nice if I could get a quick answer.


Great! And if I dl:ed the demo content it will looks like in your demo? I`ve had some problems with Woo Commerce and the design before and really like to get it on without any fuzz :-) In that case, if it will look like this I´ll be a new customer.


Hello, the dummy content that is included with the theme will add all the pages and products. Unfortunately the footer widgets are not added – you will need to add them your self under the Appearance – Widgets.

When importing you need to have WooCommerce installed, so that the products get imported.

Note that the images are not included – we have replaced them with gray images with text that indicate which sized were used, so you can very easily add your own images.


Yes, just instead of images the grey demo images. Best regards


awesome design – really like the multistep WooCommerce checkout procedure, well done! ;)

Please don’t forget to add a reference/badge on your items details page that your theme fully supports WPML, thanks!

Best regards,


Thank you for reporting the issues. We are working on an update which will also include fixes for the above issues. The update should be uploaded within the day.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to contact us, if you need anymore help with our theme.


Another one:

There seems to be a problem with the product compare function. Right now only one product shows up although you have added more then just one.

Can we optionally deactivate the Zoom product image view?

You are welcome! ;)


Strange that the compare is not working, as we are using a plugin for the compare functionally – YITH WooCommerce Compare.

It appears to be returning a 500 error when adding products. We will investigate why the error is occurring.

You can disable the zoom functionality, by deactivating the YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin.

how can I change the color of the shopping bag icon in the menu or if possible change the icon entirely?


Hello, the icon in the header is a SVG image. For now you can go to emona/images/cart_image.svg and edit the SVG file to change the color (you can use a normal text editor and change all the fill=”#08A7C3” attributes to fill=”#your_color_hex”).

We will change the way the SVG is added in the next update, so you will be able to change the color via CSS.

Awesome work. All best!


Thank you very much!

Hi, thanks for the good design!

But there is one issue with products links in the homepage! This issue is even in the example page: http://anpsthemes.com/emona/ – all the featured products have the same link (last product link). What is the solution?

And I have one more question – what happen if I dont buy Visual Composer plugin? I can´t use it or I don´t get just new updates?

Thank you!


I forgot… What are the sizes of the images? Thanks!


Hello, we have noticed the linking issue and have created a fix (we have already added it to our demo).

The update will be ready in a couple of hours, as it will also fix some other issues.

On our demo we used:

Catalog Images: 454 × 604 px
Single Product Image: 794 × 978 px
Product Thumbnails: 454 × 604 px

You do not need to buy the Visual Composer licence, we will update the Visual Composer plugin, so you will be able to download the latest version. Currently our theme is not using the latest version, as Visual Composer had quite a few issues on launch (they added quite a few new features) and will update as soon as it is working properly.


I like many parts of this woocommerce design, but I’d love to use them on a personal Laravel project rather than wordpress+woocommerce. As you can expect, I don’t wanna pay for the whole wordpress version rather than the html.

Are you planning to release an html version of this theme or are you gonna stay with the woocommerce one?


this is a derivative of http://themeforest.net/item/move-responsive-one-page-parallax-template/6263090?WT.ac=portfolio&WT.seg_1=portfolio&WT.z_author=Anps

move html theme, we also have move wp , but no woocommerce there

Best regards


Thank you for the quick response. Your listings, top menu, cart, checkout, in other words, the “non move” parts of Emona was the part that caught my attention. The “move parts” are the ones that do not match the style I need. But I appreciate your help.


You can always just not use those parts, any ways glad you like it. Best regards

Hi there, just purchased but having issues with the left sidebar not showing when displaying 4 across and also the MegaMenu, when adding Woocommerce product categories the links are not correct. Possible for me to email you the link? Also how do you enable ‘Classic Shop’ view as per your demo as don’t need the large map and other features of the default demo.


Thanks, I emailed info a few days back, just checking you received?


Hello, could you please re-send the email. We will respond to it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


OK – just re-sent email.

gwa777 Purchased

A couple of questions. Purchased and installed per included instructions.

  • 1. How do I get demo footer content on site.
  • 2. Plugin – WPBakery Visual Composer – How do I update it since I didn’t “officially” purchase it from CodeCanyon, but as a plugin on your site?
  • 3. I have installed the dummy content three times now from a clean install. The slider is not showing up on the site homepage. You have any idea why it isn’t? (my demo site for the client is on icustomwebsites.com)
  • Anps

    Footer is not imported by default, so you first pick which type of footer you want in theme options and then fill it in widgets.

    Contact us on support we will assist you with the update.

    About the slider i just checked the site you provided and see the slider working fine, could you contact us on support@anpsthemes.com for further assistance.

    Best regards

    gwa777 Purchased

    Ok, great thanks! I figured out the slider, so it is working. I will write you on the update for the plugin.


    Answered on your mail, lets keep the conversation there. Best regards

    quick question. How do you get both header menus to show? Main and the Top header?


