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Looking good. Best of luck with sales :)

Ta mate :)

Awesome job! Good luck with the sales :)

Thanks very much :)

Oh Man! If this theme were responsive, it would be exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Thanks very much for your comment! We might look into creating a responsive version later on down the line dependant on how many requests :)

Great work Sneek! Good luck in the Forest (but donĀ“t forget the River)! :)

Hey Aurove thanks dude! of course we won’t forget the River – we’re working on some new items as we speak :)

Very nice one ...

I wish it would be responsive too. :)

Hi Rappel, thanks so much for being the first person to purchase! Glad you’re happy. I make that +2 on the responsive counter. If we get to 20 we’ll get cracking on a responsive update for everyone!


Was waiting for a theme from you :)

Thanks dude, the first of many hopefully!

awesome work here…

Cheers mabuc :)

+1 for responsive. I’ll buy it in good faith though! :)

Thanks Graphik! +3 for responsive ;)

Thanks Giallo!

Amazing work guys! Keep it up ;)

Cheers Mike!

Responsive +1 for me :)

That makes it +4 for responsive! Thanks for the comment Kemrich

Can I put video in this theme? Maybe the main blog shows a featured image for the post and on the single post page the actual video?

This theme is crazy sharp! Buying before the weekend :)

Yes of course you can add video, like any WordPress theme just drop the URL in. I imagine we will release an update where the theme supports ‘post-formats’; that way we can style the single post just like you asked. Would you expect this feature to work the same for the portfolio items as well as regular blog posts?


I wouldn’t use it in the portfolio but it probably would be useful for some users

Is there a demo or pictures of the 3 blog styles: Facebook style staggered, Big and Chunky, Plain ol’ blog style?

Hi Kemrich, I have worked too many late nights and ended up overwriting our demo servers code with the final theme that gets uploaded to themeforest. I want to say I can have the demo back up and running with all blog styles tomorrow? Although, it depends on the caffeine levels in my blood!

Sorry for the dissapointment, but here are screenshots of what it looks like in each style:


No disappointment just joy, you did an fantastic job on this theme

Very slick theme. Very fast compared to other themes with similar layouts which suggests your coding is superior. Is there a way to sort the blog posts by “most popular” “most commented” and “featured”?

+1 on Responsive theme as well. IPAD compatible is a must for me.

Cheers Alex

Cris (who coded it) is a stickler for clean code so yeah it should be pretty smooth! We are looking at implementing all of these requests for the next update :)

and responsive for a later update

Responsive +1 :)

Thanks RiccardoP – Looks like we’ll make it responsive!

It looks cool

Thanks louiejie

Welcome to Themeforest!

Thanks ThemeProvince :)

Responsive +1 ;-) (maybe disableable)

- would be cool to add videos directly to the post preview boxes… - is the navigation sidebar widget ready

Thanks for the comment, looks like we’ll be going responsive! I would suggest keeping an eye on our support forums & blog for updates.

The navigation widget has been styled to the same format as the in built nav menus. That way you can turn off the primary navigation and have items above it :). On a similar note, the categories widget has the same styling as the menus do. Hope that helps!!

yeah – go responsive!

to my question again: can i add “normal” widgets like text under the navigation in the sidebar? so i could use the space when scrolling down a lot for other stuff inner the sidebar…

Yes of course! Your sidebar is yours! The menu can be added as a widget as well, so you could add more widgets above the navigation should you wish. Does that help? :)


Responsive +1. :) Great theme.

I am on IE 9 and the home page top slider is not working ;-)

Hi Matvej, thanks, ill boot up the PC now and bug fix. Thanks for this! ^Cris

You’re very welcome! All the best for your sales with this great theme! ;-)