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Hi, Some questions that need your help.

1/ SHORTCODE How can i increase the size of my titles when choosing heading

2/ POSTS How to always select the share links to be visible when creating a new post

How to disable the date

It is possible to add a slider images on my posts pages

3/ MENU How can i add a search bar in my menu bar

Thx by advance

Hello and thank you for choosing my theme!

1) With CSS you can increase it. You’ll have to add an extra line at the end of your style.css file, e.g.:

.tp-title-3 h1{ font-size: 23px; }

I wrote a tutorial about customizations, please read it for more info:

2) Currently you have to set them for each post. I’ll figure out something in the future to make it easier.

3) On which page would you like to disable the date? You’ll have to find the PHP file first, e.g.: if you want to remove the date from the masonry blog posts, you need to edit content-masonry.php file and remove the date part.

Lucky you, I also have a tutorial for this kind of theme customization too. :)

4) You can’t add widgets to the menu bar currently. You can place a search widget in the footer areas.

Hello, Tried to add your extra line at the end of my style.css. But Nothing change

Firrst you need to find the element you want to customize with the method I explain in the tutorial:

and once you have the element, you can style it.

How can i add a close button to go back to portfolio when a the project page is open, without having to click on portfolio button?

Thx for your help

Insert a link into project pages which takes the visitor back.

is there chance to change Panel Backgrond Texture on sidebar settings ?

Hello and thank you for choosing my theme!

You can modify the texture images in Photoshop as you wish. They are located in

before buying the theme i want to know is it possible to get the content page open from left side ?

thank you


even if we edit code is it still impossible ?

If you can edit the code (JS, JQuery, HTML, CSS), then everything is possible! :)

we know that but can you help us in this way ? our customers need left content page . if you help us we will buy the theme .

Hi, thanks for the themes. I have the themes but it’s old version. I have one question, how to add/insert mp3 player on to the themes. Thank you

For that you’ll have to customize the theme and insert your mp3 player into sidebar.php. Probably you’ll need a coder for that. However in that case it would be cheaper for you to buy Empire II, I believe.

ok, thank you for the respon and I will try.

sorry I have one question again. when I refresh the page it show like this :

just info in my back end it shown “domain\wp-content\themes\empire\framework\theme.php on line 641”

please help me. thank you

Please send me access to your WP admin in private message and I’ll have a closer look!

FYI: After the new WordPress version is out (4.4) I’ll release the next update!

Hi, is possible insert a widget area on the bar at left for insert an imange and text

Hello! In this theme you can’t insert widget into the menu panel. However you can insert any content below the menu in Theme options – Layout & Animation – Content below menu section.

Why is the original Empire theme no longer available? This one promises “Future Updates”, but there is no way to download the Empire Theme I already purchased.

I sent you a message

I received it… Thank you for your support!!

No problem. :)

Hi. Great theme. It will be more updates and support?

The question is no longer relevant! Thanks for the detailed help. It is a pity that it’s not working when you enable AJAX content loading.

Hello Dobrodukh and thank you for choosing my theme!

Sorry for the late reply but it was Christmas weekend in case you haven’t noticed. :)

The theme handles AJAX request this way (#). In case you really need plugins you’ll have to disable AJAX, I see you figured it out already.

However please check back from time to time because one of the upcoming updates will solve this problem. ;)

Thanks, I will wait for the updates.