    I did import the demo content, but in the menu section it say…Your theme supports 1 menu.


    Please send us this on support@anpsthemes.com and access to your wp theme. Best regards


    thank you

    Great theme! I’m really enjoying working with it for my new site.

    I sent a support email 2 days ago 03/11/2014 but haven’t heard anything back yet, can you confirm that you received it?


    Yes we did recive the mails are a bit lined up with updates that we are making. We will be in touch ASAP, thank you for your patient and understanding, best regards


    No problem, just wanted to check. Thank you!

    Hi an update is ready for download

    Update: v1.1

    - fixed: compare plugin issue 
    - fixed: mobile menu issue 
    - fixed: iOS quantity issue 
    - fixed: product linking issue (all pointing to one product) 
    - added: logout button on the My account page 
    - changed: SVG is now controlled via CSS, so the color changes when switching styles

    Hi, nice theme! do you have a psd template available? Also, does this support contact form 7 and wpml?


    Hi, here is a link to PSD http://themeforest.net/item/move-parallax-one-page-psd-template/5863885 tough will add woocommerce design psd files.

    It does not support for now contact form 7,it is translation ready but we are still waiting for official approval from wpml.

    Thank you best regards

    Hey there!

    What a beautiful design! The nicest one I’ve seen so far! Good luck with sales, I’m going to buy it soon, too.

    I only have one tiny question: When I hover over the product images, there are the icons for Link to Product-Page etc. But I wonder, why is it not possible to reach the Product-Detail-Page if you simply click on the image no matter where I click (I hope you get what I mean). Same for the name of the product: It is no Link to the Product Detail Page, but simply text. Is there a way to change this?

    Best regards!


    Hi, this has to be done with some customization. Thank you, best regards

    Hi I wanted to know how can i change the thumbnail size from square to rectangle like the demo page. Thank you


    Hello, we asked you for the purchase code but now we can see the tag here, we will answer you on your email support ticket.

    Thank you Best regards

    First, great theme!

    I have a few small pre-sales questions.

    1. When I register an account, there’s no verification/check in the email I receive?

    2. When I click the ‘heart icon’ on a product page to add the product to my wishlist, plain unformatted text ‘Product added! Browse Wishlist’ is shown, completely out of style. Is this something that can be changed?

    3. How can I logout?

    4. When I hover on your homepage over a product in RECENT ITEMS the heart, link and compair icons appear. Can this easily replaced with text? And can the entire image be made clickable so that it points to an individual product page? I don’t think it’s intuitive now.

    5. Lastly, where is the star rating below the products, comes from? I don’t see the option to rate a product?

    Thanks! Jos…waiting for your answers so that I can purchase your theme :-)


    Got and sent you mail back ;)

    josjee Purchased

    Thanks for your support!


    Your welcome

    hello. problem issue on mobile device or small size window.

    invalid argument supplied for foreach() in…...vc_shorcodes_map.php on line 100

    line100 -> foreach ($tweets as $tweet) {

    what’s this ? plz help me. i can’t speak english well. so please excuse my language . thank you.


    Hello, please submit a support request on support@anpsthemes.com

    Hello all we just got approved new update, among other things we added a new feature, new product view, we got some wishes to make the product thumbnail image clickable, we went a bit further and restyled it a bit more. Now you have two versions of it so you can choose it in theme options.

    Update: 22.03.2014 – v1.1

    - added: new product style view (users can now choose between two views)
    - fixed: IE styling issues 
    - fixed: content layout issue 
    - fixed: no portfolio filter issue

    Very clean theme for WooCommerce. Nice work. GLWS!


    Thank you

    Hi, I need to make add a logo top left which I have done. Made it 105 high and 158 wide. I then amended the CSS in my child theme to say make that top strip 120 pixels high instead. All fine except when I scroll it reverts back to 64 pixels high and also the slide on home page is ‘underneath’ the top section. Any tis on how to make top strip stay at 120 pixels and the slider to come underneath it then? Cheers


    Hello, could you send us a link to your site?


    OK, just emailed it. :)

    “Compatible with WooCommerce”... To use this theme with a PayPal Pro Merchant Account, what would we need, or need to purchase from WooCommerce, etc.?

    I’m trying to figure total cost of using the theme and I’m a bit confused between Woo, the plugins, and PayPal accounts.

    We would be using PayPal Payments Pro or I guess, Website Payments Pro outside the US.

    Seems to me, we would probably need this plugin as well ($79) not the free version. Can you confirm this?


    Thanks, John


    Hi, yes you would need since paypal pro does not come in free woocommerce as far as we know.

    Best regards


    Thanks for your reply… yes it’s all a bit confusing. What can you do, as far as processing payments, with the standard WooCommerce plugin. I guess it’s connecting this into a gateway that’s confusing, and requires the PayPal Pro plugin.


    We recommend you contact WooThemes at http://www.woothemes.com/contact-us/ so you can ask them if you require the plugin or not.