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There is a problem in the portfolio page. Apply filters in mobile view and move down the page. Filter is going deactivated. Did you understand me :) Thanks.

Hi Goktug26,
Thanks for your feedback, but I can’t reproduce issue you described. What device/os you’re using?

Hola Dan I got your site here and I notice that you have a recent update. How can I get the new site with the update? The problem here is that I believe that I get it as a free item, Thanks

Hi Daniel,
1. Last update was at June 12, 2013
2. Unfortunately, future updates are not available for you if you not purchased the item.

Hi Dan, I downloaded this template as free-file of the month and now I’m finding some problems with the blog page.

“Ad Spots” should contain a rotating banner, but it’s not showing neither in my site nor in the live demo of the template.

Could you please help? Thanks :)

Hi Sgnepz,
Probably you’re using browser with AdBlock extension installed. In this way try to find which class/image name is blocked and change it :) Hope it will help you.

:D Sorry for the noob question… solved! Thanks a lot :)

Hola I need your help with this. How can I add the ico ‘Yelp” to the top of the social links? Font awesome 4.2 has ‘Yelp as a new icon, so I add the new file to the site, but still don’t work. Can you help me with this please? Thanks a lot

Dan, I know that I got your site on the free stuff of the month, if you think that I in order for you to help me, I should buy your site, I’ll buy it from you, that is not an issue, I love your product. Just if you can help me with this, I’ll be more thank glad to buy it from you. Thank you

Dan, I fixed it, and let me tell you, you did an amazing job there. Thanks for your theme. Saludos

Hola Dan I just purchase your site, even thought I got it already, because, I want to ask you some questions. How can I disable the links (the Prettyphoto) to the pictures of the portfolio on the phone view? I know that I’ll need to use media queries but I’m not sure how to do it. Plus, in the sliders, the little boxes on the corner, if I want them out, how can I do that? Thanks a lot, love your site.

Hi DanielUlysses,
Thanks for your purchase. Please feel free to open new support ticket on our support site http://danfisher.ticksy.com/


Dan, sorry to bother you.. i am having a problem with your contact form.. the email never arrives.. have you make any changes in SendEmail.php ??

I only change this line.. ” $site_owners_email = ‘info@aserraderoteco.com’; // Replace this with your own email address “

And Erase GMAIL setup.. please let me know if there is a change in the file..

Many Thanks

Hi simonki,

Some servers need authorization before sending. Try to leave Gmail setup but changing with your parameter. Or you can try with another email address.


Hi…good work,thanks… How to add more mail addresses…I’ve tried :
I received none,but the main mail address defined in :
$site_owners_email = 'mail@mail.com';
Any help please….and thanks again

Hi Sheozhev,

Just create ‘site_owners_email2’ and another ’$mail->AddAddress’

This might be helpful http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3149452/php-mailer-multiple-address


THanks dan_fisher… This method does NOT work too…. i think I’ll use a different “contact form” than this one.. Thanks anyhow…..