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I have added custom colour to my site but would like for one particular page to use a different colour for hovers and portfolio titles etc. Can this be done using CSS or can only one skin be used at one time?



Hi, you can try to add the custom css via PAGE ID.


.page-100 .the-css-name{}

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Hello There brought forward is supposed to be visually very large. Or not appear. Is there a solution?


Hi, could you please explain more clearly?

Hello. I have a site with testimonials for 3 different holiday cottages. I want to add a testimonial carousel to each individual cottage page, but I only want testimonials that relate to that cottage to show. The shortcodes seem to allow for this in specifying post IDs but I can’t find the testimonial IDs anywhere. How can I do this please? Many thanks. P


Hi, the testimonial IDs are the post id, please go to: Dashboard => Testimonials => Hover on the title, you will see the post id.

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I recently purchased the Emulate theme and the theme is great but i'm having issues with the BLOG part of the theme, only a couple of the featured images of my posts are showing up and the rest are not displaying the featured image..? Can you please help me fix this issues?
my blog page: http://boterohomes.com/news/

Thanks, Mo & Robert


Hi, the min image size should more be: 770×380

Please try another size.

Hello, I just migrated this website and now the portfolio images are not appearing:


The src code shows the image as

The backend is showing all the images okay, please help.


Hi, please make sure you have set the featured image for posts, and the image size should be more than: 580, 430

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When I edit pages where I’m using Visual Composer I am seeing: “Your page layout was created with previous Visual Composer version. Before converting your layout to the new version, make sure to read this page.”

Naturally, I accept the changes and am able to make any edits. However, after I update the page, the message returns. How to I apply the change and make it stick?

WP: 4.1.1 Emulate: 1.1.9